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13 August 2009


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If I say we have never had a dishwasher, only mine and Johns fair hands, would that help :) ?


I have one! His name is Gareth, he is house broken and available at very reasonable rates. A cup of tea and a plain chocolate hobnob normally does the trick! :o)

Angel Jem

Dishwasgers, loathe them or ignore them you can't love them....
Nah, just kidding. We never had one until we moved here and now Mr K won't be without. He even buys his own tablets for it so that he can have the better ones that cost more.


you must MUST get a new one... do you realise the crafting time you're missing out on?


I appreciate your dilemma... it took me eighteen months to replace mine. Washing up didn't seem to much of a chore except in the mornings when they would all leave their breakfast dishes on the side for the last person to leave... usually me!

French Knots

Bring them over - my dishwasher is fine but the kitchen sink is broken! Water pours out from underneath into the cupboard.Great excuse for both of us to leave the pots piled up and do something more exciting.


Oh nooooo! Life without a dishwasher is not good. My dishwasher door catch broke last week and so desperate was I not to wash them by hand that I spent 5 days taping the door up every night! Thankfully a new spring was located and fitted and it is fully working once more. I wish you a dishwasher soon.


my recommendation is do NOT buy a Baumatic. We have to virtually completely wash up all our dishes before we put them in the machine in order for them to have a semblance of cleanliness when they come out, kind of defeating the purpose of having one in the first place. But a new one is a must!


I remember when ours died. It took us a long time to replace it and that was a story itself.

a dishwasher does save time - I'd rather have a dishwasher than a microwave.

good luck finding your part.


try googling the fault - we have had some things that we have found we could fix ourselves that the repair man said no no to! good luck

Rattling On

Don't have one myself, the only day I wish I did is probably Christmas Day- when no-one wants to wash up.


Oh yeeks - I don't know how I'd do without mine. The number of people in the house has grown steadily, the number of pots exponentially. I suppose we could view it as a window on the past. Our mums didn't have them, but then there's some kinds of history lessons that suck.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Life is just like that sometimes isn't it?!

I've never had a dishwasher except for Mr Locket but I'm sure I would love it if I did have one!

Hope you find a good replacement!

Lucy x


I am the dishwasher. I can not wait for us to buy a bigger place and get one. I also dream of stairs and carpet. Oh and built in cupboards. Little things. Good luck with the hunt!


May I tell you about the day I decided to go out to buy a lottery ticket? When the dog heard the front door go as I left, she hurtled onto the chair which was too near the window, tipped it over, and broke the glass. That night I won £60 on the lottery.
The window repair cost £56.


I have been washing mine by hand recently as mine does not always get them as clean as I would like them no matter what I do with it. I'm sure I'll get fed up of it soon! Good luck with finding a replacement


today, our downstairs 'beer/dog food/champagne/icecream fridge broke' AND the hotwater system.

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