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22 February 2010


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Sounds like a great weekend to me. We are under a film of mud all the time. I quite like sunday, as we make sure it is all relaxing and family oriented. We have a lovley meal, all bath together and then put the clothes out together. we went for a long walks in the woods and it was lovley.

Spring brings Maxi's 5th Birthday and all he wants is his cousins and 3 little freinds for tea, bless him

The List Writer

My little sister always suffered greatly from Sunday Syndrome, and would be gloomy from Sunday morning onwards at the thought of the end of the weekend - thereby ruining her whole Sunday!

C seems to have inherited this trait and is similarly premature in his moaning about Monday morning - often starting , like his aunt, early on Sunday morning. There's still half the weekend left I tell him!


What a wonderful weekend you had. I feel that way sometimes on Sunday as well, mentally trying to plan and prepare when I really should just be enjoying the family time.


Sunday Syndrome ... urgh! The worst Sunday Syndrome I had was my second year of university when I was living in a house with three girls that I didn't get on with, and so I spent as much time as possible with my boyfriend in Leeds instead. I had an early lecture on the Monday morning so had to get up at 5:45 to make it back for it. Oh it was the worst feeling ever :(
(but at least I didn't have ironing to do as well.)

Petit Filoux

We have to fight very - very - hard not to let this Sunday night syndrome take over - it's quite malicious really, and can ruin your evening in no time - it didn't get to us last night because we were watching the winter olympics and it was good fun, but it's ruined a few evenings in the past - I can't say I like it very much!


I do the ironing on Sunday evenings too. I put it off and put it off, and then by 8pm think 'oh hell ...' Thankfully the snow seems to be melting, but according to the Met Office we are due some more this week :( x


Sunday night syndrome is brutal. My husband suffers from it; I on the other hand work Tuesday to Saturday so, my Sunday night has a completely different feel. He is fully relaxed on Friday night and I have to go to work the next day... we struggle not being on the same clock. This is something we are hoping to change.


I think your weekend sounds lovely. Sunday night is ironing night here too. But, for the next week or so, it's also Being Human night so I can usually forgive it.

Last night wasn't great though - it was 'waiting to see whether my dad has passed his vomiting virus on to us' night. Not yet, but it's the same as when talking about nits immediately makes your head itch - when someone else is sick, you start to feel sick yourself. Or at least I do.


Yes, Sunday Night Syndrome is very familiar. As are Monday Morning Blues. Now, ironing. Please can you remind me what that is?


oh yes, we suffer from that too.

Quite a common one, that one.

We've also had one of those weekends full of small things... aren't they quietly the best?


I have always disliked Sundays. But funny enough, I like Mondays!!! I am sure I will appreciate Sundays much more when the weather improves and I can get out into the garden and have a tidy up. I think your sink looks very clean by the way!


Sounds like a lovely weekend. Ours was going well too, until a small girl came down with a sick bug, so we had the mother of all Sunday nights!

Hope you're all ready for back to school tomorrow. It's a good job we had a sick day today as I've only just unearthed my girl's forgotten PE kit from her school bag. I am such a bad mother!

little pink room

It all sounds lovely. I think acceptance of the muck that comes with children is the key to happiness. And there's nothing better than a slightly sticky, slightly smelly cuddle from a grubby little boy. I say, don't do ironing on sunday night... A x

French Knots

I don't really iron, a clean shirt or two for school of a morning, but everything else goes away unironed. What a housewifely slut!


Ironing is banned in our house, mainly because my boyfriend wired the house up wrong haha! Your weekend sounds perfect, rugby and gardening, what else do you need? Maybe a bit of crafting :D


Oh, Ali, you've got to change that ironing schedule *immediately!* If it *must* be done (but don't you think a few wrinkles are intruiging and interesting?), do it on Friday night when you're excited about the weekend and then you'll have much more fun! Love your photos, the kitty one makes me giggle.


The imminent Monday alarm is just too boring to contemplate, especially if you are ironing. I would certainly advocate a change of schedule!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh yes, I know about Sunday Syndrome - although I didn't seem to suffer from it before I went back to working! ;o)

Lucy x


Oh, Sunday Syndrome (I always call it the Sunday Night Blues) is the worst! And, like you, I probably make it worse by dedicating a large part of Sunday to laundry-related chores. But sometimes those simple, not-doing-much weekends are just the best, aren't they?

