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09 January 2010


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Petit Filoux

Gosh, I'm not middle aged, but I can (sadly?) understand what you and Coffee Lady are talking about... The whole thing about putting on half dirty clothes that are hanging around on the bedroom chair - yep, that's me. Practically every day. Eek. And what Coffee Lady said about not buying new clothes because I'm about to loose weight, yep, that's me too. Merde. Cheerful thoughts on a Saturday night hey?!!


I wear Crocs inside and out....I'm not proud of the fact just have feet issues..... And while I'm in a confessional mood I do the unforgivable - dress for comfort and it’s great:)


I don't think you look hideous, I think you look normal! But then I wear jeans every day and some truly unforgiveable jumpers so possibly best you ignore my thoughts on the subject.

PS I like your hair that length!

French Knots

There's much to be said for comfy and warm.I'm impressed that you don't have a pile of crap on the floor behind you - must unlike my bedroom!
Sometimes it's just too much hassle to worry about what I'm wearing when the children haven't had their breakfasts, packed lunches aren't made, swimming gear not packed.....etc.


I have just been flicking through the new Boden catalogue and cannot figure out how any of the clothes shown fit into my life. *le sigh*


I wouldn't worry - you look fine!

I'm now worrying about myself as Mr P's just likened me to an Eskimo (sorry for not being PC!) because I'm wearing M&S fake Ugg boot slippers, leggings, and a pink and black check shirt-dress with a thick Aran knit jumper over the top.

I'm feeling like a fashion reject in my own home...even though I'm cosy and snug in my cold weather gear! x


The middle age thing is so true. I find in the winter in Canada especially that dressing for comfort and practicality seems to be the most sensible approach. I often catch sight of myself in a mirror and laught that friends in England dressed in head to toe Boden would look at my outfits in horror!


I think you look fine, but you probably don't want to trust my opinion based on what I look like most days. It's all about comfort and practicality when you're not getting paid to look cute, right?

janet clare

you're not alone Ali! My new year resolution last year was to make more effort with my clothes- and I really did try and enjoyed looking nicer when I managed it too... BUT I'd get up, put lovely clothes on, walk to school (often in silly shoes that matched the outfit) only to be asked if I had a job interview or something, hobble home and realise my first job of the day was cleaning the loo, and get changed back into my scruffs again!

I'm settling for warm and sensible this year. I am sooo middle aged.

Many A Mickle

So I'm not the only one who throws on something from the pile on the chair! I'm nodding in recognition as I read your post and Coffee Lady's comment about not buying clothes because of weight loss that might take place sometime soon is ringing bells. I can add to that one with months of not buying for hoping I might get pregnant (and even fatter) soon! Yet I still regularly buy magazines to find out the latest fashions! Just realised my pyjama trousers are on inside out .......


I do the same with trousers and shoes: you'd think I own just one pair of jeans and one pair of felt slippers, as they're what I wear week in-week out round the house. So comfy and practical.

I do have some fashionable outfits, but there just never seems to be a time to wear them. Not really suited to housework, though I suppose I could try to look more impressive in Waitrose!

But I think you look fab even when just tossing layers on. And in this weather it would be ridiculous not to be wearing layers! K x

The Coffee Lady

But you look layered, rather than swamped, dear. So everything is fine. (Are those those japanese wotsits you made a while ago to keep your tummy warm that I can see there?

I'm willing to enter a private area of flickr with a few close friends if you are. Strangely I have found that taking a photo every day is making me try harder; I'm going to run out of clothes soon though.


In spite of having 2 wardrobes full of clothes, I live in just 2 pairs of jeans that do a quick rotation through the wash and some basic long-sleeve t's in winter. Add, like you say, some layers (my vest, which as I confessed, can be found tucked in my knickers!) and I'm done for the day/week/month.

If I really want to dress up, I wear my denim skirt and some coloured tights!


I see nothing wrong with the way you look (but then if you've seen the picture of the way I look this week I'm not sure if that's a good thing!). And I wear my crocs as slippers too!


