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12 October 2009


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I agree about the important stuff - the middle bit of the day is often crammed full of mundane, chore-type activities that are necessary to eating and living in a relatively clean home but what really counts in life often gets overlooked in the rush and chivvying that goes with getting children to school on time. I love chatting to Amy in the wind-down time at the end of the day - she definitely opens up much more then than on the walk home from school. Love your mittens - great colour.


Oh yes, I think we all relate to this! My children always give me interesting tidbits about their lives when I least expect them! On another note...I tried a bit of sock knitting this weekend whilst my children were at skating practice...not so good with a complicated lace pattern!


I love your Toasty gloves...and your edges of the crumble analogy...or is it a simile? Oh dear! K x

Petit Filoux

Love the gloves - they look very cosy!


Gorgeous gloves, and yes I too agree that a lot of the really important stuff happens early and late in the day.


Beautifully put Ali, I like to think of life taking place in "the sticky margins". I already spotted the Toasty in Flickr, I love the colour.


I agree too, the important things get squeezed into the shortest spaces of time. Perhaps that's why we value them so much?

Love the beautiful gloves, they're just what you need on a chilly day like this! x

Karen J

The edges of the crumble have always been my favourite bit!!!

The gloves are great - love the colour, too!

Zia Meadows

my favourite moments with my children are scattered round the day, usually when we are taking a breath, like washing up or swinging on the hammock. But my own personnal best bits are generally just before I should go to sleep that's when the ideas are all flooding in, and I end up getting up again!

little pink room

I agree, I often get the low down on important things that happened to my little E in those last few moments before bed time. A x


You're right, when you least expect it and sometimes even in the midst of the crazy busy there's a snatch of unexpectedly lovely, like your gloves. Their colour is lovely - rathyer spring-like. They do look snug. I find if things are tough or very busy then a bit of cosy can go a long way.


I have been looking for that pattern for ages! I knew I'd seen it somewhere and for the life of me couldn't remember! Thank-you!


what gorgeous gloves! Especially the colour and they look so snuggley :) I know what u mean catching moments here and there because life just wizzes on. For me the main part of the day is taken up by an exhausting job I don't enjoy but those brief dashing moments with friends they are the best. A lovely reflection thankyou :)


oh yes. I'm with you.

(lovely 'toasty')


Isn't toasty a great word. Lovely shade of green you've chosen for your gloves.
Lisa x

suzie sews

loving these big time

The Coffee Lady

I do love gloves. I love yours especially, but any glove will do.


Which is why you always have epiphanies on the toilet, in the shower, on the bus... the in between times. The times that slip through the cracks of what you pretend is your real life...


All those small moments. Thank you for reminding us all to seize them when they arrive. Great gloves too.


I look forward to those little moments - in fact they are what keeps me sane!
Very well said Ali :)

Lovely Toasty gloves!



Gosh Ali. You have the best posts. The edges have always been the tastiest!


I love your gloves and your metaphors.


Lovely toasty gloves. Nice colour too.


I have just been checking out Christmas menus at nearby restaurants and I noted that one was advertising "Wart crumble with custard".


they really are the best parts...and i love the crumble scrapings reference! little chats before lights out are my favourite right now. Xx

(ooo love the gloves btw...and love that you knit in the car!)

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I love the idea of the round the edges of the crumble bits of life! Definitely the best!

Lucy x


Here's to having and holding and knowing the important stuff from the fluff!

UK lass in US

How am I supposed to remember that I live in California and really do not need ANOTHER set of fingerless mittens when people keep posting pictures of lovely toasty mitts everywhere??


Ali, this such a simple but beautifully inspiring way to look at life, your way with words is amazing and now I'm thinking I HAVE to make apple crumble this weekend purely to savour the outside sticky bits.
I had a similar revelation at 3.30am yesterday morning when my little lady woke crying after a nightmare...i went and climbed into bed with her (not something I would normally ever do) and we had the sweetest, most unexpected cuddle at that time. I felt truly blessed to have been woken up at that hour (not something I would normally feel either).

Enjoy your day Ali, hope it's a happy one


Nice toasties - I made some last year as a Christmas present. Such an easy and satisfying knit!

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