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13 September 2009


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Exactly, Ali. Exactly. That's something I have been trying to put into words but wasn't able. Thank you.


Oh, I want to see this film much more now than I did before! I think the phenomenon of blogging is really interesting and justifies more than a few tough questions - just because it feels good doesn't mean we should surrender our critical faculties. I'm not poo-pooing blogging (and I don't agree with many of the standard lines about self indulgent ego crap that blogging is portrayed as being), but I don't think there's nearly enough discussion and exploration of why we do it and the purpose it serves and all that stuff. It definitely has a dark side as well as a light and mapping that terrain seems to me to be a good idea.


I just love this post! You summed up so many of my scattered thoughts on blogging so concisely. It IS an interesting discussion to explore and one that seems to float around in my subconscious without ever being really resolved.


really nicely put! i enjoyed your take on this film - most do focus on the julia angle, so great to hear a bloggers point of view.

The Coffee Lady

I seem to have missed this film everywhere locally, which is irritating.

I keep seeing articles portraying blogging as the gateway to a glittering new career. It seems to miss the reality for most of us, both of why we do it and how likely it is to lead to something else.


Well said, Ali.

Alice C

I think a great deal about the process of blogging and question my own motivation. In the periods when I have stopped blogging I have really missed the stimulating conversation that I have with fellow bloggers. I have come to the conclusion that is the sense of being part of a community of like-minded people that I value - is that narcissistic?


I was so disappointed when I discovered we'd booked our holiday for the week the UK release. So looking forward to seeing it soon, for both stories... K x


Eek. Terrible typo above. Obviously still recovering from the holiday! K x


Lovely post Ali and so beautifully worded. I often question why I blog but ultimately I do it because I enjoy it. I enjoy the connection with like minded people and I miss it when I take breaks. Do we need a better reason? Looking forwardto seeing the film even more now. Thank you. x


I was listening to Nora Ephron talking about this movie last night on radio 4 listen again whilst doing my ironing. I want to see this and even more now I've read your review of it.
Blogging is a lot of things to a lot of people, mine is to record the people I love, the things we do and the things that make me happy. Simple really!
Lisa x


Good thoughts, good thoughts indeed more people should blog (I should!) having a defined objective has been putting me off. Very best wishes be assured i shall keep dropping by


Well said. How thought provoking. My little girl and I are off to see it next week, her for the cooking, me for the blogging x


Thank you, Ali, such a thoughtful post.


Wow. What a great post. I had much the same thoughts when I saw the movie, but could never have said it as well as you did. Thanks!


Thank you for you honesty. I felt violated, to put it simply. Bloggers as a whole were thrown under the "book deal" bus by this portrayal. Not everyone does this to become rich or famous. We do it just because, and that was missing.

I hope the world of non-bloggers doesn't judge the bloggers of the world by this movie. They will have missed the beautiful relationship moments that made this as delicious as anything Julia put on the table.

French Knots

Thought provoking post. It's only the 'big bloggers' that get a book deal, the rest of us do it for enjoyment, connecting with like minded people and to record our lives, ordinary moments that would otherwise be lost. And if taking a few minutes out of my busy life for myself is self indulgent that's fine with me!


Bloggers who do it for a book deal are the WAGs of the blogging world... discuss.

I do it because i like to keep a record of my life and find a diary is too... well, I don't feel the need to write in it, and I do miss blogging and the comments. I'm in a fallow period for comments at the moment (I'm a rubbish replier, I think) and I miss them. Not for validation, or because I don't have real people in my life, but just because I get the feeling from most bloggers in my blogosphere that they're nice people that I enjoy communicating with.


I would have come with you! A nearby blogger. xx

little pink room

I think that if you view blogging as being part of a conversation, rather than an opportunity to broadcast your thoughts it is a lot more rewarding. I blog because it's so difficult to find like minded mums, staying at home, tinkering in craft projects and a bit of cooking. It's just like any special interest group - seems a bit dorky from the outside, but it's very supportive to be in the company of like minded people (albeit in cyberspace). A x


Blogging without objectives. Lovely.

For those of us at home with our kids and our crafts and our cooking it's just lovely to have on-going contact with others the same. In our kitchen. Whenever we want to turn the computer on.


I'm going to see it tomorrow night, now even more I look forward to it.

Why do you blog? I get asked that everytime someone finds out I do - and another reason why I don't tell people...

I don't know. I enjoy meeting people. I enjoy realising that I'm still 'me' and not just so and so's mum/wife. I love knowing that I'm not alone in this. Narcissistic? maybe? self-indulgent? that's rubbish, if you put it that way everything that gives us pleasure is self-indulgent; and since when is that became a bad thing? Should we all be suffering and toiling all the bloody time?

Hey, after 1 hour of doing homework with three children I DESERVE I little bit of self-indulgence. Be it chocolate, gin or blogging.


Great post. I must see that film.
I started to blog just to see if I could.
I began to enjoy the construction of each post in much the same way children make 'magazines' for fun. (Or was that just me and my friends?)
Then the comments got to be important, next the commenters became my friends, then I wanted more friends..then there's stats..then its competitive...and it goes on..
Whatever reason ..its compulsive.
I love it.


