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11 July 2009


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i'm suffering in a freezing cold 22 degree, blue sky winter's day here! HA. I wish I really did have a proper winter...maybe if I put on a sundress and follow your theory it will happen.

great colours in the scarf...a little Dr Who like.


delicious colours in the scarf, and fab coat too! at least if the weather doesn't improve, there's a reason to look forward to winter!


Well now, I had to make a hurried (meaning underspent) getaway from my LYS yesterday. The combined heat (high 80's) and lots of new fall wool had me boiling over!

I'd be good for a mellow, long fall if you could knit that into your schedule. Nice scarf.


So, you're a weather-god. I had been wondering.

Alice C

We are in Cornwall next week - so could you start knitting some socks just to be on the safe side.


Gorgeous colours, though I hope it really is a while before you get to use it!
Lisa x


I thought it must be Noro, because it's got Noro gorgeousness all over it. I've been knitting a scarf in Noro since we lived in the previous house. We've lived in this house for four and a half years. I'm thinking knitting isn't my thing.


hope it works as it has been dull, dull, dull, and very wet here... fingers crossed...


What a good idea! A bit like buying an umbrella... and it seems to have worked as we're all sunny here! x


ps: my friend complained that whenever she is heavily pregnant, we have a v. hot summer. I asked her if she could do it again next year, but she said no. :(


I hope it works as this summer heatwave we were promised does not appear to be happening here. Perhaps the rest of the bloggers in the UK should get knitting as well!

The Coffee Lady

Great minds think alike - I just bought an umbrella.


Fabby scarf! And I think it's working, as we've had some lovely sunshine here in Teddington today... K x


Very very pretty.

It's actually turned out to be a really gorgeous day here - sorry!

Karen J

Just beautiful - I'm still crocheting my snuggly blanket but still quite wet here! Some sunshine today but more rain for tomorrow :(


I spied this yarn (in purpley colours) in JL last week and thought it would make a fab scarf to go with my green coat (same as yours, only green...!)
Good job too - sun, sun, sun here!


Oh, if only a Boden coat would do for winter here...! I suppose I could settle for a scarf instead...great yarn!


Hey it seems to have worked! I'm sitting in the garden in the sunshine. Excellent. To top it all the scarf looks fabulous.


Ooh what a yummy scarf! I do hope you don't get to wear it for a good long time though!!

I bought lovely new boots last autumn and it was too hot to wear them for weeks.



I like your thinking and your scarf - a bit of reverse psychology usually does the trick!


Very, very pretty!


If only it was that easy! I want to thank you for popping across to my blog, I've been meaning to come here and have a proper look around and have finally made it! Now I just need to go and look through your other posts!...


ACE scarf...worth the risk of sunshine...


Lovely scarf but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment - just looked out of the window: grey and raining in Abingdon. Perhaps, o controller of weather, you could knit a woolly hat, mittens etc just to make sure?

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