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21 July 2009


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Oooh--I have a bit of the summer range to review too. Running very behind here. But I didn't receive any cake :( Looks yummy! K x

The Coffee Lady

Offers? I'll have whatever's going. Fruit, veg, books - I'm not choosy!


The cake looks yummy and we love picnics here, already managed to have a few in between the showers. I need to pull out those Japanese egg moulds and find a new novelty for picnics this year


I'd love the book....especially as Abel and Cole don't quite make it delivery wise to the far south west so I wasn't able to try a veggie box.
Happy picnic-ing...who needs an excuse to try cake!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

That cake looks and sounds delicious! I wish they delivered up here!

Lucy x


Oooh, Lime and Coconut sounds mouthwateringly good.


What wonderful deliveries you keep receiving from A & C! Cake? What could be better? Lovely to hear of your picnic plans. We had an indoor one today, complete with picnic rug and a lovely fritatta. After that we snuggled up to watch the Jungle Book.


Hello ... I really like your blog, hope you don't mind that I've been having a look. That cake looks yummy.
I had a picnic on the beach the other day, it was very windy and we (my friend and myself) both ended up eating a fair bit of sand, ooops.
Heather xx


Oh yes please - send any details this way!


That is such a great picture of your handsome boys!
Abel & Cole keep dropping their leaflet through my door...maybe I should give them a go...I've been thinking about it for ages. So, yes, I'll have any freebies on offer!


What a perfect looking cake.
And 2 cuties with it!


The cake looks lovely - hope the boys enjoyed it and left some for you!


That cake is making me swoon! I've yet to master the art of the picnic ... I think I'm waiting til we move to the south of France, which strikes me as prime picnic territory.

Cute boys!


that's such a great picture Ali - those boys of yours certainly look pleased to be taste testers!


you know, I see the able & cole van delivering to the house across the road and I have total envy of it. We used to get Riverford organic boxes delivered but was disappointed by the lack of variety after a few weeks.

Please can I have the details - I'd like to give them a go



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