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01 February 2010


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little pink room

Ali, I've enjoyed the swap (my first one) so much. I'd like to send you a little gift to make you feel special for organising it. Will you email me your address - it doesn't seem fair that you did all this wonderful work and you don't get a little something. Aoife x


Ali, oh no! No partner for you - that's not on! Hmmmmmmm.

My parcel has gone off in the post today (by the skin of my teeth) and the one from my partner has arrived so I am about to start feeling very special indeed ...


no partner for you, oh no....... I'll send you something if you give me your address, we have some snow, would you like that..... xoxo


I am with Aoife, I would love to send you a little something as a thank you for organising this swap, it has been such fun and a lovely way to cheer up February. Please send me your address, good luck with getting through my Fierce firewall x


I missed this, forgot to do it, so how about I send a little something to you, but instead of 7 days we just do one! You have my e-mail address, please let me know

Aunt LoLo

Yea!! I'm so excited. Thank you for organizing this!!!!

(Oh, and I've got a special little something for you, if you can send me your address today!! *Grin*)


I think Barbados sounds very nice right about now, as I look out on eight inches of snow! When I get rich I'll gather up all my blogging friends and off we'll go. Until then, dreaming will have to suffice ...



That is a lot of specialness going on. I still have 3 Pay it Forwards to do so I haven't been able to commit to anything else. I am glad that we were admiring the moon at the same time. I even forced my sleepy boy out into the garden in his dressing gown to come and admire the moon! x

The Coffee Lady

No partner? I can send you... (looks around)... a My Little Pony sewing machine and a broken lipstick.

That do?

Rachel L

Ali, I'd love to send you a little something too, if you could let me know your address, as a thank you for arranging the swap - I can't believe you forgot to allocate yourself a partner!! I'm off to put some pics on the Flickr group now!
Rachel x

French Knots

Sadly I can't send you to Barbados but I would like to send you a little something to open as you are special too.xx


I'd also love to send you a little something if you can send me your address?? I wanted to send something to say thanks, but now you have said you have no swap partners, and I have too, I feel bad!!! I am so enjoying my swap, thanks so much for organising it.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I agree with everyone else - you definitely need a little present to show how special we all think you are! Please could you send me your address?

Lucy x


Hello! Welcome to February! I posted my parcel today and I think that I have a parcel to collect at the post office....I will have a few days to think about it as I am off to Denmark tomorrow so no time to go and collect it.

Sorry you missed a partner....perhaps we can all send you a little something? Oh I see that's already been decided by the rest of the posts ;o)


Mine went off in the post on Friday. Although the Canadian postal service will only commit to a time frame of between 1 to 3 weeks, even by air!!!


Beautiful picture Ali. Fancy not pairing yourself up with a partner after all that work of organising, we'll have to press gang you into giving us your address so we can all send you a little something! I sent my parcel out last week and received my own package over a week ago. I'm planning to start opening up my little packages at the beginning of next week - it's very exciting, thanks so much for organising such a lovely swap.


well... that was a fun swap... (I can send you a clementine cake? oh, but you've got one already... :)..)

Could you please tell me 'again' how to add photo the flickr group?

I'm crap, I know.


It's been a lovely swap to put together Ali. My parcel has arrived with Jo and I know hers is on its way. I can't believe you left yourself out and like everyone else I would love to be able to send you something if you would email your address... at this rate you could have a surprise for every day in February!


I just discovered your blog today and sooooo wish I could have been a part of your swap!! Do you plan on doing another one soon?

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