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02 August 2009


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Karen J

I just have a mental picture of you as some sort of she-lion (with a large bump!) racing up a tree to save her young! Brilliant!
And I do love the idea of Mark leading his cousins astray!! Go Mark!! You've got to admire his fearlessness!

Jane Weston

Great pictures...that tree looks enormous! Glad to hear you enjoyed your break.


What beautiful houses in your photos. Oh though - that tree! You did well to stifle maternal anxiety. I'm not sure I would have been able to. So glad you had a lovely break x


Oh my goodness my heart would have been in my mouth!
Lovely photo of the red sunflower.
Hope you are all suitably relaxed after a break away.
Lisa x


Oh my word! That is a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry long way up!


Holy moley, that's a long way up. What a brave little chap! And what a fantastic garden in which to spend some summery days. It is lovely staying in someone else's house - they're always so well equipped!


I see him! That is a huuuuuuge tree, I take it he managed to get down ok :-)


Boys and trees! I have a tree (similarly huge) in my garden that has been climbed often giving me regular heart attacks!


Oh my word. That is high. My rule is "don't go up, if you can't get down". Doesn't seem to work though!


Now that's a story -- climbing a tree when you're 8 months pregnant! I had to blow up the picture to see him -- definitely a nail-biter!!! Looks like you had a wonderful getaway!


I'm so glad my boys are chicken!

That is amazing. He's like the Pepsi Max kid!

Kari of Writing Up A Storm


I couldn't see Mark in the tree, so I saved your photo to my desktop. Then I zoomed in with a zoom-in tool, closer and closer, and omigosh! there he is! I'm so glad he got down safely. Bless your heart!!

xo Kari

French Knots

I enlarged the photo too - it's blummin high!
Wouldn't fancy tree climbing with an eight month bump, but we Mothers have to do whatever needs doing, I caught sick in my cupped hands as there was nothing else to hand. Good job we love them!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Yikes! That's scary high!

Sounds like you had a lovely break though!

Lucy x

Simply h

Oh my god! I had to really look to see him. He obviously gets the action gene from you! Action family!

The Coffee Lady

Oh good grief! He would still have been up there if he had been mine


I have three just like that (yes Mr T as well- he thinks it is fun to show them that it is possible!). I shall be calling him if one of them get stuck up any trees. We had to buy a skort for Lady A just so she could climb trees

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