Fancy Elastic

yay, spring... YAY!


Sunday feeling definitely felt here each week. I iron on Sunday evenings too - usually whilst watching Dancing on Ice, or Larkrise to Candleford - easy going ironing TV fodder!



Houseful of teachers (2) and students (2) and cats (2) and dog (1)* who were just mourning the end of our February break, full of nothing spectacular but very. nice. downtime. and cleaning/clearing up of clutter and rooms and lovely weather and good food and fun family time. . . so YES, we know about the Sunday blues.

There's a poem from a book we had when I was little that went: "Homework sits on top of Sunday/Squashing Sunday flat./Homework has the smell of Monday./Homework's very fat."

Summed it up for all of us!

*the pets mourn because when the Big People go back to school, no one can let them in and out all day long.


We definitely have Sunday night syndrome here. Usually (and rather boringly) I fold my laundry on Sunday after the children are in bed. Then it's a bath and an early night. Thrilling no?!


Sounds like the perfect weekend!

I suffer terribly from Sunday Syndrome--from first thing in the morning. Glad to hear I'm not the only one but definitely need to find a way out of it!

K x


Oh give up the ironing. I rarely iron (except for craft) and no-one ever says "my your a bit wrinkly today"... wrinkle schminckle - what a waste of time !!!
When it is totally called for I prefer the iron-as-needed method.

but after all that waffle - I understand the Sunday night sads....


Luckily all my girls uniform can get away without being ironed! I used to get that sunday night feeling but now we try and eek out as much fanily time as we can.We tend to watch a movie together with the girls in their PJ's. I have relaxed the 'early night because you are back to school tomorrow' rule too. They may be a little more cranking monday morning but I find the weekends much more enjoyable.


Oh how I hate Sunday Night Syndrome. I often try to deny the inevitable and put off all the Sunday chores until as late as possible, but this just makes me even more tired and grumpy.

Couldn't even contemplate throwing ironing into the mix - you are a very brave woman!


We combat Sunday Night Syndrome by always going out for a nice dinner together, we've been trying a new restaurant as often as possible but it's nice to go back to the old faithfuls too.
We also save our episode of Lost for Sunday evening so I have that to look forward to all day, then we curl up on the sofa around 8pm and don't move until bed time!


I definitely think that you should change the ironing schedule - Sunday evenings need to be lazy and undemanding in my book! Sounds like you had the perfect weekend though, full of simple pleasures and family time - definitely essential ingredients for a Sunday evening smile!


DO NOT IRON ON SUNDAY! It's criminal. Save it for Monday instead and enjoy Sunday evening. I do mine on a wednesday (and there are 7 peeps in this house) when a friend comes round for a regular coffee. And what ain't done when she's gone , approx an hour and a half, goes back in the basket till next week.

Teddy Started It

I always thought I was alone in this "Sunday syndrome" thing. Who'd have guessed I had so much company! Back in my career days, I actually got to eht point where I'd have panic attacks on Sundays. (Yes, I was happy to leave that job behind for the stress of stay-at-home motherhood.) Hmmm...I think I need to remember that when I start stressing on Mondays now. I'd forgotten about that. Perhaps I should start ironing on Sunday nights. Ironing always relaxes me and fills me with a rather indulgent sense of accomplishment.


What a wonderful post about normal family life. The happy bits, the boring bts, bts that make the world go round.
Lisa x


My parents and my guy and I are all teachers, so Sunday night can hit hard - especially if there's still work to prepare for Monday morning! But I try not to let it get me down. :)
Also? LOVE that photo of your kitty! It looks just like my orange boy I had growing up (his name was Peeve...as in "my pet peeve"...poor kitty).

Alice C

There was a time in my life when Sunday was a very sad day indeed and I longed to find a way to fast forward to the busy-ness of Monday. Nowadays, I find I am grateful for every single minute of every single day - rain or shine, quiet or busy, summer or winter, Monday or Sunday.


I don't like Sunday evenings much either. There's always a sad feeling too it. Although I think it's much better when there's Lark Rise To Candleford to look forward to! x

Sew Create It - Jane

Your first picture made me smile...we must have been drawn to the same things on the weekend!! LOL If you look at my post from a couple of days ago you'll see I took almost the identical picture!!


i really like the post. those photos are beautiful! and yes, i totally get the sunday syndrome. in fact i felt it last night!

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