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28 August 2009


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Have a lovely week!


Enjoy it! I can't believe that school is starting next week! This Summer has flown by!


Have fun!

Your chili picture is gorgeous!


Enjoy! Sad for you that summer is passing but glad to know that ours is on the way. Now I want to grow chillies as well as all the other things I have planned!


Have fun, wherever you are off to :-)
we are honeymooning on the Isle of Skye this week, can't wait to get there!

The Coffee Lady

See you next week - have lots of fun!


Have a lovely week! Love the cookie cutters hanging there!


Have a wonderful week away! K x


oh chillis!!

and have a fantabulous holiday... meet you when you get back, same time same place. Just pick a date.

péitseoga k. lee

mmmh chillies on a string! ...love your peg rail idea... my cookie cutters are hidden in the depths of a base cabinet, i must check ikea for a peg rail...

little pink room

What a lovely photograph. Happy holidays!

Alice C

Happy Holidays to you all. Looking forward to seeing the pics when you get back.


What a gorgeous image!


Such a lovely evocative image. My chillies have yet to put in an appearance, so I hope I'll have the opportunity to harvest some before the weather gets colder.
Have a great week!


what a lovely garland...a really great image ali! hope you're having a lovely week. i know it's only just september but i'm really looking forward to autumn and a bit of heat in the form of woolly tights and warm soups : )

Mom Wald's Place

Great Idea, having something wonderful to come home to besides stale air!

alice @quaintliving

I hope you had a good last bit of summer!


Hope you had a great week. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could bottle Summer and open it to savour as and when we pleased...


Looks wonderful.I love the little giggles in the video!
About the comments thing I guess you have realised Typepad have changed the way they email comments so you can't easily reply? Aghh. Such a pain. It's hard enough to find time to reply as it is.


I just checked my last Typepad comment email and if you click on the email addy of the commentor a message page pops up and you can just reply via that.I'm with Yahoo so not sure if that works with everyones accounts.Hope it helps.

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