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31 December 2009


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What a wonderful print. So perfect for the New Year. Happy 2010!

K x


I remember reading about project365 on your blog. And I went along and it was the best thing I had done for a long time! I had two weeks where I didn't take pictures in 2008 and 2009 I didn't do at all. I -as well- am going to give it another try in 2010. Thank you for blogging because that wonderful 2008 picture taking was just and simply because of you.


I love Tumblr! This is me http://scrap-book-spaces.tumblr.com/

French Knots

Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to sign up! Hopefully I'll find out how to use my camera a bit better. Happy 2010 to you!x


Have a wonderful new year!

French Knots

Goodness if 365 wasn't enough I've now got a tumblr account too!


I don't completely understand how tumblr works, although my niece has a little tumblr blog that I love to follow. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2010 brings to Domesticali -- Happy New Year!


Have just found your blog through attic 24, I love the idea of a photo a day, do I have the sticking power ??
Happy new year x


I love your Tumblr Ali and yes, keep up with those photos, I plan to embrace it again this year, I just love having that record to look back on. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day, just pick up the camera again the next day.


I have just had a peep at your Tumblr and think you have some lovely images on there. Your blog introduces me to fresh and innovative ideas Ali and is always a pleasure to read. Roll on 2010. I want to read more of your blog posts!!! x


Happy New Year Ali!
Love tumblr....and love the power of a great photo.


Happy New Year to you and your family!
I'm going to write out those pieces of advice on our blackboard as a daily reminder to enjoy life to the full.
Lisa xx


Happy New Year Ali!

My one and only resolution is to try to kickstart project365 again - trying to be less tough on myself this time as I tried to take a 'random' pic and one of my kids every day. Not surprisingly, I only lasted 4 months last time!


Today I followed the link and re-read your blog about your 365 project - in which you encouraged people to comment. So here I am. In the last year I've made your Christmas decoration (and thought of you when I hung it on the tree again this year), followed several blogs from your sidebar, started blogging myself, and discovered that my daughter is also following your blog, and has also caught the crafting bug (from you? from me?).
So thank you.


happy new year Ali. love the tumblr idea, and I'm hoping to do a 365 this year too xxx


I've quite enjoyed your blog this year, Ali! Looking forward to more Domesticali posts. Have a very Happy New Year!


Happy New Year


What wonderful sentiments in that image - life would be very joyful if you could manage all of them whole heartedly.

Wishing you and yours a joyful 2010, Ali.


Happy New Year, Ali! Hope you have a great time in 2010 and all your wishes and dreams come true.

I totally agree with all the sentiments in the print - they'd be a great thing to try to stick to in 2010! xxx


Happy new year to you and your family, Ali. Love the Project365 idea and plan to give it a go. Best wishes for '10! Now, off to get my camera...

The Coffee Lady

Oh please. Don't encourage me to EAT any more.


May all your wishes come true in 2010 Ali.Happy New Year.


such perfect suggestions for 2010...what a wonderful print! more dancing can only be a good thing. and i wish you many's a good thing for 2010! Xx


happy happy HAPPY new year to you!!!


Hello Jan,

How good of you to take the time to stop and leave such a lovely comment. I feel I know you from the bookshop? Your name is certainly familiar). Will you remind me next time you stop in?

Happy New Year,

Ali x

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i secretly have one!

happiest of years to you Ali!


Knowing full well that I don't have the discipline to do 365 I'll enjoy living vicariously through yours!!!

Happy New Year Ali - hope 2010 is all you wish for.


Lucy Locket-Pocket

Happy New Year Ali! Lucy xxx


Happy new year! Tumblr looks brilliant - I'd never heard of it, so thank you! And good luck with the 365.

Jane Weston

I must admit Tumblr does intrigue me...I've subscribed to a few and view them on google reader. Just a quick question...Is it easy to use and link back to the original source of the picture? I could see myself using it if it was a quick process.

Amy Woo

I have a Tumblr. I click the photo tab and put the photo URL in, but I can never put the link to the photo in the little comment box. I usually do a click through link, but I was wondering if there was a way to put the link in without writing the html code out everytime? I have trouble enough remembering my phone number, without memorising html as well!

I am loathe to link anyone to my Tumblr in case I get (deservedly) told off for not crediting the source appropriately!

How do you link to the source?

Amy :)

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