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17 January 2010


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I so understand what you mean about blogs and comments. I used to love the two way dialogue but gradually my bloglines list just got too large for me to comment on all the blogs I read.Just this week I have changed readers and cut my list down to around 50.I really hope I can keep up on the commenting front a bit more now.


I have just been introduced to you via The Coffee Lady, which is why it was a first time comment from me. I too tend to comment, I like the relationship and tend to comment on the ones I read regularly, rather than just skim


i seem to go through phases when i look without commenting. i'm naughty like that. but i have tried harder this year and reading your post today has reaffirmed it's importance to me. i love receiving comments so much and so it's nice to pass that back through the network! x

The Coffee Lady

I love commenting, and that two-way relationship - what frustrates me more than anything is not being given people's emails to respond!

I am a bit peeved not to have won though. I had it all planned.


I've been really bad about commenting recently such a bad blogger!! But yes you are right, describing it like currency is terribly accurate.

As for winning, I've emailed you, but suffice to say I am over the moon!! Such a lovely surprise to kick off my hopefully better year!


oh yes.

We must talk about this at our next meeting (by the way... pick a day, I need one soon)... probably over some wine?

Simone Schermann

I am lurking on some blogs and commenting on others. I am trying to make an effort to comment regularly on those blogs that I somehow feel connected to.

And by the way, didn't you know that I was supposed to win?

Simply h

I must hold my hand up. I am a little bit guilty of lurking and not always commenting on the blogs I read...you have inspired me to take a little bit more time and leave one as they do mean such a lot when you open up your blog and see someone has left a comment. I always appreciate the comments you and others have left for me, so thank you x

French Knots

Sometimes I think - well you've already got 794 comments so you don't need mine! I try to comment often on the blogs I read but often fail, which is a shame as comments are such an intrinsic part of blogging.


I tend to lurk. Even if it's a crude descriptive word it's probably most accurate for what it is I do!

You've inspired me to leave a comment on every post that adds something to my day! I'm glad that you met some nice people by hosting a giveaway. I think that's the best part of giveaways. Being the giver!


Well done the winners! Commenting is a funny business. I like having giveaways just to see who is reading sometimes - a chance to "meet" new people.


I sometimes comment but not often: maybe it's because i don't have a blog if my own I feel a little like an eavesdropper.I sort of creep away quietly to enjoy what I've overheard without wanting to intrude. It was a lovely giveaway :o)

little pink room

I think comments are the things that keep me blogging. It's so nice to get a few. I always try and visit the people who comment on my blog, and I love commenting on the blogs that I read. Sometimes, I am most touched by those who leave comments but don't have a blog. It's not a transactional process for them it's just that whatever I've said has meant something to them in some way and that's nice . A x


I definitely comment way more since I started blogging - you realise how amazing it is to get any kind of response!!

Congrats Gemma - lucky girl, enjoy choosing your gift.

And Petit Floux - I think we all know who the real winner was - right?



Oh you're so good Ali. I have been a terrible lurker of late, although this is partly because I've not really been blogging much either. A quick flick through bloglines is about all I've been able to muster in the spare five minutes I've had recently..:(


You're so funny! Even a furball from the fabulous Domesticali would be a treat! Congratulations to your winners!


I try to comment if I think I have something to add or if I am really blown away by something. Sometimes I just comment to say hi-its usually a time factor(and the fact that I have waaaay to amny blogs in my reader these days)..

By the way I love Reggie's style!


I can agree with Jane's comment above-- since I don't have a blog myself, I feel a little like an uninvited guest to the party. Everyone is having so much fun, and I would love to join in... but how to start? Blogging is so communal that if you are blogless it feels hard for people to get to know you. Like, maybe at this party everyone has one of those "Hi, my name is BLOGGER" nametags on, and without a blog myself, I'm a virtual (ha!) unknown.

Or I could just be having a pity party in the corner about my life that is not remotely blog-worthy. :)


Congrats to Gemma! Ah, the comment conundrum....do, you , don't you, shall I, shan't I...I think it's half the fun of blogging, the dialogue with your readers, and the thrill of receiving that ping in your inbox when a new comment arrives.


Reggie has quite the personality!

And I definitely comment much more now that I have a blog. I think it's only then that you really come to appreciate how much those comments mean. But I must admit I still do lurk on sites with hundreds and hundreds of commenters...

