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22 July 2009


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wow, i love you cardi, its gorgeous, make me wish i could knit xx


Oh it's brilliant, really gorgeous and definitely not too flared.


Lovely job - and the little hint of your hair suggests that is also looking fab at the moment.

I love Kidsilk Haze - sorry! - but it has to be on bamboo needles ...

Karen J

Love it! Too many things I want to do, but not enough time!!!!

The Coffee Lady

Oh it is pretty. And how toned your upper arms are! Are you 14?


It's a gorgeous cardi. I can see why you are so glad you perservered. Lovely colour too, perfect with jeans.


Oh my, my that's a delicious piece of knitting goodness.

And might I add, you have lovely arms. No "bingo wings" for you!

Junie Moon

It's beautiful and you look fabulous wearing this wonderful creation. I love the color, too.


That is such a nice cardi... perfect for summer evenings. How I wish I was that talented - I can just about manage a square right now
Take Care


That. Is. Gorgeous. I love everything about it so much I am tempted to go and buy the exact same yarn immediately, if it wasn't for the fact my stash is sitting looking accusingly at me as I haven't knitted anything for ages.


Beautiful! I've had a lace knitting book for a while now (with shawl intentions...) but not taken the plunge quite yet, can't quite decipher all those pretty shapes on that grid :)

ps. the free graze snacks arrived today, brilliant! (thanks!)


Oh how fabulous! And very impressive. Actually feeling quite pathetic now, as I just gave up on my first lace pattern... K x


Ali, that looks absolutely exquisite on you. What a truly lovely color of yarn. You did a fantastic job...no wonder you are so proud of it.

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy

Love the colour, love the yarn, and love your clever stitchiness! xx


Wow, it's gorgeous! I love Cocoon too and that's a great colour.


This is a feat amongst feats here. I also am an enemy of lace but it looks like she is now a friend of yours!


Well done you! And what a fabulous fit.

janet clare

killer figure in a lovely lacey top!

I've just given up lace knitting in mohair- ripped out half of the back of a jumper in fact. It was no fun at all, far too frustrating, couldn't see what was happening to what.


It's turned out beautifully - great colour on you!


You say you've only been knitting for a little longer than me, you must be joking!! That is absolutely amazing, I would have been way to worried to start it in the first place! It's really beautiful, well done!
Thanks for the blocking advice by the way!


I love it!
I wish I could knit - well more than half a scarf anyway :)


Gosh, that's gorgeous. So soft and feminine, just lovely.

French Knots

Love the colour, total respect for your lace knitting prowess.
What a trim figure, looks fab in it!


Beautiful and inspiring! I've failed at lace before but am working up the courage to try again. I'll be life-lining like a madman, believe you me.


Fancy Elastic

it's absolutely gorgeous, the colour is really great. Well done!


It's gorgeous, well done you!

Hena Tayeb

wow.. this is fabulous. I can't believe you made this.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It's gorgeous! But I'm so glad you knitted it and not me - I would have been a gibbering wreck!

Lucy x


Please will you make me one? I love it!


it's absolutely lovely, ali!!

louise williams

Lifeline? I have my first lace project waiting and it sounds as if it could be useful.



oh it's super gorgeous!

(just got back from 104C in Italy and I do need a jumper....) this is amazing. I think I might have to re-do mine. As it flared....

Alice C

I love it! You clever crafty lady. Can it be only two years ago that you were knitting dishcloths?


Oooh Ali - it's gorgeous!! I knitted one for Minx and got into such a mess with the lace that I had to admit defeat after ripping it back four times. I eventually found another similar lace pattern that worked just fine.
She even wears it!



Oh well done for perservering! Your description of the knitting process reminded me a lot of my first lace top, also recently completed! It looks gorgeous.


I love it too!

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