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21 December 2009


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Hurray for your snow and that lovely Christmassy feeling. Those baked treats look rather gorgeous, have you posted the recipe before?

Have a wonderful time Ali xxxxx


Keep Calm & Drink, now that is what I am doing. At present I am snowed in at work in Sunningdale Berkshire. I can see the main road from my office window cars are moving but at walking pace. I hope that hubby is on his way to collect me but in the meantime I have a up of tea and a peanut butter sandwich to comfort me and of course internet friend to send messages to.

The Coffee Lady

By 'hunker down' do you mean 'survey the mess?' Because after a week of flu and neglect I would give anything to escape my house right now.


Yay for the snow. We've had a bit more here though it's really just sleety rain now. I've just finished holding a kiddies Christmas tea party and am enjoying a LARGE glass of wine while I let the TV look after the kids. Ah well.

I printed out a card for my hub last Chritmas - 'Procrastinate Now and Panic Later' - which has been entirely approproate all year!


Hope he gets there soon Helen! I told hubby he'd better work from home tomorrow. I'm hoping for a touch more snow...

Ali x

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You are so right! I worked retail for many years and it almost sucks the holiday cheer right out of you! Love the card.

And Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to you!


Hi Ali

Just wondering if you saw my comment in the post before this one...I hope to call in and visit the wonderful book shop after christmas.

Fancy Elastic

No booze for me this year... I'm wondering if honey and lemon will be strong enough?!


if there's a more british idea than that card i don't know what it is! ;)

and if you have to work retail, a book shop would be my first choice!

Merry Christmas, Ali!


Hurrah for snow! And a drink....!
Happy Holidays, Ali.


i'm hunkering down in the airconditioner with a refreshing drink.

Merry Christmas Ali. Hope you enjoy these last days of 09 with your family. stay warm. x


Put a wine glass on there and that is right up my alley ;)


Wow, did you SEE the size of those snowflakes yesterday? They were like ready-made snowballs!
Have a wonderful Christmas. I feel like hunkering down too.
T x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a brilliant card Ali! Might be even better if it had a large wine glass on the front though!

Have a really lovely Christmas!

Lucy xxx

Many a Mickle

What a great idea and thanks for the link. Oh to work in a shop where the staff get homemade biscuits! Merry Christmas.

Mom Wald

Everyone should have to work retail through a Christmas season. Just as every potential parent should suffer a double ear infection on a plane ride.

Never Ever Lose your sense of humor!


Oh, funny -- love that card! Unfortunately, we don't need that encouragement here -- seem to manage to remember to do that even without any reminders ;-).
However, I do have a 'Keep Calm & Carry On' poster on the wall in our house, and we've really needed that message over the last few months with job layoffs, etc. Funny, but it really does help to read those words and remember the folks who were going through much more difficult times in WWII when that poster made its debut - kinda puts our woes in perspective.
Blessings & Merry Christmas,


That card is adorable! It needs a beer bottle or shot glass for the menfolk around here. I hope you're happily snowed in for the duration!


great card. I need that.

I've just been cleaning some interestine projectile vomiting by No 3... perfectly timed for the holidays as usual. Let's just hope it's not the start of a ghastly domino effect..



kind of feels like my mantra these days ;)


When I worked in retail, we were definitely all ready for a drink by Christmas Eve, although something a bit stronger than tea! Hope you're having a lovely holiday!

K x

no blog norma

Merry Old Whatsit to you and yours. yes ! wine maybe instead of tea and i will swap you humid/sweaty and hot for the snow,ENJOY ENJOY !!!


oooh, those biscuits look yummy and the card seems very appropriate. It's too late now to do much more than what it advises - although I still have a few things to wrap a little later. Have a great Christmas Ali and a very happy new year to you and your family.

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