K x

Petit Filoux

Thank you!! I do feel like the 'real winner'! ;-)
That cat is just so cute...!
I very much agree with you about comments, it's so nice to read what other people think, and to know that you're not 'talking' to yourself! I'm always surprised to see how very few people take the time to comment sometimes, I guess it must be a blogger's thing. You can only appreciate how much comments are special when you have a blog of your own! x (I've sent you an email with my details by the way, very intrigued to find out what Reggie will want to send to me!!)


ah the ettiquette of commenting. what a mine field.... I know I sometimes only read in google reader and dont click over to comment on every post I read............... and then sometimes what I want to say has already been said and it seems strange to repeat.

reggie looks like he's in charge at your house btw! xx


Reggie is cool, he looks like a cat who knows what he wants :)

I have been rubbish at commenting lately (and replying to emails and text messages and phone calls an all...) but I hope to do better in the future!


I love Reggie!! Hasn't he got lovely eyes!

Zoe, Conversation Pieces

This is my first visit over here so I'm not a lurker honest... love the pics of your cat, he's so cute! The commenting question is an interesting one... as a wordpress person I can see how many people visit which posts and I'm always left wondering about popular posts that get hardly any comments and vice versa... One of the wonders of blogworld me thinks!


I try to comment on all of the blogs I read, and I love to get comments on my own. Sometimes I don't have anything to say though, so I just ... read.

Two Owls

The lurker vs commenter, blogger vs non-blogger point is really interesting. I would have termed myself a reader but no the unvarnished truth is that I'm a lurker! I have a blog but still find the whole commenting and receiving comments still makes me a bit nervous and so don't tend to comment much (unless it's an irresistable giveaway). The role of commenting had never really dawned on me but as a reader/lurker of a few blogs I'll try to let people know that their work is appreciated more often...because it really is. Thanks.


Ditto Jane and Janelle.

I often find that what I would say is so much better said by others anyway, and me repeating it is irrelevant. I also have a guilt complex about wasting other people's precious time with my unnecessary comments so I'm afraid I am a definite lurker!
(retreats into shadows)


I know where Janelle is coming from. Quite often us non-bloggers feel a little unworthy (maybe rightly so!) and that's a feeling which I'm afraid your post (inadvertently I'm sure) has reinforced. It's abudantly clear that a good blog like yours takes time and effort. I'd hate to embark on a blog and not make a decent fist of it - so I haven't yet but still aspire to.


Congrats to Gemma! Can you hear me weeping from here though?

I'm with you on the commenting - there are some huge blogs I never comment on, and I'm also far more likely to repeat comment if I get a response to my own comments - does that make me shallow? No need to email a reply ;-)


I'm guilty of being a lurker on occasions - a side effect of a big blog reading list. Occasionally when it gets a bit overwhelming I speed through them without commenting. I think it's almost a rule that if you blog, you should also comment, even if you don't do it every time.




Lurker here. I'm Katrina from Edinburgh. Love home decor blogs, lifestyle blogs and just generally look at blogs whose name tickles my fancy. I'd love to be a domestic goddess, but work as a nurse and fit the goddess bit into my spare time.

I don't usually comment as I always thin k someone else can say it better LOL.

Love the blog - just wish you would blog more often ;-)


First of all (and perhaps most importantly..?!) I have to say just how lovely Reggie's fur looks - I love cats who have that lovely scrunchy coat like his, they're so strokeable.
I started my blog because I wanted to be able to interact with people - and I love it when people comment on mine, whether they have a blog or not, but it's nice to feel that you can get to know your commenters a little bit and the easiest way to do that is definitely by reading their own blogs. I would never want anyone to feel that they couldn't comment because they don't have a blog though, even though I often used to feel the same thing myself, when I had nothing to type in the optional URL box on the comments form. And I think I am ample proof that you don't need to have much to blog about in order to start a blog, hehe :)


I am a new blogger and am now very aware of how great it is to get comments and consequently am commening much more. However, previously I have been a lurker for a good few years only rarely leaving comments when feeling compelled to do so. I am less inclined to comment if there are reams already and especially if I dont have anything different to add. How do people get on with living if reading and commenting on so many blogs?
Keep it up, yours is a very good one!


Congratulations to the lucky winners!

