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22 March 2010


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The pots, Ali, the POTS!!! And the shelf!!! Perfect.


Despite being a Londoner I have never heard of Petersham Nurseries! It looks like a wonderful place to visit and I would have bought those Auriculas too! x


I know exactly what you mean and I do the same. Most special days out need a purchase of some nature to bring them back I always think.

As for Petersham, I've never been, Gareth won't take me for fear of the damage to his bank balance!


MadDads gran used to grow them and they really make me smile and remind me of the tough old Farmers wife that she was


they're so pretty and would make anyone passing your front door smile - definitely a very big part of a house being a home.


Looking at the photos I would say you have probably already achieved a real sense of place. Such pretty Auriculas

Lucy Locket-Pocket

They look beautiful! I never really liked auriculas but they are beginning to grow on me!!!

Lucy x

French Knots

That what makes a home isn't it, all the special things which evoke memories - children's artwork, treasures from days out, cherished gifts.
Such wonderful flowers, like little enamels, almost too perfect.

Scented Sweetpeas

Gorgeous flowers and I love that first photo :-)


Auriculas make me think of my mum - in fact I bought her a card with them on for Mothers' Day.

Yours look beautiful, particularly in those pots.


I totally agree. The non essential "things" in my home are generally purchases made in attempt to capture a moment, place or sentiment. Works like a charm!


An interesting concept -- that trying to re-create a little bit of the place you purchased something from -- I've never thought about it that way, but it's definitely a great point! Your flowers are beautiful!

UK lass in US

Oh, you should see all the little bits of England that I try to bring back with me.

How beautiful (and it's nice to hear that other people get nervous about driving into a big bad city)


I've just found the name for those spring flowers that I really like ! Thankyou for that !
Louise xx

little pink room

The plants are beautiful and so is your writing. Such nice words about making a home. Aoife x


Gorgeous flowers and such very true words.

You drove into London!! You are my driving hero. I think I would be unable to sleep for a week if I thought I had to do that. I find negotiating the many roundabouts of Colchester stressful enough.


Auricula's are just lovely, but such lovely pots too. Perfect for Springtime.


Have you seen Mrs Delany's exhibition at Sir John Soane's Museum?
Now, what wouldn't you give for a silk gown embroidered with auriculas (and cornflowers, sweetpeas, lilies of the valley ...)


oh you sophisticated you!

They're so beautiful.


they are lovely, more so for being in those lovely pots!


Such a thought provoking comment -- to capture the essence of the the place -- meaningful objects adding up to a sense of place -- I do that with artwork when we travel...that is the one souvenir I do bring home; but I never thought about it in terms of plants (and I work at a garden centre.)

Emmy J

Did you know they have am Auricula Show in Knowle every year? details here http://www.auriculaandprimula.org.uk/dates.html.

How cool are the "floating auriculas" on their web page? I've got a serious case of the web-page decor wanties!

Those pots set the colours off beautifully x


I know exactly what you mean about bringing a little of a place home. Your auriculas on their little shelves are a tiny, lovely place in themselves. I feel that every time I visit Kettles Yard in Cambridge - we're only able to bring postcards and perhaps a book home but the imprint is there and it makes me want to recreate elements of that gorgeous house.


Its like the bottle of Ouzo you buy on a Greek Island..its just not the same in the Pennines. My Heavenly potted palest peach rose I bought in Petersham Nurseries 4 years ago delighted me with memories of the place for one season but couldn't cope with the North.

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