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04 October 2009


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Karen J

Yay, your own cats!! No more stealing next door's!!!!


Reggie and Ronnie sounds ideal to me......


Congrats!, can't wait to see them.


How funny. My parents have had two sets of cats and all four were named "Cat and the other cat." I can't wait to see photos.

little pink room

congratulations. We're still thinking about taking the plunge ourselves. I do like Colin. My friend's cats were called Eric and John (and they were female), I always thought it was very cute. A x


Thing 1 and Thing 2?

Sorry, naming isn't my strong suit either. We pinched the name of my sister's cat to give to our hamster!


Eric and Ernie

Richard and Judy

Starsky and Hutch

Mouse and Rat


Richard and Judy! Richard and Judy!!


oh how exciting... we adopted our two feline boys a year ago on the 1st of october and we just adore them.. and yes i morphed into to cat photographing woman ~ though black cats are incredibly hard to photograph i have discovered... so you make the right choice with a ginger and a tabby... looking forward to meeting them in blog land.


... forgot to say that ours had actually been named Bert and Ernie by the vets who had taken them in... my girls took the responsibility though to rename them so they are now Magic and Paws.
p.s. i do rather like Bonnie and Veggie!

Rattling On

Bonnie and Clyde...


Bonnie and Clyde? My mother's cats are called Bonnie and Clyde. Nice names for Cats ..

Or what about Sonny and Cher ..?

French and Saunders?

Sid and Nancy ...

I could go on ..

oh .. what about Posh and Becks?



oh .. what about Cleo (as in Rochas) and Kenny (as in Everrett) ..

I can see i'm going to be thinking of names all night long!!!


Gin & Tonic always go well together!


need pics before I can come up with name suggestions...
What fun...they'll be climbing the curtains in no time!


Reggie - Regina - Queenie?

Ronnie -Nonnie?

I think you should study them for a few days - I'm sure their personalities will give you a starting point.


hope they settle in well ! our cats were from a rescue home, and had been named after scooby doo characters, we left velma, daphne and scooby, and brought home Fred and shaggy, which is an interesting name to shout last thing at night when I want them to come in.....


Punch and Judy?

Niles and Daphne?

I like Bonnie and Clyde too.


We adopted 2 kittens from the pound. Daphne and Maris. (I just love 'Frasier'. )

It's been two years now and they are excellent company for each other.


Ha ha, Richard and Judy made me laugh!

Elaine Shipp

A stray had a litter of 6 kittens in our backyard. We kept them for 8 weeks and fed them up and humanised them, and then took 4 kittens to Animal Welfare and they have new homes (one of the hardest things I've ever had to do).
My 5 year old named them all - we have Honey (the mum), and kept Raindrop (tabby) and Button (Black with white toes), and gave away Smudge (tabby), Gumdrop (tabby), Oscar (tabby & white) and Lollipop (black). If we get any more animals in the future, she gets to name them too! We took many, many photos (all on my blog, of course) and loved them all to bits.
Hope your new cats settle in as well as ours have done (they have taken over the house and us).

Alice C

I cannot get beyond the thought that you are adopting the Kray brothers. Village life would become quite interesting - move over, Agatha.


I'm quite speechless. Two????

and I'd go for Colin... cats don't answer to names anyway so have fun!!


Can't wait to see the two new kit cats!
Am no good at names, you have had some great ideas. Friends of ours adopted one called Dave and changed it to Pickle, we thought Dave was fab!
Lisa x


I rather like Colin for a cat, we have a book with a cat called Colin, I think it is called "Q Pootle 5", I always read him with a Birmingham accent for some reason. Perhaps they could be Colins and Phil.

I'm sorry, that's very poor, I will hang my head in shame and slink away......

Laura VW

Congratulations - I'm sure they will have a very happy life once they get settled in. We adopted a cat almost two years ago - one of the best things we've ever done.

French Knots

My husband used to have a cat called ceefor! Little boys humor.
Eric and Ernie?
Fred and Ginger?


we had the same combination of colour/sex, many years ago - our then little girls named them marmalade and toast!

Simply h

I quite like Reggie and Ronnie!

Or how about Wedgie and Thongie!!!!!

