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24 July 2009


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Oooh, we made butter too - only we cheated and used an electric handwhisk to overwhip some cream - my little one is a bit too little to pay attention for very much longer than that yet. It is rather like magic though ...


oh pizza for lunch.
that is going on my list of things to do while I am on holidays.

Kari of Writing Up A Storm

You are a very lovely poet! You make me feel like taking off my shoes and curling up with summertime. It’s been way too hot here in Texas, but still there is something so enfolding about all this warmth . . .


What a cozy comfy post to read this morning, in my pajamas, sipping coffee and eating a cinnamon roll....with all the time in the world. Ali...a joy to read...really!


heavenly! how wonderful for your children to experience and appreciate good food like this!


I had my first Able and Cole delivery this morning (thank you!) and am looking forward to eating what is available rather than what I can nip out and buy.
I think butter making might appeal to a teenager-in-waiting too!


Your pizza looks amazing! I can never get my dough to bubble up like that. A recipe or a link would be great.... Hope you have the opportunity to continue to cherish these slower times, such bliss!


that sounds idyllic

April xx

janet clare

this all sounds rather idyllic!

We found all the time in the world to visit the chippy for lunch! They were good though...


Simply perfect.


Our Rainbows loved the butter making, but I ended up doing most of the shaking! And we've just started putting our baby courgettes on pizza here--mmm! It all looks so lovely and sounds so calm at your house :) K x

The Coffee Lady

I need to take a leaf out of your book I think. Thing is, it takes so much effort to round up my children that doing anything takes on a certain manic air for fear that they will disappear again...

or start whining...

or throw it all over the floor...


We are on a go slow here, don't ask us to be out of the house before 9.30am as it ain't happening!


I second the motion for a link or recipe for your pizza dough - it looks absolutely delicious.

You are a wonderful writer!


Lovely. I'm in heaven too.


What an exquisitely tasty but leisurely little story x


Ali, that sounds like the perfect school holiday day. And your butter looks amazing, I wish taste could be transported over the internet. Along with cups of tea and general good cheer.


I am also enjoying the slow pace of the summer. May it continue to be very slow :)

Lucy Locket-Pocket

So idyllic! Aren't the summer holidays fab?!

Lucy x

Fancy Elastic

oh, my, goodness.

Can I come and stay? Just look what you guys are eating!!



Gosh that looks great. I cannot WAIT for summer!


Making butter, how cool! I remember seeing instructions for that in a river cottage cookbook, it looked so nice and simple! Love making things from scratch!


i hop you are home tomorrow, because we are on the way.


What a good mother you are. I have never in my life been patient enough to make butter. And can I also say that it's quite unfair that you are so slender, since you seem to eat such fattening things....?


Oh yum, that all sounds so perfect.


Oh, my my my my. What time is lunch tomorrow?


Brings back memories. We also used to make our own flour in the summer hols (which entailed me 'pinching' lots of wheat from nearby fields) which we then threshed, winnowed and ground. We never ended up with more than about 8oz but the children loved doing it and making biscuits after with the butter they'd also made. They're too cool for all that now of course.


dude. nom nom nom.

also, need to make my own butter.


I know just what you mean by this post. I love not having to rush through each day tied to the school run and so on. Slowly paced days are the very best sort and I've been meaning to do that butter for ages, you have inspired me to get a move on and do it.


Sounds wonderful. Can I come round to your house please?

jenny - frazzy dazzles

You would love a lady I met the other day. She designs clothing for children that's both pj's and day wear so they can stay in their jarmies all day long...guilt free! Shame she doesn't make big girl ones!


I've never thought of making butter like that. Now I know what to do with the boys tomorrow when they're bored. (How can they ever be bored? There is far too much in life to ever be bored, far too much to do. Like making butter for example!)

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