I always used to try and comment on all the blogs I read but got to the point where I had too many to comment on. I try to keep it going with those in my 'Friends' list as I know you all and want to stop by and say hello :)

I have to say, Reggie is a very handsome boy. Even Moog thinks so!



Hi Katrina,

You are very welcome to lurk (or comment) any time!

I feel so bad, because I seem to have pricked the consciences of all the wrong people. It was those who felt able to comment when there was a big giveaway here, but didn't bother to reply to the e-mail I sent them back and will never comment again, it seems. Clearly, the aforementioned group does not include you!

But lovely to get the chance to say hi to you anyway,

Ali x

> To: alisonhudson03@hotmail.com
> Subject: [Domesticali] katrina submitted a comment to "And the winner is.."
> Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 11:59:19 -0800


hi -
Didn't want to lurk - so let me say I LOVE your blog.



I just went and looked at the number of comments on the giveaway post. Seriously? Dude.


D'oh! As a recently out of the closet commenter I saw the giveaway post, thought I must comment on that and then my boss came over and I had to quickly click out of it. Needless to say by the time I got back to it the winner had already been drawn!

So now to comment on this post and the effect it has had. I've been toying with the idea of a blog for a while but like most of my plans it never quite came to fruition...until now.

Yesterday lunchtime I took a small step into blogland and opened a blogger account. Still not sure what to blog about (though I may add my musings on the lurker/commenter debate for a start) but once I get something up there I'll let you know where I am. Until then it's just my scarey secret!

Lynne x.

a teapot writer

Ditto many other people. I never really considered that commenting might be a an important part of blogging. But I will make more of an effort to comment on people's blogs in the future. I just need to think of how i do that without sounding rather sycophantic! but as for requiring them to comment on my blog.... it was really designed to show the distant grandparents what we were up to so I can't honestly see how it would interest anyone else, but as I have just become interested in teh colour of your chimney breast, I guess I need only to look at myself!

I read your blog because I love that Mostly Books has appeared in abingdon where i grew up, and I love the fact that you solved almost all my christmas present problems within two days of me getting back to my parents' house!


I visit loads and loads of blogs and I have about 5 special favourites where I comment regularly - like every post and sometimes I feel I shouldn't be doing that. It's not possible to comment at every blog and sometimes you don't like what you see and no one appreciates hearing that do they!? I really hate the term lurker to the degree that I find it offensive. A blogger invites readers in my view and they would be upset if they had none! I understand the connection made between the blog writer and anyone who comments, which is why I do contribute to those I really love. Many of us don't have blogs ourselves - I simply don't feel I have enough to offer, at least not at this stage. There are hundreds of blogs out there - some of which are truly amazing and others which are really not. All of which thanks to the Internet have the ability to do so. It also has to be said that sometimes there is no facility for those without blogs to comment! Sometimes there is just nothing to say. Some bloggers seem to only write for others who blog which I think is strange - like a mutual appreciation club. When I comment I don't expect a response just for me as there are too many to do that, but I do like to let people know if I love what they do, and sometimes I just really really do. I also only check out for new updates myself so no one would know if I was a follower or not. I just like the surprise of it that way. So really I would think there are many more people reading blogs than you would know. But you want readers, right? Which is why I think the term lurker is so horrible. Some people are shy, they feel their comment is not wanted/needed because others have already said what they would etc. They don't like to put themselves forward. They are not some kind of peeping Tom voyeur - at least not on a craft blog so be proud that you have even more readers than you know who DO love what you do. Oh and like another commenter has said, you can easily sound sycophantic - I'm sure I do at times but I try not to let that worry me and stop me saying what I want.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Congratulations to the winners!

I'm struggling to keep up on commenting these days - but then again I'm struggling a bit to keep up with blogging full stop! Stupid work!

Lucy x

Alice C

This giveaway and follow up post happened at a time when I was very busy and I am sorry that I missed the debate.

When I first started blogging the prospect of unknown people reading about my family worried me a great deal and I made a great effort to get to know as many of my readers as possible. These days I understand that some people prefer to be 'quiet readers' and I am fine with that. Occasionally one of those readers will send me an email and say 'I have been reading for a year and I have just plucked up the courage to write...' and it is very moving to think that they have found something worthwhile in my writing over such a long period of time.

Blogging has offered me the opportunity to write AND the opportunity to make friends and I try not to confuse those two things because I am grateful for both.

Thank you, as always, for this very thought provoking post.

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