We don't have a cat, just a big ginger tom who belongs to our elderly neighbour next door called........Jason....Orange! (the orange was added by my neighbour the other side! Makes me giggle every time!)
Thanks for your comment by the way, we are a bit more settled - could do with winning the lottery though!


I totally concur with Johnny's choice of name - Colin the Cats :)



sorry, can't help you with the names..hard enough with our own kids! (hence no middle names for them)

But YAY....you'll have a girl in the house!

oh, what about colin and cleo?


What fun you're all going to have with your new arrivals - Saturday will definitely be a very exciting day in your house. Looking forward to all the pictures and to finding out if they keep their names or become Colins.


Hahaha, can't wait to see them. Girl Cat and Boy Cat!


I think calling them both Colin is just about perfect.


Ha, the Richard and Judy suggestion made me laugh. I was going to suggest Fred and Ginger (with Fred being the female cat.) Or how about George and Mildred (although that's probably showing my age!)

I do like Colin as a name for both of them too. Somebody I used to work with had a cat called Colin who lived to be 21 years old. He felt the cold so much as he got older she had to knit him little jumpers to wear.


I quite like 'Maris' and 'Piper'.. Both names that stand alone well, but go together. Personally I don't like names that only make sense as a pair, like Fish & Chips. Ours is officially called Smudge, but is more commonly known as Smog (thick and grey) or Beastie. Occasionally as 'You Little B**ch' as she's not very nice!


How fun, new cats! I think someone already said they hardly listen to names so go ahead and name them anything, but a small warning though: My grandfathers wife (oh, don't all good stories start like that) got a cat and named it Surprise. It was all good untill one day it ran away and she was running around the town yelling SURPRISE!!! into every bush she saw. She found the cat but there were some people hwo avoided her long after, they thought she'd gone nutts.:)) So anything u can yell into the bushes is fine.


I'm like Bonnie and Clyde too!

Enjoy having eight little legs running round your house - can't wait to see lots of pictures!

And it's the best time of year to get them too - you and your husband will both have a furry hot water bottle keeping you warm over the winter! x


We had a kitten we called Colin once. When he went to live with his new family, they changed the name - can't think why.

Before we knew that Stevie was a girl cat, she was going to be called Steve.

How about Dave for a boy cat?
Is one a girl too - you could call her Margaret, or Maggie for short.



Can't wait to see the photos. I'm pretty crap at names, R&R sounds good to me !


How about 'Big Ginge' and 'Little Lady'!!!!x


I'm with whoever it was that said after a few days their personalities will tell you what their names should be!

When we had cats, one started off as Chablis, but it felt wrong and metamorphosed into Abacat (after the Genesis album Abacab - how sad), Abby for short. The other cats was Little Madam, or Maddie for short right from the start.


As the proud owner of two cats - more pics of them on my blog than of my children! - this is exciting news indeed. I think naming our cats has just about always been as hard as naming the children for sure. Many years ago we thought so long about what to call our first ginger boy that 'the ginger one' easily morphed into 'Ginger' as his name and of course it suited him very well. Now Leo (who was already named when we got him) gets Big Boy more often than not and Lola answers to Lola Lulu or Mummy's Precious Baby. I know! Good luck. Bx


COngratulations on your happy, hairy event. I hope your week has been full of cat fun and all is well.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oooh! Exciting! We picked up our new bunny today - and I've definitely morphed into an over-excited new mum that takes far too many photos! I've already blogged about him as well!

Lucy x


I'd like to help but we have had a cat and her (now well grown) Kitten for 9 years and she's still called Mummy.
He was named Jools by my sons after Jools Holland owing to his charisma. (His brother who was run over was called Moby.)
Other cats we've had in Chronological order:
Fluffy, Emma, Scruffy, Aggie, Snuffy, Corky, Marmie,Nipper(named after a brand of mousetrap)Priddy,and Spike.


(HE..I should have said 'her son'.)

Jane Rudder

How about Grace and Orlando after Kathleen Hale's cat books?


They sound so sweet! We've got Lucy and Jimmy -- both named by my older daughter.


Hmmm. Just read the Wikipedia link. I do think you have to rename them. I'm now remembering that Lucy came with the name Misty. She didn't mind at all that we changed it. And Jimmy is her son. (ha!)

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