I think comfy is the only way to go at the mo. Don't we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time? My sister and I only buy each other thirfted itmes for birthday and Christmas. This year for Christmas she bought me a few skirts saying that then I wouldn't always wear 'that blooming long denim skirt'.
Good challenge though!
Lisa x

Sew Create It - Jane

Your post has made me smile. I wear crocs as slippers too!! and I choose my trousers based on how much I'm willing to fight with them...I have 2 pairs of jeans that fit really nicely when you are standing still, but as soon as you move, bend over, or walk they slouch down the hips forcing me to do the jean-pull-up-wiggle! I have to be in the right frame of mind for those! :o)


i think we are all wearing comfortable layers this week.... i have just peeled my jeans off to wash and now am wearing my comfy cords and will be for the next week probably.. of course over tights as i am so cold. i have thermal socks on, slippers socks and have also slipped into my husbands hard soled slipper (we have wooden floors)... won't even get started on top layers...5 at present and more when i go out! middle aged dressing is definately for comfort and practicality for me!


I like the way you look - comfy is definitely the way to go in my book! I've spent most of the last week in the same pair of brushed cotton jammie bottoms, hiking socks and lots of top layers - part of me will be a bit sad when the snow goes and I no longer have the excuse!


Thanks for the link to Coffee Lady, someone I shall be seeing more of in the future.
I'm so old I may be past the mid-life crisis. I try to retain a little self-respect by attempting to combine comfortable and warm with not looking like a bag lady, but let's face it, I work from home, so who's going to see? And my brains are in my feet - I simply can't think when my feet are uncomfortable, and I've never really learned to walk in heels. So right now my wardrobe is just right for the conditions!

Mom Wald

I had to go check it out.

OMWord! Let's not totally discredit ourselves. Part of this is wisdom, okay, ALOT of it is wisdom. Let's see, winter in WI plus a mini-skirt, equals frozen tushy. That's math that I am now, praise God, capable of.


You look great to me, Ali! I spend my life in a denim skirt (not today though - it's been washed!) and black tights, with different t-shirts and knitwear - and I am generally happy with it but, yes, a bit of effort all round wouldn't go amiss.... might pull my socks up a little tomorrow...


I like your wintry layered look - at least one of those jumpers looks hand-made, I like the colours and I defy anyone to look floaty and lacy in weather like this. I think crocs are a staple for most of us and there's absolutely nothing wrong with your jeans. Your hair looks great by the way x


What a great post, Ali! You are too cute! The subject of middle age dressing (perhaps I would be considered a little over middle-age...ugh) is quite interesting since I stay home everyday and babysit three little granddaughters. I shower every morning but most days I change back into my pajamas! It's cozy and comfortable and the easiest thing too wear when I am crawling around on the floor with the girls and changing diapers. Now I must go read Coffee Lady's post. And a big thank you for making me smile at your sweet sense of humor!

little pink room

This is so familiar hence my own little project. I've been dressing like I'm about to lose 12lbs since my little man was born (too small jeans, stretchy tops, and lots of love handles spilling over). It's his 2nd birthday in feb and not one lb has shifted... nor have I made any attempt to shift it. This year is the year of wearing clothes that actually fit my mummy belly. By the way, I think you look great. I see dollied up mum's at the pre-school gates and the first thing that crosses my mind is that they must be prioritising the wrong thing... now, that's a middle aged thought!

lucykate crafts...

can totally relate with the middle aged thing (i turn 40 this year, sob!). we recently got into watching 'the inbetweeners' online (channel 4 on demand), episode 1, and we're there, reminiscing about school and 6th form etc. by episode 2, it's totally dawning that we now have more in common with the parents than the main characters.

this week, my school run look has consisted of pj's still on, under clothes (it's ok, it's down to layering and nothing at all to do with being late and not having time to shower/get dressed properly in the morning), and my lands end squall coat - which my husband says makes me look like a walking compost bin.


