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14 June 2009


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That looks like so much fun. Do you think I need a child or could I get away with going on my own?


Looks like a great time was had by all.
Much excitement all round.
Fab photo of the Tate.


Damn - wish I had known about that before it ended = looks fabulous and I know a couple of people who would really enjoy it. What a great way to spend a day.


Great photos Ali! I saw a news article about the exhibition recently and it looks like great fun.
Glad the other half of the Domesticali household had a fun day too. Meeting Lewis Hamilton will be something great to impress with at school this week :-)

I love it when I get chance to have one of my two all to myself.



love the pics!


What beautiful photographs! And sounds like a super day out. K x

Violet and Rose

I love your photos! For someone like me in Australia, you have bought places that we hear and read about to life. Even so, if I lived in your house and I had to choose which parent to go with, i would be a little torn. I don't mind Lewis Hamilton ...


Sounds like a good weekend! Lovely photographs.

The Coffee Lady

it certainly has been quite a weekend!

janet clare

my boys are going to be sooo envious about Lewis Hamilton.

Although they did have fun being surrealists in the tate Modern (admittedly it wasn't much of a stretch for Henry...!)

Karen J

I can't decide which half of your household I would rather have been..... I, too, don't mind Lewis Hamilton!


I don't like the look of that ledge!! Hope he didn't jump!!! x


Looks like you guys had a blast!

Alice C

Happy days! I wonder what Johnny will remember from the day? The huge ball, the high ledge or the lunch in the cafe?


Wow great weekend for all the family, don't tell my kids they'll think they are hard done to


This Mary took that very route a couple of years ago. Unfortunately there wasn't anything quite as fun as that at the Tate Modern when I was there!

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