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03 August 2009


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Beautiful! Love your sock.


Love that nail varnish! Sets off the sock a treat!!

As for your A-Z it's in the kitchen cupboard. That's where mine ended up being last time I looked!


Lovely socks. Did you do anything interesting in London?


Look at your lovely green varnish - gorgeous, and it even coordinates with the socks!


Knitting that cute just can't be pointless... and I dig those paint chip matchbook notebooks, using the security envelope liners as inside pages is so clever!


Ooooh, love the color coordination going on here! And the toenails bring out the green in your sock LOL!


i like to celebrate the small things too, though sock knitting is no small feat! lovely colourway there, and i also love your nail polish!

Alice C

Check out that green nail polish!


Such lovely small things. Have a good time in London - hope you don't get lost!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Those little notebooks are just perfect! I love them! And the teeny tiny knitting is fab too! Hope London was fun!

Lucy x


I like your glamour toes. Very lovely smallness here. I've been rather taken with that little Emporium too x


Hey - I'm just knitting my first pair of socks... it's addictive! Love the yarn...and the books...and the thread!

The Coffee Lady

Oh I like the jotters very much.

You won't be seeing a photo of my toes anytime soon.


Love that shop. The sock looks good and love the nail varnish. Have a nice day in London

Angel Jem

Love the notebooks and the socks....


That yarn is beautiful.


your vintage french thread photo with the deer in the background is the cutest thing I've seen all day. very inspiring.


Now if only I'd had a look at your blog yesterday morning I would have known all about the notebooks and the little sweater! Thank you so much for such a super day out! And I love the vintage thread: the perfect color :) K x


Oh I love those little notebooks and the nailpolish/sock combo. Hope London was wonderful.


Those notebooks are such a clever idea.
Hope you found the A-Z and had a great time in London.
Love the polish!
Lisa x


I like your green nails...maybe you should have toeless socks to show them off?


I love the socks! Again! What pattern do you use? It's so simple and nice...


Thank you for your gracious comment about our new emporium .. it is rather wonderful to see our merchandise migrate to such inspiring destinations!

I'd love to knit.. you make it look so tempting.

Dottie aka Michele

Jane Weston

I love how your toes match your thread ;o) Great colour!!


that thread is such a beautiful colour! and i love the lil notebooks you made...what a clever idea. i always pick up those test cards and never quite feel i can just chuck them so thank you for the tip : )

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