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05 July 2009


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That vest is so beautiful. I would have loved to receive it as a baby present.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

The little top is GORGEOUS! And I think teddy looks great in it! And those biscotti look amazing!

Lucy x

Karen J

It's beatiful, Ali. Wish I was little enough to have one myself!


The vest is absolutely gorgeous! You needn't worry. In fact, could you do one in my size? Hoping to bake some biscotti tomorrow too!

K x


Ali it's lovely. The recipient will be very happy - if the teddy will let it go!


It is so very cute - and d'you know what? I've been looking for vests that would fit the girls' new bears, and it looks like that one would make an ace dress for them ...

The Coffee Lady

This is how I know my family is complete. I have no desire for a baby to put in cute little clothes, but I do have a hankering for those biscuits.


Ali, it turned out great! It even looks soft. I've had that pattern bookmarked for ages, I think you've inspired me to start making...


Oh my goodness, it's absolutely beautiful! Would have loved to have recieved one as a baby present (and one in a (much!) larger size would go down well too!).


The vest is gorgeous and very chic and stylish. The biscotti look delicious.


Oh I love that vest. Very chic for a new little one. And yum to the biscotti, too.


Either choice would have been perfect. The biscotti look absolutely yummy, but the calories are high and they would be eaten up within in minutes if not within in seconds the vest of the teddy on the othe hand would be there for a long time an dis just gorgeous.


Ali - It is beautiful - you can be VERY confident handing that lovely present over..


It's beautiful and a lovely, lovely gift! Hmmm I might do some baking today!


His puku looks so sweet! I can't imagine a baby could look any cuter.

Aussie Mum

That little vest is beautiful and will make a perfect gift - the biscotti looks good too - yum.


this vest is so cute.


I have that little tank on my to do list and I think that I will definitely be knitting it soon! It looks great! I am sure the new mum will love it!


Can I order a vest now - Size XXL to cover my pukupuku. Throw in a couple of biscotti and then on second thoughts, make it XXXL.


Well I think it's gorgeous so if she throws it back in your face (which of course she won't) you can throw it my way.

Love the word puku.


I'm trying to stop thinking 'babies' and that vest doesn't help at all. Way too cute!!

I hope you dipped those biscuits in sweet wine; that is the correct way to eat them after a big Italian meal....

What a lovely colour - really calming!

Putting it on the teddy reminds me that Mr P has just shrunk my favourite black and grey tank top that was smart and super trendy for work. It's now a third of its original size and completely matted - now it's only suitable for a bear (or the cat) to wear!

Maybe I should get Mr P to make me some biscotti as an edible apology? x


The vest is gorgeous...I may have to make one to go with Henri. I love everything about it!
Glad you're enjoying the biscotti too. As Monica says, they are divine dipped in a dessert wine too... Yum!


The biscotti is fabulous isn't it?! I made a batch for the cafe and it's going down very well with the more 'modern' customers!
I think the vest is lovely!


it is gorgeous indeed. I love the way you have put it on the teddy. I kept Milena's first pair of jeans and they are on one of her teddy bears. it will be well loved!

Violet & Rose

You know, I'm really not fussy. I would grab either gift with open arms! And if I was you, I would be just slightly chuffed with myself when I handed them over.

Cybèle de Jong

Lovely! I thought it was a little pinafore at first, if you make it a bit longer it could be suitable as a pinafore for a girl.
I'd be thrilled to receive that as a baby gift. Shame no more babies here!

Junie Moon

That little sweater is the most adorable thing I've seen. I love it modeled on the bear, too.


Very cute vest! If only we had cute baby bodies -- we could wear vests like that too. That biscotti looks divine!


I love it that you put this beautiful garment upon your teddy bear! So sweet!


I think it is very chic, stylish and understated. And it looks good on a bear --

suzie sews

Oh my oh my...just too cute for words


Great colour, I love those kind of oatmeal shades for babies!


That little vest is gorgeous, Ali! I'm sure the new mum will be thrilled with it.

Mmm....the biscotti looks good too...yum!



The top is gorgeous and you should not be nervous about handing it over. I would have loved somebody knitting anything for either of my two when they were babies.
That biscotti looks so yummy!


I love this and have been looking for a vest pattern. Now if I was just a good enough knitter to figure out how to size it up... that would be awesome!


The vest is really beautiful - the buttons and yarn colour are perfect and it looks very soft.
I'm definitely looking up that recipe for biscotti - perfect with a cup of good coffee!

Susanne Ferreira

Wonderful, makes me want to learn to knit, well I can do the stiches, but not the knitting, as my tension is all wrong. Love the Vest..I am motivated!!you very talented!!

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