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19 October 2009


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I made so many of those wreaths last year!

I made a few of these too and they were pretty (and easy):

Good for hanging in a window...


It's always so good to hear someone is as nice in real life as you imagine them to be :) And so impressed you'll be doing your very own event. WIll be a sell-out for sure! K x


All the bookshop events sound lovely.


I wish we had such a lovely bookshop around here!


I am always so jealous of your bookshop. I wish our local one had such amazing events. One of these days I will get over there!


Oh it's great to find out a little more about your workplace. Although little snippets pop up here we can now see the whole picture. Thanks for posting the link. What a privilege to have had Ros to come along and congratulations on the accolades for your shop too. One day I'll commute with Mr P and pop in for a cuppa.


I've been eyeing that book for a while now, and just received some birthday money. hmmmmm.

French Knots

Your bookshop sounds wonderful, we've nothing like that near here. And even if you are creating for work at least it's a good excuse for a bit of making time.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

How fab!

Lucy xxx

UK lass in US

I want a local bookshop like yours.

I just found out that a close friend of mine used to sew. Maybe there really are fellow crafters around here and they're just hiding.


How wonderful! My friend and I were discussing craft evenings just earlier today. And that button heart is just what another friend wants to make as favours for her wedding. Cat x


Very nice ghosts!

The Coffee Lady

I love those ghosties. I love their innocent shock.


Your littel heart is very sweet indeed.
How are you going to make those ghosts, they are fab.
Lisa x


Oh Ali - I adore your trophy for the quiz. I wish I could be in a team instead of asking the questions so that I could have a chance of winning it. IT'S FABULOUS! THANK YOU.


Oh I wish I could have been there. Perhaps you would consider a live video conference of your Christmas craft event for those of us across the ocean?!!! ;)


The bookshop events sound lovely - I wished I lived closer so that I could join in.

I used to work in a book department within a children's department store in London and loved doing the craft activities. I loved the store all year round but it really came to life at Christmas. x


I love that wreath, Ali. Thank you for last year's tutorial which I've just found and the link to Maya's snowflakes. Good luck with all your bookstore activities.


oh wow, good luck with that. I°m sure it'll be a huge success!

And that book... I keep picking it up... and again and again...


Oh, we have made a bunch of those little ghosts and we don't even celebrate Halloween over here! Your craft evening sounds wonderful!


Your bookstore sounds so wonderful! I'd love to visit some day. I'm sure your craft day will be widely attended and much enjoyed. Wish I could be there!



love the idea of up/re-cycled decorations! those sheet music stars look great!


The shop you work in sounds lovely.


Do you know, I was just watching Cbeebies with Eleanor and The Green Balloon Club was on... They were in the woods making pencils and paper. Suddenly a little face popped up I was sure I recognised. At first I thought it might have been an ex-pupil but then I realised it was your son Mark! You must have been very proud of his moment of fame!


I love it when work and life mingle so happily. Most envious of the meet with Ros Badger - her book's been on my wishlist for a while now.


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