How can I not comment on this post? I would like to thing that craft bloggers are in a slightly different sphere fom some others. Like-mindedness is a major motivator for me.

I really enjoyed your post and look forward to the movie.


helloooo!!! yes yes yes.

thanks Ali

I'll look out for this one at the movies.


Really great post, Ali and some interesting comments too.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the film as I'm struggling to get through Julie Powell's book. It is very difficult to get an idea of the role the blog plays. Of course, she's overwhelmed by lovely comments (aren't we all!) and gifts - but I'm not sure about asking readers to suppliment her cookery project. I have to say that I'm not sure I really like the person that comes alive in the book. However, I've read that she's been sweetened for the film so I'll see how that works.

This post has made me more excited about seeing it soon! x


I'm going to see it tomorrow night with a friend and I can't wait (mainly for the blogging angle).

I've been having a bit of a downer on blogging at the moment. Not sure why. Well, I do. There's one particular blogger who is so competitive and, really, it's put me off. It also makes me feel uncomfortable because they seem to follow me around cyberspace.

Anyway, I was feeling happier, decided on my blogging terms as it were (called my manifesto, creating it atm) and then I visited this person and...all those feelings returned.

I find those ones who are obviously in it for a book deal (like above) totally not what I want to read. If someone gets a deal that's great but some are just plain...desperate. Makes you wonder if they comment on your blog to raise their profile etc.

Coo, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. You obviously hit a nerve!


I bought the book today, but as usual with grown-up films, I'll end up going for the DVD - I'm glad you managed to get out!

Your thoughts on the film and blogging are so well put. Great photo too.




i love this post ali and have just enjoyed reading all the comments. so well put : )


Wonderful, thoughtful post, Ali. You're right, there's not been much talk about the blogging aspect of "J&J."

I haven't really thought a lot about the "blogging for the book" part of blogging, though clearly so many people sit down in front of the computer screen with that hope front and center. For me, blogging has been so much about committing to print what is central to my life--the domestic, the day to day--which is viewed as mundane and not worth contemplation to so many. What I've found here in the blogosphere is a community of like-minded folks, mostly women, who view what we do at home, from taking care of children to cooking to making quilts, as important, vital stuff. It's worth writing and talking about.

By the way, I've nominated you for an award. Come by and see!


p.s. I agree with the commenter who said she was having a hard time with Powell's book. I couldn't get through it. I'd be interested to know if you've read it.


Beautifully articulated! I'm dying to see the film, hope it makes it down here. So often the good ones don't.

Kari of Writing Up A Storm

I've been wanting to see this film, but I had no idea that the Julie person was a blogger! I'm so glad I just read your post and all these comments before I saw the movie.

I'm new to blogging and it all just seems like this wonderful community of women sharing with each other ~ it all seems very magical to me right now. I think I'm blogging, for myself, because I don't want all my thoughts, my favorite books, my fabric art, to be hidden away forever inside my own heart ~ I want to put the things I love out into the world just in case they might connect with someone else out there.

Thanks, Ali, for another great post! xo Kari


I don't know about a book deal. I am just happy to receive a comment!!! x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Hi Ali. I tried to leave a comment on this post on Monday - but I was meant to be leaving for work and I couldn't articulate it properly! I've just seen the film this afternoon with Dorothy and I liked it but not wildly.

But I do have to confess that I am narcissistic when it comes to blogging - I love getting comments and it is all about me - and my lovely family - and I love it when people like what I have been making or doing and tell me so. And that probably makes me very self-centred and vain. But the flip side of the coin is the version of me that is very self-critical with a low self-esteem.

God that sounds pathetic!

But the main reason I love blogging is because of all the fabulous friends I have made who totally GET the absolute NEED to be crafty.

Lucy x

UK lass in US

I blog because I only know one other person who owns a sewing machine and it's been in her garage for the last 5 years. I blog because it fools me into thinking that I am having an adult conversation on days when the only other people I have spoken to are 6 and under. I blog because I have 'met' some really sweet and talented people that I can share ideas with.

I can't imagine putting blogging first, though. What would I have to blog about if I wasn't living a life?

Aunt LoLo

Blogging is as narcissistic as keeping a journal...and equally important. I think, as women (and men, I suppose, though I have no experience as one ;-)) we have the innate desire to create...and document.

Blog on, dear woman. Blog on. Just, please - no tantrums. Tantrums I detest.


Am I the only person who thought Meryl sounded like Dame Edna Everage throughout the film? (in a good way, most amusing)
I sat there, in the dark, next to a non-blogging pal who has no idea that I blog, almost with bated breath, willing her not to say "Blogging? What's THAT about?" thankfully she didn't. I sat there feeling happy about what I sometimes describe as a guilty secret. Not something I want to share with non bloggers, because I like that this is a separate identity for me, and a part of my life that isn't under scrutiny in a negative way, just a 'me' way. Oh dear, making it sound so complicated, but I hope you see what I mean.
Your post was fabulous, Ali.

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