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15 August 2009


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The new print you have found will look so good with the rail, all that curliness!
And those pebbles are so sweet.
You are so right about blogging.
For me it started as a simple way to record day to day family life and has become so much more with many friendships made.
Enjoy your weekend.
Lisa x


You have been to RE:? I'm turning an unbecoming shade of green. I want one of their jelly mould lightshades more than chocolate. Your piggy tails are wonderful and it's lovely to see your cutters displayed this way. I spy an umbel stone. Now I'm even more smiley.


I've been a fan or RE for a long time and I'm very jealous too you've actually been there... very jealous. They are the reason of my obsession with glass cake stands.

Love your rail. Very cool.

(and my biscuits cutters are in the corner cupboard too... what kind of cosmic law is that?)


Oh my - so many wonderful things to buy. It is sooooo tempting :)


Oh my....you werent kidding, I have a serious case of the wants.
I love the cake stands, they are gorgeous. Now how to persuade hubby.Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Ooooh! I'm really hoping to go to RE for my birthday treat! It's so near but I've never actually been. We used to go to Corbridge loads and I even sold things in some of the shops but we haven't been for ages. Now I'm even more excited about my birthday!!!

Lucy xxx


Another Re lover here too....
And love those pebbles, reminds me I haven't painted on any for ages.
Happy weekend!


So many pretty things! Those pebbles are adorable, I might have to make something similar for my mother next spring! She grows tons of different veggies.


I was drooling at the RE webby only a few days ago and was smitten with those metal shelves....and you can never have enough string.........

Rachel L

Love your piggy tails peg rail! That shop is indeed a treasure trove - I've also been drooling over the website (how attractive!)
I've just decorated our hallway (well, part of it anyway) and had great fun rearranging stuff.
Rachel x


your new rail is adorable...those curly pegs!! i am into nesting mode here too. rearranging is one of my favourite things! isn't it funny how one new addition to a room...no matter how small...often triggers a full on furniture shift?! have a lovely weekend Xx


You're right - I have a severe case of the wanties now! What fabulous stuff!


Yay! I was so excited when I saw my cookie cutter up there. :) What a fabulous idea for a way to display them - mine are in a tupperware bin...in the basement, cause I have no room in my kitchen cupboards! I should come up with a decorative way of displaying them, too.
Also, I am excited (and my bank account is scared) to discover the RE website! I have only taken a super quick look so far, and I already found some glasses that I've wanted for ages. I saw them in someone's house, but never in a store or online. I don't think it will be too long before I add them to my kitchen.

Angel Jem

Excellent! Re!


Too much goodness, if there is such a thing. And I think there's not.


Oh I love your peg rail.

I've been lusting after the milk glass cake stands at RE for quite a while now...

K x

Kari of Writing Up A Storm


I have a very old Singer sewing machine of my grandmother's ~ it has a little loop at the top that helps guide the thread down toward the needle. It looks very much like a pig's tail, and I am going to call it a pig's tail from now on, and smile every time I slip my thread through it. xo Kari

painted fish studio

i tend to feel like nesting as the days cool down. and i'm starting to feel it coming on now... maybe it's a need to prepare our homes for the cold days ahead?


you're a very bad influence you know! All of these wonderful things to tempt us into sharing your nesting mode!


Oooh, I love that cookie cutter idea! I'll now be looking around for a way to display mine. Loved this post -- fall always brings out the nesting in me -- preparing the home for winter -- I can't wait!


It isn't often that people get so excited by a shop in the NE, but Re is a definite exception. Sometimes I just go to have a look, for inspiration, but never leave empty handed.
From old maps, to notebooks, to cake stands - bliss in a shop!
P x

Alice C

I was struck by your observation that if you look around you will find all sorts of things from blogging friends. So true, so true - it is delightful to enjoy all these little tokens of friendship that are now tucked into the corners of my home.


Thanks for the shop link - I've just added a number of things to my wishlist, not least those lovely rolls of twine.

I love the peg rail, and it looks perfect with its garland of chillies in the post above.


ok first thing tomorrow I'm getting my cookie cutters out of the box in the corner xxx

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