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03 January 2010


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Angel Jem

Could you dye it? Would an overlay of red or orange be better? I like the style, it's really swish, but it seems a shame to have something you're proud of but it's not perfect. Or a large corsage? In reds and purples or blues and greens? Let us know!


I love it, it look so warm and cozy. I really like the corsage idea, with colours that suit you better up near your skin. Hope you can figure something out.


If it removes heads I'd be really wary or wearing it ...

I like it, but then I am a fawny browny earthy tone sort of person.


Stunning Ali. The texture is just gorgeous and it looks like very clever yarny origami.


It looks very elegant and snuggly and warm too. Shame you're not keen on the colour.


Wow, it's gorgeous! I like the colour but I, too, like browns. Beautifully knitted - well done! Maybe the colour will grow on you...?


It looks so cosy. I like the idea of adding a corsage to maybe brighten it up (though I love the colour)


I don't think there is anything wrong with the colour, you silly girl!!!

It's amazing. It looks great and I bet it's fabulously warm too...

Very sophisticated.


It looks fabulous! Such gorgeous cables. And I don't think you need to worry about the color because you'll always be wearing another color underneath it. Just pick a shirt in a color you like with a slightly higher neckline and no worries! But you know me...I love light browns anyway! K x


It's lovely. Well done on completing it! x


It's gorgeous Ali! You deserve a medal for knitting all those cables.

As for not liking the colour - maybe you should treat yourself to the wool for a Baktus scarf to wear with it. I'm all for encouraging a bit of wool shopping :)



Yay for finishing something! It's a good feeling, isn't it?!

little pink room

It's lovely! Perfect for this freezing weather! A x


The cables are awesome - what patience you had!


Oh well done!! I am always so impressed with your beautiful tension and all those cables - WOW!! I think the colour thing will work if you wear a colour you do like underneath. That blue you are wearing in the pic is gorgeous!


Yes - a great neutral colour so that you can wear any colour you love underneath as Louise says.

Weirdly, eerily, spookily I was just looking at ponchos on Etsy - I think they are the perfect thing to pop on !


Perfect for the icy-cold weather we've been having. I'd never want to take it off!

P.S. If you want to try the Addi Lace needles let me know and you can have a borrow. It seems a shame that your KS Haze goes un-knit...

The Coffee Lady

It looks WARM. I want it.

Alice C

I bet that if you saw someone else wearing it you would think "Wow! That is super-stylish!" (That is certainly what I am thinking looking at your fashion pics.)


That's really kind of you - thanks!

I may have one last attempt to knit the kidsilk haze held together with another yarn - thank goodness I didn't buy much of it!

Ali x

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Oh, but it's so beautiful! I love the pretty cable stitch!


Those little cables are lovely. Congrats on finishing!


Petit Filoux

Absolutely stunning!!! Can't believe you did it with all those mini cables, must have taken ages!! Looks so warm and comfy too! x


Looking rather lovely & beautifully even - I can't wear those kinds of colours either. I am not born to do the neautrals thing!
Next update http://handmadeexchange.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/the-deal-is/


It looks so cosy - perfect for this nippy weather! x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It's lovely Ali - but it would be even lovelier in a sparky colour! Shame you had to chop your head off to get it on though.....

Lucy xxx


gorgeous! and so perfect for this crazy cold weather.


Ooo looks yummy and super soft! Maybe on a summer evening with a bit of a tan it may be wearable?!



I like the colour, it might grow on you? Or perhaps you could sew the edges with a different colour?

Sew Create It - Jane

Looks cosy!! You've done a brilliant job.


The baby cables are beautiful. And even if you don't love it, I'm sure it will bring some much-need warmth this week.


Love the poncho! I have been wanting to knit one myself for ages and really like the stitch pattern on yours. How about dyeing it if you can't live with the colour?

Wishing you a happy new year!


Oh I love it! Another one for the Ravelry queue...

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