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24 August 2009


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Those prints have a touch of "Hirst" about them x

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs

They're marvelous!

Alice C

I am disappointed - no garlands!


These are very very easy on the eye. The top one reminds me of the background in 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. I have an itch to do this now.


What fabulous prints!

I used to nanny for a little one who was most definitely a 'craft refusenik'. It was so disappointing, as I so wanted to do the crafts myself...

K x


Wonderful. They look like stained glass.


Gorgeous. We haven't done this for ages - and we've just harvested more potatoes than I can eat in a lifetime ...

The Coffee Lady

Fantastic! I wonder how well my children will manage to ruin that idea.


Beautiful. The top one looks like boiled sweets in a jar.
Lisa x


Love them - great colour and repetition.

Kari of Writing Up A Storm

Wow! I agree with Gina ~ these prints look just like stained glass! Stained potato ~ extraordinarily beautiful. And I have three potatoes in my crisper right now, just longing for the chance to be transformed into the newest form of renaissance art . . .


They're wonderful! My Minx is in the middle of a pompom making frenzy :)



Hahaha -- I love the withholding dinner technique! Those are really cool!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I agree with Emma - I instantly thought "hungry caterpillar" when I saw your prints! Love them! Lucy x :o)


Ha! Love your totalitarian approach to crafting. You know they loved it! :0)


Great pictures, would look good as wrapping paper.

little pink room

They're lovely! Will have to try it here sometime. Ax

urban craft

This is wonderful. I too have just done my first potato stamping. Airplanes and clouds. You would have thought I would have done this before as a child, sadly, no.

Hena Tayeb

they look great. glad they had fun.


i love them, ali!
and i love your totalitarian approach to crafts. i am just the same way.


these are beautiful... i can just imagine them as a fabric print too! so vivid and colorful.

painted fish studio

they are really beautiful, i love them!


Beautiful! ANd I would totally buy one of these on etsy. I've got a refusenik at home. One of his rare works of art hangs on my family room wall and i think it'll be there forever as a one-and-only.


I would totally buy that as a Spoonflower print!

We're going to be doing ourselves some apple printing this evening--perhaps we'll do potatoes tomorrow!


Beautiful! I just found what we are going to do on the canvases we found at the art store. The top one, at first glance, looked like those glass pebbles you get at the dollar store or craft shops.


Effective idea but such as waste of food in a world where 1/3 children don't have 3 meals a day.


May I ask what kind of paint you use for a craft such as this? Love the colours.


Love how the prints turned out!

booklet printing

They are very easy on the eyes. The above reminds me of the background Very Hungry Caterpillar. I have an itch to do this now.

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