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26 January 2010


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Oooh, look, it's the popcorn tea!


I love driving in the countryside and citrus with leaves still on. Alas, no Monday morning liberation, though occasionally that would be nice. Sounds like a wonderful day you had.


Oh I really wanted to visit that bookshop when G and I passed it in the car! What did you think? And very curious about this popcorn tea... K x


your list makes me happy.

Petit Filoux

Sounds like a pretty good list to me!


I am intrigued by this tea. It looks like muesli.

Glad there have been ten good things in the last day or two. I read your comment over at Alice's and it sounded as though you needed these good things.


Sounds like my sort of Monday.


A very lovely list. But wait! You forgot living in England! That would make anyone happy ;-)!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Great things Ali! What is that gorgeous box/pot on top of your tea? Lucy x

Sew Create It - Jane

Ooh I love that Monday-just-dropped-off-the-kids feeling too!


Oh tell more about popcorn tea, I am a tea monster


Love the sounds of your list! And I'm with you on that Monday morning feeling, though nursery has me on my way back again to pick up at 11.15 so it's a short-lived high!

French Knots

Ah yes, the peace after school drop off and during nap time. Time to sit and be or make and do. What's on top of the tea looks rather lovely too.


pleasure was mine too!


Sorry to break into this blissful loveliness with a totally unrelated comment- apparently I have to tell you that I thought of you when needing to pass on a Sunshine Award. It seems to be the currency of this blogging world- but it also seems highly inappropriate coming from mine to the very beautiful blog that is yours! End of interruption- back to your bliss!


You look forward to Mondays? You can't be human! I would quite happily hop, skip and jump to Tuesdays. Do you fancy swapping for a week? x


Oh I'm so with you on number one. Putting my key in the door when I return to an empty house after the Monday morning drop off - pure bliss.

Love the rest of your list too.


That tea looks nice, and I'm not a tea person.

Louise Ballantine

Hey ! Some of us are the people who the children are being dropped off to !
Love your list anyway xxx

marianne slevin

Hi there, i just found your blog. Earlier today I wrote about things that make me happy so I started to look and see what things make other people happy. I like you list. I totally relate to the Monday drop off too. Free parking villages, and magical times with friends. Though I kept my list to little things this time. Much happiness!

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