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18 February 2010


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They look delish, I think I need that book!!


Still drooling over these. Happy Birthday funny boy - it gets better again after 35!

The Coffee Lady

Six is quite a big responsibility.

I remember waking my mum up in the middle of the night on the eve of my ninth birthday to ask if I was still eight. I really wanted to stay eight.


happy birthday, you have excellent taste in cakes xoxoxo

Petit Filoux

Oh how cute!!! Happy birthday to him!!!


Mmmm. Love that book.


mmmm... nice. must go and have breakfast... although nothing I have in the kitchen will taste nice now.

Mine can't wait to be 'teenagers'. Don't know what they think it means, but the thought sends me running for the woods.

little pink room

Happy birthday little boy! Have a lovely day. Ax


Ooh, I've been meaning to buy tht book. The cake looks yummy. Happy birthday, lovely 6-year-old!
Please tell him not to worry - it's only the leap into double figures that's worth concerning himself with ;o)

Scented Sweetpeas

Yummy, that cake looks scrummy, if only we had tasteavision on here :-( Happy birthday to little bean!


Uh-oh, another cookbook I might have to buy. Happy birthday to your lad x


Those look fantastic, Happy Birthday to your not so little one :)

French Knots

Your Birthday Boy has excellent taste, looks delish!


That really does look very good. Especially with the chocolate flaky bits.


Hope the Birthday Boy enjoyed! Having given up chocolate for Lent, the picture really made my mouth water! x


Those look very grown up and sound GOOD. Many happy returns to your boy x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

They look delish! Lucy x


Six is big!

But caramel cupcakes - I'm away from my own kitchen and on a diet anyway and you're killing me here!


Caramel Ummmmmmmmm Yum, they look divine.


That's funny, it didn't hit me until I was 14 that I didn't to grow any older.

Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to your little bean. And he's right you know, I reckon it's the perfect age!


Happy Birthday! And that caramel cupcake looks scrumptious! But will you be able to fit all six candles on top?

K x


Mmmm - they look delicious.
Can't believe there's another baking book I really NEED to have now.
Happy belated birthday to your little boy - mine will become a teenager later this year and that is very scary indeed.


Mmmm looks delicious.
Your little one sounds wise. I couldn't wait to be a 'grown up' only now do I see the error of that way of thinking!


Oh yum, looks delicious! Hmm, and I've just realised I have nothing in the house for breakfast....


That looks one yummy cupcake..x

Sew Create It - Jane

Looks delicious! Happy Belated Birthday to the Bean :o)


Trying so hard not to buy that book but I just know I'll cave in! Those cupcakes look gorgeous.

Happy Birthday to your big boy :)


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