I could never undertake this project because my only full length mirror is in the bedroom and so every shot would feature an unmade bed in the background.

Which, together with the daily outfit which is sad a good percentage of the time, would just be too much to bear.

ps. your hair is pretty.


I too am very much in the same style camp. The only problem recently has been not enough half clean/dirty clothes to provide sufficient warmth - and believe me this is not because I've caught up with the washing! Most days recently I've looked like I'm wearing everything I own.

I once had a job that entailed dressing up as the Michelin Man - lately it seems he may still be my fashion icon!

At least I haven't got round to starting my own blog yet so I'm excused from the shame of photographic evidence.

Lynne x.


nothing wrong with what you're wearing!!!

(I have woolly tights under my trousers at the moment... and Mr M's jumper, if my camera battery wasn't flat I'd show you)

UK lass in US

My confession would be very boring - I have about 7 'outfits' that I wear in rotation. By 'outfit' I mean t-shirt / shirt. When I find shorts or jeans that fit well, I buy several, so it looks like I'm wearing the same pair every day. I worry that I might wear the same shirt on the same day of the week, each week. If you only see me on one day of the week, you may think that I only have one set of clothes. But that's not true - I have at least 7...

I might be guilty of not wanting to buy new clothes until I have lost ALL baby weight. My baby is almost 5...


you look a lot smarter than me in my grab from the end of the bed pile !
It's the layering that gets me - I hate too many layers on my arms. Then when I peel it all off after a chilly dog walk the static electricity is horrible - even though most of my clothes are cotton... I suppose hubby's long johns I've nicked have synthetic material.


While I gave CL a hard time in her comment box over the duvet post--(it's just how we roll in Deutschland), I can definitely relate to the middle-aged dressing thing.

I'm all about fleece these days. And layers. And puffy down. As well as jeans worn a few too many days in a row. Truly, a deadly combination.

When I go out, I'm quite happy to put on a hat and scarf, so as to disguise myself beneath an outer layer...Then, I can see you, but...yooooooou caaaaaan't seeeee meeeeee.

I think you're very brave to "show us your stuff." I think it's "great." And "I" also think I might use too many "quotation marks."

I would join you on Flikr, but it might require me to bathe more than necessary...let's not get into the messy details. And, also might mean I'd have to comb my hair. I refuse. Brushing my teeth would be optional, I guess.

Now I need to go back and read all the other comments...

Great post~

Alice C

I refuse to believe that you look anything other than cute at all times because I have seen (and coveted) your TURQUOISE coat.


What an interesting exercise. I'm afraid I'm very much into layers and comfort at the moment, with the weather being so cold. And I don't think you look awful ...and I love your hair like that! x


I've been trying to improve my wardrobe and my look, too, but it's so easy to throw on those fleece tops and comfy jeans!


Yay for your girl! Nothing like seeing the real side of people to make the rest of us feel a little normal.


Even without looking down I know I look like this too and nothing wrong with that! Same comfy trousers all week until I had to use the pressure hose on a blocked drain yesterday then I knew it was time to change. And crocs for slippers. And a long t-shirt (actually a cut off) to keep my waist warm. Bx


I think you look fantastic. Young and slender.


i think it is great ali..i'm off to take a shot of me now.!


Layers are good, and comfy is best. I dread to think what kind of album I would end up with if I took a photo of what I wore every day! Maybe I could take a photo of clothes I would like to wear every day instead - you know, those people on the school run (walk) who pull off the immaculate and un-harrassed look?


This does sound like an excellent project to do and I'd be quite up for doing this myself as, quite frankly I have become a frumpy middle aged mum (well that's how I feel most days anyway!) but as you said...to share or not to share that is the BIG question...how brave?


Are you doing something on flickr - private group or whatever? I totally need a kick in the pants re: my daily wear. I am a giant frump most of the time and have been going to the store in my sweatpants. Seriously. You look totally appropriate, don't get me wrong - but I hear you when you say you are ready to do a little work in this department.

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