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12 January 2010


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This is the best giveaway I have ever seen!
I have loved Lisa's designs for a while now.


Wise words indeed


Perfect! x


Oh I love your necklace! Just perfect. K x


You chose well. I love Lisa's jewellery and would love to have one of her necklaces. I frequently look at her shop and drool. Love, Amanda xxx


This is beautiful and just perfect!


Oh sure, I've followed your blog forever,well maybe a year; I can't remember the last time I commented (sorry) and now that you're giving away one of Lisa's designs - here I am! Love the words you chose! Thank you for the chance to make my own :)


I LOVE "live laugh blog", too funny. Beautiful items and I'd be so happy to win the giveaway.

Petit Filoux

Whao, that is so generous of her!! I'm off to have a look at her shop straight away!
Blogging is something quite surreal. As you know, you're one of the people who made me decide to start a blog, and I'm ever so grateful. It's made me see life in such a different way, you just learn to appreciate all the little things that surround you, that you would probably fail to notice otherwise. So thank you!


I have been flipping over Lisa's designs since the first time I saw them! I love her birdie necklaces!


That is a lovey necklace! : )


I love the words you chose, perfect! But even more, I love what you said about your mom. I wish my daughter had a blog- she reads mine and I'm sure it gives her an insight into a part of me she doesn't see in day to day life, since I'm not great at expressing myself verbally. Sort of like getting a little peek into someones diary. With permission, of course. live...laugh... blog...indeed!


Thanks for the link - what beautiful necklaces!

I'm not sure I'd be keen on my mum reading my blog. A world of strangers - fine, my mum - not so much...


I've been following your blog just for a little while and i love your honesty, creativity and take on love. Thank you for sharing your life. Love the necklace by the way and would love to be entered in the draw

Rattling On

Lovely choice. Thanks for the chance to own one...

The Coffee Lady

That is truly lovely.

And hee hee! your mother.


well, i'm not going to turn down a chance at one of those! yours is gorgeous!


What a lovely giveaway! She is very kind.
As for your words... well, don't they just sum up a perfect life? At least, if you add the phrase 'and drink red wine' (!)

French Knots

Perhaps your Mum could be a guest blogger when you are very busy?!
Love your choice of words.x


Oh yes, please, please, please put my name in it. For the sake of the Changing Room, you know ;-)

Fab choice of words. Are we allowed to ask what you sent in return?


Love your choice of words.
I too, am very fond of my blogging community I have found and find myself a part of.


Great choice, it's perfect. I love LIsa's work, I got the Be Still necklace for Christmas and I absolutely love it. What a great giveaway!


I love her work. So pretty!

Katie R

Ah! Your word choice for your necklace is fantastic. I really really love Lisa's work and currently have my eye on her new "heartstrings" necklace...perhaps for Valentines? Or maybe Mother's Day...


Please don't give up blogging! Domesticali is one of the happy things in my day!

I'd love to win a necklace. Lisa Leonard's jewelry is so lovely!


My daughter got one from her sweet husband for xmas and I was jealous,, wishing he'd teach my husband how to choose a gift:D


I love it, perfect!


you couldn't have said it better!

what a lovely reminder of the things that make you happy...a very special necklace indeed.


What lovely things; I can see how hard it must have been to choose.


Your necklace is lovely with a great sentiment! I have no idea which one I would choose if I was lucky enough to win! x


you made a great choice xxxx


I love the necklace you chose, it would make me smile too.


Oh, great giveaway! I LOVE her stuff...thanks.


I love your necklace - have been eyeing Lisa's designs for a while....

Amy Woo

I would love to own one of Lisa's designs! I love what you have had engraved on yours too!


I would love to win one of Lisa's necklaces! I love the one in your post; it would inspire me to blog more often.


What a gorgeous piece of jewellery! Love it and am off to check out the website now. V xx




Aah, your choice of words made me smile, as does Lisa's work. What did you send her?

And your Mum, she makes me smile too. (but not hubby!).

So please toss my name into the hat, what a generous giveaway.


Oh, it's just divine!
It should be every bloggers wish to have one just like it!

You were my blogging inspiration too and, like your mother, I don't like it when you don't post. So there!


What a stunning piece of jewellery. I love it! And your choice of words seem perfect... for all of us who blog really. Please can I be included in your giveaway?


I love the story about your Mom. Lisa's necklace are really lovely.


I think your choice of words is perfect!


Oh, pick me, pick me!

Amy C.

Love it!


Wow, now *that* is a giveaway! I love the simplicity of her stuff. Your necklace looks great.

soNOTcool :: Jodi Anderson

I have admired Lisa's designs for so long, but have never indulged and bought a piece. Whether I win here or not, the time to buy a necklace is drawing nearer.


I love Lisa's pieces...they are so personal and lasting. I think you made the right choice..just perfect!


The words are perfect! And the necklace looks great on you.

I've ordered from Lisa in the past, for gifts, but how nice it would be to get something for me, just me!


My mother does the same!

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