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07 February 2010


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That cake is excellent - and perfectly suited to the day's activities. Are those jelly bean acorns? Glad you managed to get the cupcake fix in the end.

Trash telly? What's your Trash of choice? Mine is reruns of SATC.

Enjoy the wine - it's richly deserved


That brings back memories of themed parties when the boys were little... I have been known to make a Triceratops cake before now! I think your tree looks fantastic and it certainly looks as though all the party goers had lots of fun! Enjoy that glass of wine!


Fabulous cakes, large and small! I love the idea of a party in the woods....I must remember that one for future use!
Enjoy the vino!


I love the cake, how fantastic. I may have to steel your ideas!!!

Petit Filoux

That cake looks amazing!!! So so good, it's unbelievable!


LOL.... I love the tree growing out the cake idea, brilliant!


Yay ! Party bag rebellion, I love it...we are about to take the plunge and just give large slices of cake and a balloon animal... must admit bit worried about parent/children backlash...but I know I can't be the only Mum in the village who hates the plastic fantastic


What a great party idea! I bet they all had a great time and went home shattered and mucky!

The cakes & cupcakes look great!

Vanessa x


A tree cake! What a fab idea! You did a great job with it too especially with the jelly bean fruits! I am glad to see that you got your cup cakes in too. I would love to have a birthday celebration in the woods. Fancy organising an adults one!


Fab cake(s)!
Enjoy your wine, sounds like you deserve it!


hurray for a fantastic party xoxo


Oh what a fabulous party! Love everything from the invites to the cake. Will you please come throw a birthday party for me?!

K x


After you've fully recovered from this one of course... K x


Love the "quite possibly mud" bit!


Fantastic cakes all of them.


Beautiful cake!


Oh, look at them all running about in the mud - what a brilliant (and brave) idea for a party.

I've spent the evening watching Being Human and trying not to eat the banana cookies I made for the kids' lunchboxes. I *almost* succeeded.


Oh no! Don't tell me they start dictating the party baking. I am not ready to relinquish that! The upcoming 3rd birthday party theme is "Rainbow Colours", not because it was requested, but because I want to make a rainbow cake.


Looks like a lot of fun, the cake turned out great. Enjoy your evening, you deserve it.


Fantastic Ali! Brilliant all round - great venue, fab cake and I love the take home treat! I have Chloe's 10th to organise now and haven't the foggiest what to do. Worse still - neither does she.


You pulled off...very cute cake.
Boys, mud, woods...a perfect match.
Tell him, Happy (belated) Birthday from a women across the ocean. :)


What a fabulous cake! And a super fun idea for a party -- looks like you did a fantastic job. Big rest for you now!!!

UK lass in US

Johnny is a lucky little lad indeed. The picture reminds me of the birthday parties my parents used to throw up the local hill. That cake looks absolutely delicious.


Looks tasty and I love the invites!


Ha! I had almost the same conversation with my younger son who was 13 yesterday.
'You don't want cupcakes? But I was going to make rainbow coloured cupcakes'(to match my crocheted blanket and so provide good blog eye-candy)
'I want a big, plain cake'

Sounds like a great party Ali ;o)

Karen J

Good job, Ali! Looks like everyone had a great time.
And hooray! for less plastic tat!!!!


I think if you had all that wonderful outdoorsiness instead of some stupid prebooked party venue - you deserve at least 2 glasses.


Fantastic! Well done Ali.

I am dreading boys parties (boy is only 2). My girls are older and I am a dab hand at making crowns and icing biscuits (with lots of sprinkles) and clearing up glitter at princess parties!

And you're right - one decent thing in a party bag is so much better than a pile of plastic. Down with plastic!


Ooo looks like a great party! (I could do with a party like that at my house to restock the wood store after all this cold weather!!)

And I love the tree lollypops :) xxx


What a brilliant cake!
Sounds like much fun was had, what a great way to spend some time outdoors.
Lisa x


Looks like a great party. I want cake now...


Happy Birthday Johnny - looks like a fab party and the cake is super!


Hi Ali...Super cake....and looks like everyone had lots of fun!! :-)


That all looks great!! Can I ask how you did your lollies??? Is it just leaf shaped card attached to the lolly stick??? Many Thanks x


Love the cakes - I must remember the jelly bean toppers - that's a great idea. Those den-building parties are fun, Juliet went to one last autumn at Wittenham Clumps and had a good time. When J was smaller, I always did books in party bags, but nowadays it has to be make-up!


That party looks brilliant - what an original idea! And, yes, I have always resented buying bags of tat! Love the cake, too.


What fun ! and what a cake ! I went back to giving a slice of cake & a balloon at my childrens' parties - meanie me !

Had my first swap day today - so exciting thank you for organising it.

The Coffee Lady

Those lollies are a genius idea.



that sounds like a most fantastic party....

and that cake... mmmhhhh


Awesome tree cake if you ask me. There really should be a birthday party Oscars or something, we jolly well deserve fame and fortune for the effort we put into these things.


I really like the idea of the woodland theme - and great cake too! Hope Johnny enjoyed his birthday celebrations. x

Alice C

Six! Did I blink?

A woodland party for a group of six year old boys was a moment of grenius-level inspiration.


Yay - queen of cupcakes! Anything bigger than a cupcake sinks on me, so I'm extra impressed by the tree cake (not to mention the cupcakes you snuck in!). Jen x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

That looks like a very good party indeed! Love the cake and the lollies! Lucy x


you are not only the queen of cupcakes but also the queen of cakes...wow wow wow!!!


I would also like to know how you did the lollies - they look fantastic!


Wonderful cake! I've done the 'slice of cake and a book' thing for parties too - and some of the kids made a point of saying how much they liked it, which was nice. It was a great idea to let them all run around in the woods ... *makes mental note just in case it's ever needed in future* ...



Hmmm...furiously scribbling notes here, as I've got one of these coming up in exactly three weeks. I'm with you on the plastic-tat-in-goodie-bags bit; may I swipe your book-and-lolly idea? I'd love to do a woodland theme, but my person wants Halloween.

Definitely planning to do the big glass of wine at day's end part...

Little Island In The Med

Just found your blog, the 7 Days of Specialness Swap sounds amazing. Shame I missed the boat, it would have certainly cheered up a winter in Cyprus!


1. That's a beautiful cake, and 2. what on earth are they doing with that enormous tree?

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