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21 August 2009


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Yeah, sadly, it probably is.


Isn't the whole point of cake that it is a treat and thus bad for you?

I recently tried some chocolate beetroot cake - it looked great but tasted very earthy, not sweet at all, so you'd only want a little slice of it - with a drink to wash it down. Disappointing too.


What a shame! I was reading all the way through thinking fab!

Alice C

I am going to walk away from the screen and laugh and then I am going to come back and write a responsible comment about the evils of sugar.


It is always the plain looking cakes that taste the best….I know cupcakes seem to have taken over the world but give me a piece of flapjack or sponge any day.


How disappointing! I think I'd prefer a small piece of cake rich with butter and sugar than a big piece that was so-so.


Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Oh I was getting all excited about the taste testing part!! Maybe I'll stick to my wheat flour, butter and sugar combinations!! Why do you call a courgette a courgette and we call it a zucchini? (Australia!).... I'm confused!


Funny thing I've noticed about Food Bloggers. You want something photo-worthy AND taste good? Isn't that asking a lot?!

I'm just playing with you. I too was disappointed that it didn't at least taste as nice as they looked.

All the healthy foods, no flour-egg-milk cooking going on here in the US is hit or miss as well. I'm thankful we can choose these recipes rather than have to make do (and live with) these recipes.


I've gone down that route of virtuous fat free baking and believe me it doesn't work. Isn't the whole point of cake is that it is laden with sugar and butter and eggs... that is why it tastes so good. And a little of what you fancy now and then....

Rattling On

I wondered why we all called them different names as well...

The cakes look fantastic, it's a real shame they don't taste up to scratch. I wonder what they'd be like as mini carrot cakes?
I liked the idea that you don't get greasy bun cases- that always annoys me!


Virtue DOES sometimes taste good though doesn't it? Innocent smoothies are to die for and sometimes just a dish of roasted vegetables with a spot of rice is the most delicious thing. I do hope the next recipes you try deliver because these cakes certainly have the looks. Keep us posted.


Ali this is such a sad post!!! That cupcake does indeed look delicious, such a promising beginning followed by a tragic end. Hope the other recipies are less dissapointing! xx


Goes to show you can't judge a cupcake by its cover. In this case, beauty truly is only skin deep. Sorry about your baking disappointment, Ali.


I have this book, and would urge you to try again!! I made this particular recipe and I agree with you,it was disappointing: but have had great success with several of the other recipes. I think the inclusion of ground almonds (or other ground nuts) in most of the other recipes give it a richer texture and a great deal more flavour. I also use ordinary plain flour, having not been able to lay my hands on rice flour, maybe that make a difference too, as the bowl licking has been pretty good too!!

little pink room

I'm so glad I you've tried it out for us. I'd read really good reviews of this book too, and I yesterday I hovered over it in Waitrose trying to decide whether I should spend £20 on it. In the end I didn't, despite the beautiful photography and delicious recipes. It's sad to hear that it is too good to be true.


It is a rare thing when a baked something or other is fat-free AND tastes good. I don't even bother.


Oh no...I was counting on this book to save me from our courgette glut!

Ever since I first saw it in the bookstore, I've been wondering whether or not to buy it. As you said, the Amazon (and Telegraph) reviews have been so good...and the cupcake does look delicious!

K x


Oh how incredibly disappointing. It looks great! Good luck with the next recipe I hope that turns out to be very tasty.

Jane Weston

But the picture makes it look so good!!
If there is one thing I've learned about baking without eggs (both the DH and I are intolerant) is that you can't replace everything in a recipe without their being a possible disaster. I'd be leery of a recipe that uses too many "substitution" ingredients.

alice @quaintliving

I think there is hope! :) I have recently had two cooking experiences that have stopped me thinking 'if it is too good to be true...'

Firstly I have made three different flavours of the gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free cupcakes in the Babycakes cookery book. While not being exactly the same as non-GF cakes they were actually very tasty and it is nice to make something cake-like for my GF family members.

Secondly today I have been testing out the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day book and have already made two lovely loaves. I didn't think that it would actually be possible to make a loaf in 5 minutes... but it was :)


no, just stick with the sugar and butter I say.

Of course they are going to have good reviews on the cover!

Just like the ads on tv, where this skinny cook tells us that kentucky fried chicken is the tastiest chicken in all of Australia!

but 10 out of 10 for trying Ali..at least you bake.

The List Writer

Ah, very interesting. As you know I am a fan, after my triumph with the very chocolatey cupcakes. But I didn't use rice flour.

I have since managed to get rice flour and will be trying out her elderflower and lemon cupcakes with rice flour this week. Shall report back!


Ah, yes. That famous last line. They just haven't found a great fat substitute yet to my liking, so I rarely try recipes that claim to do so. Sorry for the disappointment!


Oh no!! I was getting quite excited reading your post there until the end! It looked so nice as well! Oh well, do let us know if you try another one and it turns out a little better!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh what a shame! But I joined Slimming World a couple of weeks ago and used one of their recipes to make couscous coffee cake (yum) and my own variation of chocolate and almond couscous cupcakes - no flour, no fat, just couscous, eggs, golden syrup, sweetner and flavouring and they were delicious. Ok, so they weren't as scrummy as "proper cakes" but they were good enough for me! So I plan to make a chocolate courgette version today and see how they turn out. I'll let you know!

Lucy x


oh dear.

You can't beat sugar + butter. Sorry.

They do look good though!!


Have you tried Nigella's courgette cake? And what about carrot cake? If you want healthy, then I'd stick with those 2 and just pretend!


looks can be so deceiving! i read your post thinking i've got to get me that book...but i am very happy to go along with your verdict. sad cakes just aren't meant to be! nigella's courgette cake is delicious though as is one i bake using a dan lepard recipe called root cake (using parsnips and ginger) but they do have the magic of fat and i guess that's the magic! Xx


I have cooked from the book a lot, first ones with the same problems. snow icing was a downer but we did find that using doves farm gluten free flour, and adding a small teaspoon of honey really transforms everything. yum!

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