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21 January 2010


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Mom Wald

Whoa, wait just a minute! You're getting spring in a month?!

Try living in Wisconsin...

I'm going to start a support group "Men who love the cold, and the women who are married to them."

Then again, maybe I should go join your Flickr Group. Much more positive!


I'm in wisconsin too and I'm pretty happy with anything over 30 degrees, but I know what you mean winter is getting long and dark. Recently I discovered this blog: http://arcticmum.blogspot.com/
and it's made me feel a lot better about my sun--she doesn't have any (any!) for many months--even if it is behind clouds.


Oh, how I wish I had signed up! I didn't, because I knew that the end of January was going to be busy and stressful, and it is...but what a lovely project to take part in. Next time...no matter what my calendar says...please let there be a next time, and I will sign up!
Thanks for the daffodil picture...even on a computer screen, they are bright and cheery!


And put like that, I think I need to get my act together and start wrapping!


I cant wait, I've been busily squirreling for my swap partner, Making all sorts of little things, I hope she'll like it, I think I will have it all finished on the weekend and then I can get it in the post next wed (only 2 days in the week when you can post internationally). It's going to be a lovely right spot in the middle of all the dark and cold.


That's exactly how I feel this morning.
Bring on the daffodils please!
Lynne x.

P.S. First attempt at addressing the lurking question has now been posted.


I've only just got on board with project 365.. 7 days of specialness sounds even more fun, next time....
I'm missing dafodils in England although Mr Morrison might have some, I'll have a look later. Spring means a whole different set of flowers in the Med. I should take some pictures of them for project 365 !

Louise x


beginning to bite?????

I feel completey chewed up!!

The Coffee Lady

I'm hoping that those with no craft ability who aren't part of this project (like me) can still get to ogle things and live vicariously.


eeeek - so looking forward to sending off my parcels, but feeling extreme swop anxiety!!! So busy getting everything ready - that I havent really even though about how exciting it will be to have my own 7 days to open. Yippee!!


Before we know it winter will be a distant memory, (says she optimistically)! At least we have the daffodils to cheer us all up! x


I'm really looking forward to the swapping - such a good idea!

According to my Weather widget tomorrow is going to be mild and sunny and 2m 54s longer. More daylight - that has to be good!


swap anxiety here too............ but anything that makes it feel like spring will come must be a good thing. xx


There's an award for you on my blog, hope the winter blues lift with the wrapping of little parcels. xx


I'll be busy this weekend, methinks! Not much more to do...


I know just how you feel. Somehow this January has seemed extra long and grey...Looking forward to sneaking peeks at the flickr photos! K x


Remember the crocuses we all planted under the conker tree? I saw the first hint of a bud yesterday. It's coming, and soon. I can hardly wait to see the seven days of specialness delights.


I noticed fat pink camellia buds here in London yesterday and there was a real feeling of spring in the air. Today, of course, it has been raining without stop ... but it wasn't my imagination, it did feel as if sap was rising and something was on the move. At last.


It seems so long still until the daffodils will be out - I've still got poinsettias in flower in our flat! x


Up in Maine, tho the sun is streaming through the windows, we've got about 20" of gorgeous snow and Spring is no where in sight, even with the days getting longer. My mom always cheerily recites the days lengthen/cold strengthens rhyme. . . . My one piece of advice is to get outside, even when it's not sunny or pleasant. I think that air and big space is so crucial when we're hemmed in so much. Gyms or pools are no substitute: walks, snowshoes, hikes, even "stands by the mailbox, bundled to the eyeballs," are necessary. Good poetry helps, too: try Mary Oliver.
And the exchange will be fun!


I agree with the comment above--read poetry! Mary Oliver is good, and so is Jane Kenyon. I read a lot of JK this time of year for some reason. Keeps me sane.

I just saw a few crocus leaves peaking up near the trash bins. We had a beautiful day here today, but tomorrow is going to be sad and sorry with rain and cold. I'll just have to keep my mind on those crocuses!



I prescribe a walk. The grey days go on forever it seems, and then one day soon there will be something in the air that whispers to you and makes you feel optimistic.
I promise.


The sun shone this morning and it did make for a better day!

suzie sews

I know just how your feeling, I am finding it difficult to blog without chatting about the greyness of it all. How I dislike this month. Going to take a peek at the flicker group:)


I indeed to rush out tomorrow and buy some daffodils! They are lovely splash of colour, and I too am getting tired of the grey!

Fancy Elastic

look at those daffs! They've got to be some of the first... i've not seen any yet.

ah, I love daffs.

natasha s

coming out of lurkdom here:0) Having just read your piece on blogger currency of sorts (loved it btw)I figured that I really should come and post.
I wanted to say thank you for your lovely photo of the daffs,it brightened up the dreary rainy monday that I am having here in the Garden state,


Oh, those daffodils are such a tonic! I was prepared to be jealous, thinking you already had some growing. But even a month from now is pretty good!

See you in the Changing Room...


Bring on spring! Your daffs look so pretty and cheery I think I'll have to pop out and grab a bunch myself. I've already received my 7 days of specialness swap package all the way from Chloe Patricia in Japan and am finding it very hard to be patient with all of the lovely little packages wanting to be opened! Mine will be going out in the post later today - thanks for organising such a great swap!


I'm adding the finishing touches as we speak, just hoping the Canadian postal service is quicker than normal....

UK lass in US

Aw, come to California - my daffs are already blooming.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if I'm ever going to get up into the local mountains to play in the snow and get my snow-fix for the year. My bloomin' husband keeps signing up for overtime...

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