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12 January 2010


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oh my how lovely - the necklace that is. the thought of my mother reading my blog (if i ever get one going) brings different words to mind and lovely is not one of them!


Thanks for the chance to win this!

Melissa H

Oh wow! Now that's one prize I'd love to win. I think I'd order a gift for my best friend. And my mom is the same about my blogging :)


i love lisa leonard's work - my fave at the moment is the heart strings necklace.
thanks for the giveaway


I have bought Lisa's work as presents. It is so beautiful. Her skill is perfectly complemented by your words!


How quickly can you comment on a blog that you see a super prize on?

Hope I wasn't indecently quick.... ;-)

Beautiful necklace and a fine sentiment


So many lovely items! No wonder it took you a while to choose :)

Rachel L

What an amazing giveaway! And I love the words you have chosen for your necklace, so perfect.
Rachel x


Would I ever! I've drooled over Lisa's stuff for an absolute age now but I've never been able to truly justify it.

As for the words you picked, perfect. Spot on as always.


wow, what a beautiful necklace, and such a very generous giveaway!


What a wonderful giveaway! Your necklace is beautiful - very elegant. I love your blog because you say things I can relate to and think "ah, yes..." when I read it. So I'm with your mum there!


Have been a regular but silent visitor, but have to say your middle aged dressing post made me laugh so much. Our boiler broke yesterday, so my baseline middle-aged look, had taken on a new multiple layer dimension, topped off with a dressing gown. Not answering the door looking like this mind.
Still looking at the jewels and deciding.....


lovely necklace and lovely website too.
I think your mum has the right idea, giving up work for blogging sounds like an excellent idea! Mums always know best :o)



Now there is a temptation not to be resisted. Count me in!


I have spent quite a bit of time browsing Lisa's site in the past. It's all so exquisite ans heart squeezing.
Lisa x


Oh my goodness, what a treat, count me in please x


Love the words you chose - very you! What a fabulous give-away!


An adorable giveaway, it is amazing. I love the words you have chosen. I would love to win,but if not, congratulations to whoever does :-)


oh, my gosh, yes, I'd love to win... I've been coveting Lisa's designs for a while now. No discretionary funds = sad me. But you're right, it would be a tough decision!!! You did good - I like your words :)


A perfect sentiment - I love it !

It is a funny little surprise, this wonderful world of blogging isn't it?


Your Mum is dead right, don't stop blogging, you are too good at it!


Well now, that's what I call a giveaway. Have lusted after her work for a while.
Though maybe "eat chocolate and read" wouldn't look so good on a necklace...


Great choice...and (besides the fact that I LOVE Lisa's design) it would keep me busy for ages to find the perfect piece for myself.

Alice C

Mothers are always right.

(which is what I would have on my necklace - if I won)


gosh, what a lot of comments already! i'd be very pleased to enter the giveaway, and i'm very glad you haven't stopped blogging :)


Ha, your choice of words made me laugh :)

Please toss my name into the hat for the giveaway, and thanks!


oh these are lovely. how cute are the spoons Lisa does! -kb


What a generous giveaway! I enjoy your blog DAILY! A beautiful necklace too!!!

Cheers! Lala :o)


me, me, me!

wintu nancy

Wow! What a treat. I love what you put on your necklace. Thanks for the chance to win.


Oh Ali your mum's comment made me laugh. My mum thinks that I should concentrate on my family and friends instead of that blogging malarky. Yet she's the first to complain if I haven't posted for a while...Mothers eh?!

little pink room

Hi Ali, I'm so glad you didn't put your blogging on the back burner, you've got a great blogging style and I'm hooked. Your husband's comment made me laugh... By the way - no need to enter me in the draw I just wanted to say that I appreciate the time you take to blog. Aoife x


Poor you. Stay warm!

Ali x

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I am that mother who keeps in touch with her children through their blogs and twitter- well what's a mum to do????????

Mom Wald

You are incredibly blessed to not only to have your special necklace, but especially because you have a mother who "gets" you.

I would feel blessed to win a special item in the drawing. The mother thing I will have to pray about.

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs

Oo! Fun. I was just looking at the tiny squares necklace the other day. I can imagine it being a difficult decision.


Live, laugh.... blog.

Love it!


A Lisa Leonard giveaway? Wonderful. I have admired her work for a long time now. Even sent her link to my husband for a Christmas idea...but then we decided to go on vacation over Christmas and make that our gift to each other. I wonder if it would be too obvious if I "accidentally" sent that email to him again...?


Ooooh, I love it! And you're so lucky your mother loves your blog -- I think mine might be a bit jealous of it -- thinking maybe it takes time away from her!


Wow, I love her work! I'd have a very hard time deciding upon a word, but I bet I could choose if I were lucky enough to win :-)


I think that is the best one of Lisa's I have seen. I love it!

Afterall, we do carry our blogs close to our heart, don't we!

PS My mum pesters me about my posting too.


I've ordered from Lisa before; she does great work.
This is the first time I've seen her men's line though! I would love to get a leather cuff for the Love of My LIFE. :)



I love that your mother would rather that you gave up work.

What a beautiful necklace - well chosen words.

Slugs On The Refrigerator

Well, I never enter giveaways, but hey ho, here is a shot. I do love her designs and happen to have bought my mother her fly free necklace for christmas...plus i have been dropping hints to DH about a lantern one as a "push present" after wee babe is born. So this would help tremendously!!

And I do love your neckace...really lovely and funny and how sweet to commemorate blogging!


oh wow.

inspired choice of necklace and words.

(Mothers are always righs!)


I think it's wonderful the way the internet has opened us up to the possibility of fantastic personalised designer jewellery that used to be exclusively for the rich.
Now, us "ordinary" folk can have the special stuff, too, from fabulous designers like Lisa Leonard.


brilliant choice of words!


I love it Ali.Just perfect!

Julie Nelson Rhodes

Giggling over your husband's comment. I have bought from Lisa in the past: beautiful gifts for and to commemorate my family. They are beautiful items!


Blogs are very very important. What else would I do when I find a quiet 5 minutes and have a cuppa in hand? The necklace is perfect. xx

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