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15 March 2010


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Oh, how wonderful. If I figure out how to teleport myself, will you invite me to the next one?

little pink room

That sounds like such a lovely day. A x

UK lass in US

That sounds likea perfect day.

I've noticed that I'm coming up with a mental list of places where I'd like to live, based upon the local craft offerings and people nearby. Not that my husband is willing to move, but I dream of living somewhere where the local crafters are not just little old ladies that push in front of me in the fabric cutting table queue.

Alice C

Oh! Thank you for the pictures - I was just dying to see what you made and some of the giftage.

I was so sorry to miss it but it has made me determined to organise another meet-up soon.


It was a perfectly lovely day, wasn't it? My poor teatowel sits sadly neglected - barely even out of its paper bag! Real life has come crashing back in but at least we have the memory of a wonderful time, and perhaps the promise of another in the future?

Petit Filoux

Ooh sounds like you had a lovely time!

Karen J

Very nearly a perfect day, wasn't it! Just missing some good friends!
I hadn't realised how well your wool went with your notebook - I'm so glad I went with the orange button!
I need to find something else to look forward to now. x


I really must go to the Make Lounge! I like the look of the feather stitch in the photo above. It looks like you made and received some lovely things from friends too.x


What a lovely way to spend the day. I must make some time to do that myself.


How absolutely lovely!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It looks like you all had a wonderful day! I was wondering what the Make Lounge was like. Lucy x

Jennifer | The Make Lounge

Hi there! I had no idea it was you - I've read Domesticali off and on for ages!!! Thanks for coming to The Make Lounge - your group was lovely! P.S. Catherine took the cheese home. :)


Ooh, sounds like you had a lovely day!

Thanks for the link to the make lounge, i'd never heard of it before, looks fun. x


sounds like a pretty perfect Saturday!

French Knots

What a wonderful way to spend the day, sounds perfect.


That sounds fab!! Do tell in advance when the next one is! If you could put up with an extra loudish person that is!


That book is beautiful!


Ooohhh.. the orange pattern yarn looks lovely. I love going to Loop at lunch time.

It sounds like you had a great day at the Make Lounge. I work very close to Islington, so must book a session one day.

Sew Create It - Jane

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day!


Sigh. Lucky, lucky bunny.


What a wonderful day, Ali! And it is so nice to set aside time for making things and spending time with friends. Lovely.



I'm not sure who stole the last few days, but I got here eventually to say that it was a wonderful day indeed. I seem to have a bee in my bonnet about palestrino stitch!


oh that looked like such a lovely day ali! all the good ingredients for the perfect time recipe...friends.stitchery.food.laughs.ooo and owls!! fab tea towel too. Xx


How lovely...I'm planning to visit a blog friend who has become very special


What a lovely way to spend a day - any day that involves a visit to Loop and the Make Lounge is about as perfect as it gets :)


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