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19 August 2009


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that sounds like the best day!


That is such a gorgeous, gorgeous day well spent. Loved it!


How exciting to find those fish! It sounds like it was a perfect day!


I bet the boys will remember that day for a very long time.
Hope the sun stays around a bit longer!

Alice C

I wonder if the fish were that small by the time that they told their Dad?


What a wonderful day out! But no fish can measure up to the one you already have at home! K x


You have to grab these moments while you can. A day well spent... it doesn't get much better.


we had a bus ride, a trip to the park and swimming and a game of football with daddy who came home early and dinner out and cheesecake.

and for me 'knitting group' at the end.

Yes. It was a good summer!!


Lucky you, I was stuck in the office!


Lovely report of your day Ali. Our weather is sooo unpredictable. I thought it would be another summer day today, but perhaps not! x

little pink room

Sounds idyllic. It's dull and humid up here in Edinburgh.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a fantastic sounding day! We had a lovely summer's day at the beach yesterday - no fishies though!

Lucy x


This made me feel nostalgic for things I haven't even done yet.


Utter bliss. These are the days they'll remember. Not expensive, not fancy, just fun.


Did they use the breeze block to stun them till St Teenager showed them the proper way?

painted fish studio

what a perfect day...

alice @quaintliving

Mackerel? I had no idea, how interesting! The weather was pretty weird today though wasn't it. I hope it gets better over the weekend :)

Kari of Writing Up A Storm

I've never been fishing because I'm afraid of catching one. But my husband says not to worry because it's very hard to catch one ~ he says that's why it's called "fishing" instead of "catching!" Well, I'm glad your boys caught some ~ since they wanted to! Sounds like a very memorable summer day. xo


Just wanted to say that I love your blog, my friend sent me a link to your music paper folding post and I've been happily reading through the blog for the past couple of days.
Then I read your comment about people not posting and realised I just had to quickly say thanks for inspiring me to get on with some things I've been meaning to restart for a while (index carding and sorting my photos mainly!)
I also bought a shiny new red sewing machine last week and am working on some Christmas projects (aprons and bags for nieces)just now. My mother thinks I'm crazy but loads of my friends (aged around 24) are really into sewing/knitting/crafting now so I'm in good company.

Thanks again.

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