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27 January 2010


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I was burned pretty badly by a sparkler when I was a child, so I am a bit gun shy, but that pretty tin might be enough to face the fear. The cake looks delicious too.

Zoe, Conversation Pieces

I love sparklers too! We forgot to buy any at Guy Fawkes so I was like a little pouty kid looking at all the other people who had them. (Though can understand why Jennifer is saying she's gun shy of them... they do burn hot!)


These are very sophisticated sparklers- last time I tried to sparkle a cake I used a supposed-non-toxic-everyone-friendly thing from local Party Shop. Wicked thing wouldn't light, let alone sparkle! I presume these are Internet sourced??!


Oo indoor sparklers how wonderful


I love the sparklers! But I can't find them in the US. :-( Anyone know where I might find them over here? Or online? The company you linked to is lovely...but they don't ship to the US, sadly.


I like the sound of indoor sparklers! I trust they're more impressive than the indoor fireworks we used to play with as students ...


I've never seen indoor sparklers before!

must. find. before next birthday!


How Fun! Indoor sparklers must be a UK phenomenon? I googled to find a source here in the US and got lots of sparkler "not for indoor use" warnings. Maybe when we grow up, we can have indoor sparklers too!!!


Your NYE party sounded fun! I probably would have used outdoor ones inside too.
I love that small box of sparklers, very sweet. There's something mesmerising about sparklers isn't there?


Certainly does send the winter blues away!!

Love the indoor sparklers, even though I am not a big fan of them really, but brightens things up :-)

little pink room

What a beautiful photo! When it loaded unto my screen a felt a little ping of surprise. The cake sounds delicious... I must get some sparklers in for a special little man's birthday next week. A x


Domesticali: Unrelated but fun story (bear with me): I think I found the Dorset Cereals site through your blog (little blog awards, maybe) and I played some of their games, and LO AND BEHOLD I WON A CEREAL PACK AT SPIN THE BOTTLE! However, since I live in the US, I didn't think I'd get one. . . but it arrived today, with an email message saying that no, they don't plan to ship to the US but since I'd won, they did (but please not again). Isn't that a nice gesture? The cereals look terrific, the boxes are gorgeous, even, and I am touched and delighted. Thought I'd share the news. . . tho if I didn't run into Dorset through your blog, sign me off as an oddball and forgive me!


It's the little things that make us happy, cake,sparklers, perfect.
Lisa x

Petit Filoux

That cake looks lush! Went to check the recipe, and I was quite surprised to see you have to cook the clementines for 2 hours and then blitz everything! Will definitely have to try it soon!


Your cake looks delicious! I love whole-orange cake, and a whole-clementine cake sounds even nicer.

And must have a look for indoor sparklers. I've never seen them before...

And at least the New Years escapade makes for a very good story!

K x


Love the milleneum sparkler story! Also rather taken with that beautiful little tin of sparklers - how sophisticated!




Ooooh they are really pretty! We of course have a ban on fireworks although I think we are allowed sparklers and indoor ones sound just perfect! And yum - one of my fave cakes!


I just love your cake with sparkler photo ♥

My bad sparkler story is the time that my younger brother poked me with a lit sparkler and it got stuck to my thumb because it melted the skin around it. Yum.

French Knots

Sounds like you had great parties! We spent the Millenium New Year with friends but all had the flu so no wild house burning antics from us!
Love sparklers and hog them on Bonfire Night!


I made that cake a couple of weeks ago, was yummy!
I am also addicted to sparklers, they make everything fun.


I find that cake freezes well too btw :)


Fantastic story and I am so glad you can now fulfill that urge for indoor fireworks in safety.

I remember when I was a child that my dad once bought a whole set of indoor fireworks which we set up on a tray on the dining table! I am pretty sure these are illegal now, along with so much 1970's fun.


I'm a big fan of Nigella's clementine cake. Haven't made one in a while but now you've given me the urge get some citrus fruit on the boil again. And the indoor sparklers look great - might need to treat myself to some for my birthday.

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs

What a great little cake topper!! I have a friend who's 40th will be on this coming New Years Day. THIS is perfect.


sparklers on a cake... once you've done it for one child... there's no going back!!

that cake looks delicious... must try it. Can you let me know which book is it from, please?


Delicious looking cake, and yes, sparklers are great fun! We always add one to the birthdays cakes in our house. Everyone has to sit back a bit before blowing any candles out, lol!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a fantastic sparkler story Ali - not one you'll ever forget! Lucy x


Inside sparklers and clementine cake???? IRRESISTIBLE!!!! -- Allison


Sparklers are one of my all time favourite things, I get quite giddy!

And I had some of that cake, Laurie (badsparklythings) made it for a visit here a few weeks ago. It didn't last long! She made a delicious clementine curd from a Jamie Oliver recipe too, delish.


Sparklers are my favorite! But possibly illegal here except on Independence Day. Drat!


Please tell me you have pics to share of that baked alaska millennium dome - it sounds fantastic. I was left frankly terrified of sparklers after those public information ads they screened in the 80s- remember the child who reaches out a mittened hand for the just-dead sparkler? the stuff of nightmares!
Cake looks delicious.


cake AND sparklers? what more could you want!


that little sparkler box is soooo pretty - mind you, I put them on my daughter's cake for her sixteenth last year & one fell out & scorched my new kitchen table !
My friend said very tactfully at my mortified face, " It's the first of many scars which tell a story around this kitchen table " Lovely !

I have sent off my seven days of February gifts - and I'm glad you enjoyed my ghost story !


Is that cake in 'How to Eat'? I just bought a second hand copy. Perhaps I should be less lazy and go and look!

I have a memory of indoor fireworks as a child. Our favourite was 'the cobra'. When the little tablet was lit a ghastly snake-ish thing grew out. Disgusting but gleeful.


your cake looks delicious, all yummily rippled with orange zest and the sparkler is the perfect finishing touch! Had to giggle at your millenium dome recreation - certainly made for a memorable new year!


Wonderful pictures!

Your post made me remember a sparkler story I haven't thought of in years and years and years. One New Year's, when I was in 9th grade, my friends and I lit sparkler's in a friend's front hallway and the sparks fell on the beautiful hardwood floor and burned little black holes in it. Needless to say, my friend's mother was not pleased.

Boy, I'd forgotten all about that! Or else repressed it ...



What a fabulous photo! I want sparklers for all future cakes.

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