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17 December 2009


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The Coffee Lady

I've heard quite a bit about your bookshop - Mr Coffee, who works in literature and has just opened a small bookshop in his office, was very impressed when he first heard you worked there.

Certainly I will be in the independents next week, doing my usual last-minute dash for EVERYTHING.


Wonderful stuff Ali. It seems your cupcakes went down a treat! It was great that you got your name mentioned on the radio too! I wish I worked at Mostly Books. It sounds like a lovely place to work. x


Thank you for the link. I read your blog partly because now I'm living in France it reminds me of home (and, of course, because it is interesting and full of good ideas). Listening to Radio Oxford from near Geneva was rather wierd but such fun - English books and bookshops being some of the things I really miss.

Merry Christmas to you, your family and the bookshop!


I wish we had such a lovely book store in my town! We do have an independent shop in the next town and I promise to do some shopping there!


How exciting! I think I may have to pop down your way for a visit - it sounds great. x


I use as many independant shops as I can - sadly our lovely traditional chemists is now another Boots. We have a fabulous family run grocers in the village - long may it last & not become a Tesco supastore.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Your cakes look delish Ali. But I am now feeling very guilty because I don't think I've done much small shop shopping for Christmas this year :o( May have to remedy that tomorrow with a trip to the wool shop!

Lucy x


I think I will have to come to Abingdon, I never knew they had a great bookshop there....!! I think you live near me !!

I found you over on Quilt while You are Ahead's bog, sorry I don't know her name.


I would... if there were any in Cheltenham, which sadly there are't anymore.

Very sad fact.

And having tasted your cupcakes previously... I'd say they went down a storm!


Oh my dear, I just re-read my post...I put bog instead of blog :-( oooooppppss


So happy you got a mention! And it sounded like the cupcakes were a big hit in the studio--as we all knew they would be--mmm!

I feel like I've been very remiss in my holiday baking this year. Must do better next year...

K x

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