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05 November 2009


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Hello Reggie and Toast!
Cats on the bed are obligatory.
Experiment with cat litter - different makes can make a difference.


They sure are cute, I like the name Toast, it's original, for sure.


Such a cute bloggy moggy pair! And great names too.

Looking forward to hearing more kitty capers! x


Congratulations on your new blog 'props'!!!x


They're beautiful. And you're hysterical! Welcome to Blogland, Reggie and Toast!


I hear cats on beds can make for much cosiness, and instant hot water bottles. Love the names. Would hate the dealing with the cat litter tray too.


Ha ha, so cute! And I love their names. Though I was about to ask you how you got "Toast" as well (thanks for explaining). And, not to freak you out or anything, but you really should try to make sure the cats stay at least below waist level while they are on the bed and you're sleeping. When I was in graduate school my cat stepped on my eye just as I opened it in the middle of the night. Tore my cornea. Thankfully, it healed with no issues, but I think it was the most painful thing I've ever felt in my life. And yes, I'm including the two natural births, and a horrible nursing experience with mastitis. My lovely kitty still occasionally hops onto the bed with me, but I'm wary now and just wanted to gently put it out there for you!


I love the name Toast. And I love what pets do to people.


I think toast is a fanastic name!


Oh, they are lovely! But if keeping them off the beds is unavoidable I fear we'll never have any in our house - I don't think I'd be able to breathe for sneezing!


They're so gorgeous! Our cat Maisie likes to lie on the keyboard when I'm trying to type - our computer desk is always covered with a fine layer of black hairs ;)


Aren't they a lovely couple! If they wish to meet Gin&Tonic, bring them over! They'd make a fantastic group, I say.

Petit Filoux

Very funny post, they seem like quite an entertaining bunch!! Gorgeous little things too, beautiful eyes!


It's lovely to meet Reggie and Toast, it looks like they've settled in well. Having been a cat owner in the past I sympathise with the litter tray experiences - hopefully you'll be able to persuade them that outside is better!


Your Reggie is a different looking creature to my Reg although I recognise the look in those eyes.


Hello, Reggie and Toast!
Lovely post, and I can see that they are suspicious to that camera thing in theire eyes. My dog is camera shy too or more of dosen't "talk" to the camera. Hee can sitt and look me in the eyes and be as adorable as he can and the if I stop looking at him and look into the camera he just turns it of and looks away... so If u find a good way of doing this I would be happy for some tips.


How gorgeous are they?!
Get yourself a covered litter tray and use it inside for a bit then put it closer to the door then finally outside.They will eventually only go outside then.
Try and get one where the lid doesn't have any air vents or seal them up otherwise the tray will fill with rain!

Alice C

Welcome to Reggie and Toast but I must admit I am worried about The Fish.


lovely to meet the family. we had to ban our cats from our beds at night (we shut them in the kitchen) as they are just TOO cuddly at 4 in the morning, and will wake you up so you stroke them......xxx


I just assumed Toast was named after the catalog! Does this mean I'm doing too much shopping? K x


Love Reggie's eyes! Love Toast full stop!


I love the name Toast, too. It's very comforting. And keeping cats off the bed? They were born to be on the bed. It's their destiny. Enjoy your new family members!


Jane Weston

They are adorable...I bet they are wonderful pets...and don't worry about them being camera shy...they'll get use to it :o)


Awww....what cute additions to the Domesticali home :)

I think Toast is a wonderful name for a cat. She's a very pretty kitty - Minx went very high pitched when I showed her the pictures!


Simply h

What lovely looking cats (and I am a dog person too!). I bet you are not going to let them sleep on your bed anymore after the comment from greetingarts about the torn cornea ...ohhh yuk!It's making my legs go all wobbly just thinking about it!

UK lass in US

What beauties. I think they have great names - plus, it could have been worse: I know a big burly ex-policeman who ended up with a dog named Fluffy thanks to being outnumbered by small kids when it came time to vote...


A couple of gorgeous pusscats.
Oh it's so ahrd not to let them up on the bed isn't it?!
Lisa x


gosh i feel so pleased that you called your lovely little cat toast!! our toast was just the nicest cat so i am sure she will be the same! i must mail my now grown up girls to tell them to check out your blog and see her there! thanks - anne

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Lovely new friends Ali, and great facts about them too! Lucy x


They are absolute sweethearts, Ali! I love those little faces. And I love their dear little names. Cats are such a joy, really, well, except for the litter box, and, of course, those pesky little spots on the floor from eating too much food. But, the purr of a cozy kitty lying by your side is worth it all. Enjoy!


you got cats!!!

seriously, am I the only allergic person left in the world? even my own mother owns one and have to stuff myself with tablets to go home now..


Those are rather cute though. I have to admit.


Lovely kitties!

Fancy Elastic

Toast is a brilliant name. You are making me want cats which is bad... I am fighting the urge.


I share your loathing of gritty kitty litter. I hate the litter box. Love the cat....hate the box!

suzie sews

LOL, lovely post, furry friends....


number one made me laugh out loud! how funny...
yes .. we now have cats on beds.. i too must have the same tattoo... and what is is about the computer?... Paws loves to sit on it and keeps trying to jump onto rods laptop too. as regards to litter trays .. i removed mine once the cats could come and go as they pleased, though have one back just now as paws has not been allowed out for over 3 weeks because of his nasty injury, which i am pleased to say is almost healed now... cat hair,,, arghh!


My mom has a cat named Toast... as a kitten the crazy thing ran through a large pile of burning branches/brush... she spent two weeks in a pet carrier on sheets that mom changed daily until her pawpads and other burned areas stopped oozing... and I'm happy to say that her whiskers have grown back as well ;)


They are stunning. Marmalade and toast makes me smile.



Mónica Grattarola

They are beautiful, the cats are the best in the lifes, I have 3 Sophie, Elliot and Florencia, they are my kids my parners my husbund and I enjoy with their company and love.

You are very lucky to have cats in your life.

Best wishes


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