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07 January 2010


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Be careful driving and stay warm.

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Hope it doesn't take too long to find the car!! I totally understand the cabin fever... it's so hot here that the kids hardly spend any time outside at all. They usually spend one day a week at daycare... but it's closed over Christmas... one week to go until they get their day... and I get my day!!!! ;) Enjoy your day... however shortened it may be!


It's supposed to snow here tonight. I will weep if school is cancelled. I need a break!


Oh my goodness, be careful out there. See, that text would make me weep - I really, REALLY hate driving in snow ...

janet clare

you jammy toad! Mine are still off today (Friday) and we've been told not to expect them to be in on Monday either...

hubbie working from home too- so we're all having to tiptoe round inside as well. Things could be better!


Lucky you. We are off for Day 3. Apparently the roads are too dangerous for the teachers and pupils to get there safely. Needless to say my husband has been to work everyday this week in a town 10 mins drive away and the fabulous milkman is still getting through. I don't think they make teachers of strong stuff anymore!


I feel quite wicked, but for once I felt this way too. There has been much crotchettiness (how to spell that?) in the last day or so and I'm sure that we too will benefit hugely from a day back at school (although, like yours, ours is shorter than usual). Good luck on your journey. x

Rachel L

I know exactly how you feel! My two are still off and I think I will go crazy if they don't go back on Monday!
R x


safe driving.
I am torn between delight of another lazy morning, the desire for some me time ( I may have to take a book and hide in the bathroom with the door locked) and the knowledge that another 4 days off school will make the return after Christmas even harder xxx


hope you managed to get your car out OK. I too had a reprieve today, as nursery is back open albeit on reduced hours. Trying to work from home with a 1year old in the house to entertain (and she isn't walking yet so there was no snowman fun to be had) was not fun!

Petit Filoux

Oh my goodness that is a LOT of snow!!! Good luck with getting the car out and running!
I can understand you wanting to get some time on your own for a bit, and out of the house, you're bound to get on each other's nerves when you're all inside for so long! x


I know I should probably wish you safe driving but I just checked in to tell you that your post really made me laugh.

I love a post that puts a smile on my face!

French Knots

Mine are back in today too, even though ther's still tons of snow and I'd hate to drive on it. But, phew! A bit of peace is welcome, despite playing out a lot this week they have been sooo grumpy!


Same for us! That phonecall yesterday was the trigger for many 'please don't snow overnight!'s. Hooray for school. Cue stroppy six year old stamping her feet...


luckily for us we can walk to Amy's school but unfortunately it's not open today - so more mooching around the house is on the cards today! I know what you mean though and I really, really hope I'm doing the same happy dance on monday morning!


I was so looking forward to things getting back to 'normal' after the Christmas break. I was ill monday and tuesday and since Wednesday the husband and son have been home because of 'snow days'. I am almost hysterical with cabin fever, have been out of the house twice since New Year's Day! Today I am going out no matter what!!! Glad you have some respite from the house today!!!x


Oh Ali - I'm glad it's not just me! My two went back today and the slippy slidey icy walk was worth it. Yes, we had some fun in the snow and yes, it was good to have some bonus time at home with them but I'm relieved that referee duties are over until 3.30pm!

It would seem we're going through a protracted bickering stage and I can only take so much 'He said' 'She did' before I lose my hold on Good Mummy and big bad shouty Mummy rears her ugly red face!!

Phew - glad I got that off my chest. Now I can carry on knitting my pretty alpaca scarf in a more tranquil state of mind :)


ha ha!

same scene in our kitchen. Except I had three grumpy children suddenly complaining of tummy aches and sore throats...

yeah, like I'm going to believe that.

and can you hear the silence around me? Bliss.


We are off til monday at least. I've coped by just slipping back into full holiday mode.PJ's for aslong as they want.Late breakfasts etc. I must admit though I think cabin fever is nearly upon us!


I had a smiley look when I checked the school website too! It's only a short walk to school for No2, so he's got no excuses really.


One snow day will do it for me. Here in North Carolina, we don't get much and it doesn't last, so the children will romp outside all day, and it's fun, but one day is enough. Enjoy your day!


Angel Jem

Love it! I soooo know what everyone means about being glad that School's in! I had my week planned, a little gift to cheer me up post epiphany and tea and coffee mates lined up... all, all lost in the blizzard of life. And today the sun has shone upon me and even Tesco held a smile as I passed the frazzled woman whose school had not been brave. I'm off for a warm chai and a hot cross bun. (yes, they're in Tesco's at 2fer NOW.... that's 3 months early, surely?)

Victoria Leather

Lucky lucky you! We got the opposite text - school closed until at least Monday. Is it possible to become institutionalised within your own four walls? I believe I may be going slightly Gaga (& I don't mean starting to like the songstrel either....) As yet, only 1 child out of 3 has managed a return to school this year for a grand sum of 1.25 days. Its hell in here.......damnit, I'll have to have another cuppa and some cake. x


This post made me laugh out loud.

Drive safely though!


Tell me about the cabin fever!!! Please don't let it snow anymore.
Even if I could dig my car out, I wouldn't be able to stop skidding at the junction to get onto the main road!! Hope you managed to get them there. I have found the sledge has been well used for that purpose the past week


G was gutted his was one of only two schools in the area that has been opened all week!! I couldn't get into work on Wednesday and his language when I sent him a text to let him know is not repeatable here!!

Hope you managed to get them in today and get some peace!

Karen J

Jealous, so jealous! Still no school here and more snow forecast for Sunday, so not holding my breath for Monday either!
Hubby worked from home today and couldn't really understand why I would head out to Cheltenham for little more than a magazine! But you all get it, don't you!!!!!!


too funny. i can just see you jumping around. that's too funny.


Hope that school happened and your little ones were happy to go back and you got some peace! x


Very similar story at our house too! Although school was closed on Friday, which is one of my work days, my husband took the day off and stayed with the chidlren so I could go and GET OUT!
Keep safe.
Lisa x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Whereas I'm LONGING for the schools to be closed so I can stay home with the children and yet ours seem to be the only ones open in the region :o(

Lucy x

Sew Create It - Jane

It's been a weird week. I had one daughter whose school was closed half the time and another that didn't close at all! Wonder what next week will bring!!

Stay safe and warm!

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