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20 November 2009


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Oh please oh please oh please be sure you show us the finished project! Those baby cables looks gorgeous. As for the shortcomings in the color department -- how 'bout colorful accessories???


I adore this pattern and I love the yarn and I am sure it will stop shedding quickly. You will look great in it, for sure. And if you don't like it, you can always give it to me.


i wouldn't fear this poncho - it's a much more contemporary shape than its 70's forbears and much more elegant. i think the colour and texture are lovely - a good strong neutral. it's looking beautiful.

UK lass in US

Ooh, I do like those baby cables. Hmm, I never consider shedding - I only test for itchiness.

Jane Weston

Looks beautiful from where I'm sitting ;o) I wouldn't worry about calling it a poncho..in that colour it will wear like a pashmina...if you had made in the colours of the rainbow...then yes it would be a proper 1970's poncho a la Ugly Betty!

Look forward to seeing the final reveal ;o)


Poncho? I think that you are going to be fine and after a while you will stop remembering the 70s providing that you don't have a drawstring neck with big dangly pompoms. Also, you should avoid wearing it when you ride your Chopper bike.

French Knots

Call it a wrap instead and oatmeal sounds more inviting than porridge! The mini cables look great, very snuggly.


I think that a poncho is a much nicer thing to wear than a cape! Remember those!!!


I had a tartan poncho when I was little and I loved it. I think you will be able to carry it off beautifully, regardless of colour; if I tried I'd look like a yeti. Particularly if I was shedding beige fur at the time.


Thank you so much for saying all those nice things! The poncho is going to be gorgeous. The baby cables are wonderful. And the color is lovely and will go with everything. K x


Just keep thinking sophisticated and elegant... it's all a state of mind, especially when wearing a sophisticated and elegant colour such as taupe!

Petit Filoux

You know what, it looks super comfy and warm - and that's all that matters!!


I do believe that enough time may just have elapsed since "the great poncho overload" of a few years ago for some of us to venture back into poncho wearing territory. If it reassures you any I have just removed from storage and hung to air my own poncho (then again I wore floral wellies on the school run all week so my fashion icon status may be dubious). I do feel though that understated and classic is certainly the way to go when tipping ones 1970 bred toes back into the poncho wearing world. I too think those cables are on so cute, go on girl, work it.


I so enjoyed reading this. Made me laugh...you are just too cute! Those baby cables look really neat.


I remember having a crochet poncho with pom poms made by mum in the seventies. I loved it. I like to think it was uber cool even then. I love the cable pattern - looks very complex!


I seem to remember the ponchos in the 70s were brown/yellow/orange and BIG patterns. You have nothing to fear, yours is adorable!


Not so much a poncho, more a cosy wrap. I made a poncho a few years ago, loved knitting it, love wearing it, be proud.


I'm sure you'll look fab and hip. Just because it's a colour out of your comfort zone... (and I know what colour that is... right?)

Just add a bright scarf!!

It looks beautiful already.

Thank you for yesterday, how did the purchases go down? (the doughnuts are long gone)


A poncho (or ponka, as they are known in this house!) is one of those handy items of clothing that, in my opinion, doesn't really matter about anything other than they are always surprisingly warm and easy to throw on! But yours looks amazing so worry not!
Mine gets most wear in the summer in spite of being chocolate brown and thick, thick wool - you know, on those chilly evenings when you're determined to stay outside for just a little longer.


What yarn are you using? Is it Rowan Cocoon? I made a cardigan with that two years ago and everything I wore that year ended up slightly fluffy. It is beautifully soft and shiny and warm though and I think that colour is a lovely warm rosy beige.

The Coffee Lady

I have worn nothing more often this autumn than something I bought from TK Maxx that looks like a blanket. And I don't care.

I don't know what your poncho is going to look like, but I can tell you now you are going to be very glad that it is warm.


Given the absolutely awful weather at the moment, I think EVERYONE needs to snuggle up in a poncho! x


The word 'poncho' conjures up a certain image so don't call it that!
If the colour bothers you so much when you have finished it then inject some colour through it by dying it - it's no loss if you aren't going to wear it as it is.
I think it is a good colour, basic and good for putting any other colour with it.
Or better still send it to me - finished of course!


The poncho looks so lovely and textural, and I think that colour would be understated, classic and beautiful on anyone! I bet you will look great in it! Enjoy your cosy knitting :)


Beautiful, and very classic, and you should wear a poncho because you were a child of the 70s! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Glad to find you!


i have a bright pink poncho knitted by my mum... i must admit that i do not wear it often. though i have fond memories of the pink poncho i wore as a child... my sisters had them too ... all knitted for us by our teenage cousin. my girls love their nanny knit ponchos!
knit one .. and wear it proudly as a child of the seventies... they are so warm and snug.. i love the soft purple shade in your photo ans that would be my poncho colour of preference.
it is good to ponder...
ginny x

suzie sews

this made me smile, its how I think, funny thoughts us knitters have. I bet it will look fabulous, Yer for Cheap wool, especially from JL. I bet it will look fab, its all in the mind. Erm yer poncho...its not a good word, go more down the pashmina route, sounds much more fitting. It looks beautiful...


Everything you make is real beautiful!


It looks beautiful, perfect for wintry weather.


Poncho, poncho, poncho ... it does sound like a made up word after a few repetitions! I had a red, white and blue poncho in 1973--and you know what? It was darn cute! Wear yours with pride!


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