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02 July 2009


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we have the same problem - except it's me trying to squeeze into the tiny pool xox


We've been off in search of a paddling pool this afternoon - fat chance!


Oh how I wish I could fit into a paddling pool! K x


Great shot!! Although I am thinking that perhaps they needed a new one a couple of years ago - heehee!!


What a couple of handsome boys.
Great way to cool off!

The Coffee Lady

Mine won't stay in the damn paddling pool. I fill it and they run off to cause havoc somewhere or spill bubble liquid all over the grass.


If you leave them in long enough they might shrink!
Hard to tell who's who in that shot!


Ahaha...niiicee photo!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

But they can paddle?!?!


What a lovely shot! It looks like they should be sailing ON the water in that little blue boat!?!


I love it! Only because I have the same problem. I keep squeezing my children into the paddling pool even though they're waaay to big for it now! We have a yellow boat. The steering wheel tends to cause some issues for the child up the deep end! Makes for great photos though!


Ha! Such a great photo.

Nathan is about 1cm off equalling me in height (at 11!) and I am enjoying the last few moments of being the second tallest person in the house while I can.


Hahaha -- truer words were never said! What a cute picture!


sweet photo! : )


Great photo!


It makes me long for the days before water restrictions when we could just turn on the hose/sprinkler and the kids would be ecstatic...a whole generation of little ones growing up here without knowing that pleasure..


Fill it with some bubbles bath. They won't even notice it's small, at least for a little while.


Oh my! I think you are right. I didn't realise that my son had outgrown his carry cot until the day he got wedged in!!! x


oh but that is tantamount to child abuse!!

get one NOW!!!


They still look like they're having a great time! What's the betting you'll buy a new one and the old one will still be their favourite!


Now that's what Summer is all about!!


What a great photo. Is it to be Olympic size then? We had a little paddling pool incident last year. Miss P1 was in there, relaxing with a snack and chatting to Nanna. Then she got a little distressed. There was 'something' in the pool. I thought she'd had an accident. In fact she'd dropped one of Nanna's home-made oaty biscuits into the water. Emma x


i bet they do really good fart gags in that pool!


Hee hee - love that photo!

Minx is distraught as our lovely big paddling pool is on it's last legs - the bottom ring keeps deflating and emptying the water out! Even my expert puncture repair man (Moogsdad) can't find where the air is going. It hasn't done badly - we've had it 5 years and it was stupidly cheap in Sainsbury's sale!


suzie sews

fabulous picture, what is it about boys and a bowl of water....

Account Deleted

What a funny post and a great picture! No, they won't be getting any smaller :) Some days I wish they would. This growing up thing happens way to fast.

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