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01 December 2009


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I'm interested!!!

Petit Filoux

Whao I can't believe I made it in your list of stylish advent calendars!! Thank you :-)
I really like the one with match boxes actually, I'm thinking of making that for next year. Or maybe in January. To make that dreaded month a little more exciting! Right, where are all those match boxes...?!


That necklace is gorgeous, hope your wait goes quickly.


Happy December to you too! The necklace is beautiful! Such a wonderful idea. And now I'm really wishing I'd made an advent calendar... K x


that sounds great ... spreading a little love in february.
the first day of december feels good


Your necklace is beautiful :) Perhaps you should make a "necklace countdown" calendar to help you wait for the day? hehe.

I'd be interested in a swap as well.


That Mrs Pebble is a clever one, to be sure. The locket I bought from her is one of my very favourite pieces - so much so I bought one for each of my sisters so we can match!

I may well be up for a swap in February. We'll be ready for treats by then!


Yes please to a swap, it would be lovely to share the specialness when all this madness is over and life reverts to it's usual dullness.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I know the frost looks lovely but it was pesky freeeeeezing when I was waiting for the Metro to stupid work this morning!

Love your necklace!

Lucy x


Those thumbprints are giving me the tingles! What a beautiful gift idea!

I'm interested in a swap for sure!

Rachel L

Your necklace is beautiful - what a perfect idea to have your sons' fingerprints immortalised like that (I want one too now!). Love the swap idea, count me in!
Rachel x


The necklace looks lovely, unlike a certain power station!!!!
Hope you've had a great day!
I'd be interested in a swap as well.

The Coffee Lady

The necklace is lovely. But then so is the sunrise.


oh ... tingle is the right word... I have to show this to Mr M...

(and yes count me in)


That is such a beautiful idea, love the necklace!

And if I have a job in February I would so be up for a swap!!!

French Knots

The necklace is wonderful, so special.
Oh yes by February I'll be ready for cheering up!

little pink room

That is beautiful!! I want one. I have a very severe case of the 'wanties' at the moment, I could give Verruca Salt a run for her money. I would be interested in a swap for February - I'm new to all of this but it sounds like fun. Aoife x


We had the most glorious sunrise this morning too that i am just off to post about! I love cold and crisp weather - and I love your necklace to!!

little pink room

I'm not sure if my previous comment saved... I'm up for a swap in February. I'm new to this, but it sounds like fun! Aoife x


The necklace is beautiful and so special. I think seven days of lovliness in February sounds wonderful... count me in!


your boys fingerprints? that just gives me goosebumps...such a sweet gift. so did hubby just come up with this one his own? just brillant.

and as for the feb. countdown...sadly it's never been much of a holiday with my beloved, so i'd looove a seven days of specialness swap!!


A February advent sounds like a brilliant idea!


I think my comment went astray yesterday - this is such a great picture of the necklace and I'm so glad you like it Ali.

I'll keep you posted on whether I'm able to join in the seven special days of Feb. It sounds fabulous x


Your present is gorgeous - such a special necklace, I can understand why you can't wait to wear it! I like the idea of a grown up February advent, I'd love to join in.

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs

I think I might faint I love that necklace so much!


I love your finger-print necklace and am not at all surprised you're excited about it!
Also, I know that view! I'll be driving past those very cooling towers as I venture north on the A34 this Friday - I'll be sure to give you a wave - at about 10am.

I'm definately up for some February swappage.


p.s. my two have been so giddy about their Advent Calendars this year and I'm pleased to say my homemade 'something we're going to do every day' calendar is causing more giddyness than m-i-l's Mars chocolate ones - very smug I am :)


I think that I have become a bit obsessive about Pebbley goodness because every time I see a new piece I think "I want that as well".

(Although a fingerprint necklace might not be practical with my two no-longer-tiny tots)


The necklace is just gorgeous.

And some fun in February sounds good too!


Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! I LOVE LOVE that necklace SO much. Emma is sooooo talented -- it's just beautiful!


oh that's gorgeous xoxo

love the February idea too xxxxx


What a gorgeous necklace, I love the idea of the fingerprints in silver, just beautiful!
I have stopped lurking to pipe up that I would be very much interested in joining in a swap in February if there's space for one more! Would cheer up a cold time of the year!


Yes ! I bought an advent calendar for me this year !! on my blog. Well OK it has sweets in but it looks nice !


I now have serious advent calendar/necklace envy.

If I'm blogging by February can I join in the swap - not that I've any idea what it entails, but it sounds like fun?!



Ooooh - gorgeous and more gorgeousness! I love the necklace, such a clever idea. x


Those advent calendars you linked to are really gorgeous. I wish I had the patience to do something like that. No, ours come from Cadbury's :(

Good luck with your swap. x


Am I too late to join the swap fun?

I wish I were organised enough to make an advent calendar. I think this might be the first year I've managed to get one before December starts. I could make one now, but will I remember I've got it next time December comes round..?


Wow, that necklace is beautiful...then I read the details. Sentimental too! I just love pretty things!!!

Angel Jem

That mecklace is such a clever idea.... wonder if it would work with fimo?

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