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30 June 2009


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you never can guess what will capture children's attention the most. No 3 is totally terrified by those air blades thingy. I think they're fab, but you'd never get him to dry his hands in them again.

nice to see you back.


Your pink peony is beautiful.
I can't believe the children have such a short time until the summer break, hope the weather holds for us all.


AHHH! The piggy cupcakes are absolutely fantastic!!


I love those piggy cupcakes and the peony if gorgeous! Well worth all those extra hours of work.

I'm with the kids on the airblades - except I hate the way they make the skin on my saggy old hands ripple so unnattractively!



That high-tech hand-washing facility is in a tent in a field??!!

Love the cupcakes too.


What a faboulous sounding festival. Your piggy cupcakes are wonderful!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Your first paragraph is almost word for word what I have been thinking lately! Part time work = fairly full on time at the moment and 3 x end-of-school-year = mega stressfull!

Never seen an airblade hand-dryer thingy though and am now intrigued!

Lucy xx

Karen J

My boys would be playing in the air-tent-thingy too!
Are you getting to relax a *little* more this week?


Mmmm, underwear grey meringues. Can't think why you didn't put them out.

Busy, busy days for you, Mrs Ali.


Oh yes, part time work is never quite as easy as it sounds is it? Those Dyson hand dryers scared me to death in terminal 5 when we flew back to the uk at Christmas when my skin was virtually sucked off my hands...!

Lovely peony, had to look twice to spot that one!


i love the peonies and piggies!
everything looks like so much fun!

janet clare

looks like a great weekend!

The miss piggy's look gorgeous- and time consuming to make!


You do the best party decorations! The pink peony is absolutely gorgeous. And love the cupcakes. Hope you're feeling a bit less stressed now. K x

French Knots

Hope work calms down for you so you can enjoy the peace of the summer hols...ha ha! I mean brilliant days with the boys of course! If this sunshine lasts my oldest two will spend 6 weeks in the garden, which is handy as I can lock the door when they are arguing and leave them out there.
Love the peony, bet the Princess Baking party was the best.


Ah Dyson hand driers are always a winner.Can you believe how powerful they are?!


I don’t see how you have the time to blog, working long hours and with two boys at home, too! But thank you for taking the time to let us have a peek into your life. I love how you share the wins and the misses (and the unexpected miracles like your amaryllis in a previous post). Thanks!


8 days out of 10, and you still managed to do all that? You are a super mum!

The Coffee Lady

I have been looking at pictures on flickr in the Pink and Green pool all week to try and find the right shade to paint my new bedside cabinet. Needn't have bothered. I shall just hold the Dulux shadecard up next to the grass on your peony pic


I love the air blades though the effect of my rippling hand flesh is a little disturbing ...

Hang in there till the summer hols. We'll be there sooner than we know it.


This doesn't surprise me at all - if we ever are somewhere they have airblade dryers mine always have to wash their hands twice. or more. I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually...


Hahaha -- now maybe kids the world over will be happy to wash their hands! Those piggy cupcakes are sooo cute and your fabric flower looks like the real thing!

Mark Thornton

"This doesn't surprise me at all - if we ever are somewhere they have airblade dryers mine always have to wash their hands twice. or more."

Mmm. Which kind of torpedoes their big claim about energy efficiency :-)


The piggy cupcakes have really cheered me up! I must have a go at making some. Thank you for the inspiration! x

Jane Weston

We've seen those dyson dryers at the V & A so cool and very clever!!


Your fabric peony is perfect! The cupcakes are cute, too. And I love those Dyson dryers...you don't have to wait forever for them to work!


The Dyson Airblade tent was an absolute winner with us too. Juliet washed her hands about half a dozen times over the two hours we were there. We made the mistake of getting there near lunchtime which was too late to sign up for many activities (unless you were planning to stay til the end). There weren't enough places to eat lunch either - it was meant to be a FOOD festival for goodness sake! Was going to say hello to you, but you were very busy selling Raymond Blanc books.


Those piggy cakes are the best little cakes I have ever, ever, EVER seen. Want one right now please!

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