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13 December 2009


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hey I know that one!!!

Although this year it was strangely smooth sailing... I'm sure we'll have one when it's time to take it down, which for my husband is just about half way through the Queen's speach.



Oh dear - that was SO me with last year's real tree. We have two trees this year - one real and one tinsel - the plastic fantastic one is still in the loft. We do have a sparkly twiggy tree as well.

Last year's real tree was small and as we had it in the living room I didn't want it covered in....well, covered in cr*p, basically.

This year we've gone big and in the conservatory so even the purple plastic glittery Santa found his rightful place on the tree!!

Oddly enough, Mr Moog seems to be busy doing 'jobs' when it's tree-time each year and thereby avoids all decorating debates.

Your tree looks really rather gorgeous :)



Ooo! No fight here this year. Perhaps we are doing something wrong?!?!


Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessive about my Christmas tree. I used to let the boys decorate it and then move all the ornaments and rearrange it when they went to bed. They soon cottoned on to what I was doing and refused to have anything else to do with it so now I can decorate to my heart's content!


We have bought the tree, with an almost surreal absence of fighting. Mind you, it isn't up yet because we have acquired various bis of furniture this year and I have no idea where the tree is actually going to go yet. Whoops.


After the year when my family nearly vanished due to spontaneous combustion MrM has not been allowed to choose a tree with his children. It has been explained to him that his duty is limited to pushing the trolley, paying at the till and driving the car home.


My husband and I just had a great laugh..thanks! We bought ours on Wednesday after the biggest fight we have had in a year ;) Glad to know that we are not the only family with a Christmas Tree fight tradition.


Oh my goodness. Your timing is impeccable. I let my husband put up the tree today. It looks awful. He bought hideous new lights. I'm not a good enough wife to have kept my opnions to myself. Never again.


this is terrible of me, but i don't really like christmas trees anyway. so i don't mind that the kids decorate ours and it looks super-tacky. that's the way they 'just are', in my opinion.
although yours does look lovely. so tasteful! hmm.. might have to get my own next year. :)

UK lass in US

I guess that's one advantage to a husband addicted to computer gaming - I could put up a pink feather tree for all he cared / noticed...

A most unproductive weekend here. I'm thinking of hiring a bloke with a whip to stand over my kids while they tidy their rooms, so that that gets done at least...


We can't even agree on a tree! And I have some of the same white paper stars--made many many years ago in calculus class the day before winter break! K x


bought the tree & it's still naked ! I have no " umph " this year ( bad neck pain ) Yours looks lovely.

Thank you my swap partner & I have been in touch ! xx


We managed to avoid rowing this year by him going to choose the tree on his own (hitherto unheard of) and me putting it up and decorating on my own. Harmony reigned even when I insisted on stringing fairy lights up round the window. Mind you, we don't yet have any nursery Christmas creations to accommodate... :)

janet clare

I hear you!

Hubbie has learnt to get real tree in house, put the lights on it and excuse himself!


This made me laugh, we had our "tree row" yesterday. I am learning to be less precious, I did wince as I watched Tilly place a pink, glittery and very plastic disney inspired cherub upon the branches but I am going to live with it and accept that it isn't just "my tree". It's hard, hmm very hard.

Harder still will be integrating the lego built christmas display they are working on into my country living styled porch. Deep breaths.


Perhaps this is why I am husband-less...I'm v.particular about my tree!
Yours looks fab, btw!
Thanks for your email too.

The Coffee Lady

Wow. We had no Christmas tree fight. We must have the best marriage in the WORLD.



been in touch with my swap partners, I have two, relishing the challenge!



luckily we sorted out our christmas tree protocols years ago - H picks the tree and puts it up, Amy decorates it (usually very lopsidedly), I rearrange it and even it out after she's gone to bed and Toby chews the decorations and tries to climb it - we all have our roles sorted!


Oh thank goodness we weren't the only ones. I say weren't, because once the children have grown up and gone, it doesn't seem quite so important to get it absolutely right. Have a lovely Christmas with your family.

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