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31 January 2010


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I am a tea monster, infact I too blogged about tea this morning. Popcorn tea sounds yum. I am envious.


Ah ha, tea rituals, I am quite particular. A large warm pot, three every day tea bags (at the moment that would be Yorkshire Gold) plus one Earl Grey. Tea-ish with a hint of Bergamont. I mostly don't share this pot, although, and I know caffeine is not great for anyone let alone children, but my little nine year old also loves this brew with one lump x naughty naughty!


I was looking for a gift of tea for a friend, and I accidentally discovered Zhena's Gypsy Tea "Chocolate Chai." It is caffeine free rooibos blended with spices and roasted carob. OMG it is so delightful!! Very chocolatey, and it is now my favorite 'dessert' tea.


Oddly enough I am in the middle of planning a tea post myself. I have never tried your japanese rice-y tea but I like to dabble with different types too. I have been photographing my favourite tea cups... and I always like a nice tea cosy.
Having read this message I think I might be getting rather odd!

Cheers- enjoy your tea xx


It looks interesting, certainly has a nice name. Hopefully it is a good one for you, let us know how it tastes.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I'm the opposite to you Ali, because, although I always love the sound and thought of nice interesting teas, I always find myself just drinking good-old builders tea! Lucy x

French Knots

I don't like tea or cofffee but popcorn tea sounds tempting! I like to drink my water ( or wine!) from a pretty glass though.


I do like the sound of popcorn tea. I drink builders tea mostly but do love a herbal tea before I go to bed too. What I love about herbal teas is that I refrain from dunking biscuits! Now when I have a cup of sweet and milky tea I just feel the need to dunk!!!


I've never heard of popcorn tea before but reading your post makes me want to try it!

Rattling On

The loose leaf is a bit more eco- you can't put those pouches in the compost as I think they're synthetic.
Pyramid bags are very common in Russia, and of course PG Tips make them as well!!


I love the name "Teapigs" :-D
My tea ritual is builder's tea, one sugar, strong but with plenty of milk, in a big pint mug from Whittards. And not after about 6pm because I'm the same as you and can't sleep afterwards! Oh and no sugar if I'm at my Grandma's as she does not believe in sugar in tea.


I love it! It's even funnier because I was just at a friend's house this afternoon and she had Tea Pig chamomile tea - I had never heard of them before and now, here you are with them on your blog. I am not a tea fan, having never drunk tea until a few years ago and even now I only like white or green tea and find black tea too strong!


Popcorn tea indeed! It's mainly Rooibos for me, with the occasional Lady Grey. I used to drink Twinings Breakfast tea all day long but I've become so wimpy in my old age I find it too string. What a fusspot I've become!


I'm a coffee-in-the-morning girl, then come about 3pm, I'll have my first cup of tea. Has to be with skimmed milk, and Twinings English Breakfast tea. I'll drink tea until about 8.30pm then have recently discovered the joys of Ovaltine, which I disappear off up to bed with!
Popcorn tea sounds good... will keep my eye out for some!


Ah I fear that I do not have your sophisticated pallate, I have never been able to bear "fancy" teas. Plain old builders tea for me, I will tolerate Assam or English Breakfast and, for the same reasons you mention, after 7pm a cup of chamomile is as interesting as it gets. I have recently been introducing my children the joys of horlicks and ovaltine. Does that count?!!


I love teapigs tea as well-especially the chamomile flowers. I have to have strong builders tea first thing, followed by a second cup when I get to work, and then a couple of cappuccinos, and then onto the chamomile from 4pm onwards.
I haven't tried the Popcorn Teapig, but my brother rates it highly as well. There's a fab cafe in Cirencester that sells it by the bucket load, so I shall invest next time I pop over!

The Coffee Lady

It's funny, because I did look at that popcorn tea when I was in a cafe and thought good grief, that's the cost of your frugal mixed-with-rice tea?

I can't really talk about tea rituals, because to be truthful I don't even like the tea we buy, because Mr Coffee only drinks Earl Grey and after several years I have come to believe that it tastes like scented water.


Oh I used to drink toasty tea (as I call it!) a lot, then I ran out and it's fallen off my radar! Must track some down...It's yummy, isn't it?

little pink room

I'm afraid I'm a serious builder's tea drinker too. I've tried to branch out, but I can't. I need it strong, with very little milk and I need it about 8 times a day. A x


I must admit, I prefer the frugal housewife story to the samurai one!


I tracked down some of this tea the other day after you and Monica mentioned it. Haven't bought it yet but will and will also buy the other yummy one I found, pure ginger - mmmmmm! I have tea at breakfast - only Lady Grey, coffee mid morning - only vanilla flavoured and then another tea (always made by my husband) after the kids are finally in bed. I have very specific cups too - makes all the difference I think!


wow, that looks good - the packaging alone is reason to buy it! I'm a dyed in the wool tea drinker but as yet unadventurous (english breakfast mostly) - will be looking to branch out a little now!


i love tea. (after 7pm I love that wine variety of tea....)

but in our house we have all sorts of tea varieties and every time Nic goes to make me one he says.."haven't we got any normal tea"

and just the other day I was in my favourite tea shop T2 (https://secure.t2tea.com.au/flash/main.html) and saw a box of tea that simply said "normal tea"

they have so much to choose from.

yes the right cups, and the right leaf makes all the difference. I take tea with me when I travel...a little fussy!!


Sounds delicious. There's a teahouse in Glasgow called Tchai Ovna that serves Faerie Blood tea (green tea with raspberries, strawberries and rose) - although I drink it there, I've never bought some to have at home and now that I've recognised that fact, I'm wondering why on Earth I haven't...


That sounds like wonderful tea.

I prefer spiced tea especially in winter. I have it with milk though. I'm not much of a tea expert.

P.S. My 7 Days parcel arrived on my desk a couple of minutes ago - very exciting!


I also find my shelves heaving with tea and other hot drinks of all kind - herbal, green, white, normal tea...the list goes on.

There is just so much out there to choose from! I agree that certain drinks are for certain times of the day. I'm definitely noting down the popcorn tea to buy in the future!

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs

That sounds lovely. I'm still learning about tea. I tend to have black tea (with milk & sugar) or chai on the weekend mornings and green tea on the weekdays at work. But until noon as I have similar issues with caffeine. So anything in the afternoon/evening is decaf or herbal.

Now, I'll be on the look out for popcorn tea!


I had a Bodum glass teapot for Christmas and it has improved my tea drinking experience no end. It has a built in infuser so you can stop the brewing process before it gets too strong and you don't end up sieving the bits of debris through your teeth.

Current favourite is Rose Pouchong - was gutted when Twinings stopped making it a few years back but have now found the Tea Palace in Covent Garden which is proving to be an excellent alternative source.


I love the name "Teapigs." And the idea of popcorn tea. Although I prefer coffee, I do think tea is much more fun with its endless varieties and fab accessories. Maybe I'll switch!



I LOVE genmaicha! It's the first tea I've discovered as an adult that I really, really enjoy. I've tried a few (whose names I don't remember) but have stuck with Hime Genmai Cha Green Tea which is easily recognizable in a blue/purple and yellow box.

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