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08 July 2009


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Aw yum! I wish I lived in the UK.


Oooh yes, I need to order mine too. Yummers.

French Knots

Never apologise for a great tip off about food!!
Have been over to sign up, seems like a brilliant idea mmm!


Healthy free goodies = yum yum for tum tum + wallet
Thank you!

The Coffee Lady

I knew you would pause to take photos. I just knew it.

I just scoffed mine.


Free food can only be a good thing. But we'll hold you to that crafty box usage thing.


I've signed up too. Seems like a great idea, looks delicious!


Bugger I'm not in the UK!


totally legitimate !!!


mmmmhhh will the offer last till i get home from my hols?

sounds delicious.

And of course the box is VERY usefull too...

Zia Meadows

what a cute idea, dont worry we are all big girls we can resist if we need to- but not today!


i wish i lived in the uk, too :(

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Feel free to tell us about lovely freebies anytime! We know you'd never sell your soul however big the bar of chocolate on offer!

Lucy x


Thanks for that, I've been over to sign up and expecting my first box tomorrow morning - looks really good. Very excited :)


I don't mind at all. Lots of good ideas get passed around blogland by generous people it seems to me. I'd heard about this company and I thought - I could do that and without having to manage the future commitment, (speaking as someone who must have the most expensive DVDs in Christendom from Lovefilm through neglecting to watch and return them) so I went out and bought a few packets and bars of dried fruits, nuts, seeds and chocolates and made up a slim box to send to my then student son. There was masses left over for future boxes.


Thanks for the freebie, I'm looking forward to my first wee box tomorrow!


Nope, I'm definitely not out here hating your post, I'm out here ordering my free nuts!! Sounds like a winner to me :)


Yay to free nuts and seeds! I love this post especially as my free box is due on Saturday - yum! :)


Ooh I do love a freebie. I got mine on weds and was utterly thrilled with the small package of lovely things. And isn't that box crying out to be put to some kind of crafty use?

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