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09 June 2009


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This remarkable creation is unbelievebly cool! Excuse me now...while I rummage my old t-shirt drawer!!


Oh my, and I just gave some tees to charity, darn it, off to husband's drawers....


That is beautiful, what a clever idea!


(giggle, giggle)Sorry, (snigger, snmpf, snork)still Australian even after all these years. (giggle, giggle) rude words are funny (snigger,snigger)


What a great idea... off to find some tee shirts!


Don't know what to call it either but I really like it!!
On the hunt for some t-shirts now....
Thanks for sharing xxx


Now hang on, weren't you chopping up T-shirts to make into corsets the other month?

That is really very cute. I am planning to steal T-shirts to make girly headbands pretty soon. All those old baby T-shirts I lovingly saved now have a use!

Fancy Elastic

Cool! I like this a lot!

Rattling On

That is really effective. Must get a rotary cutter...


Such a good idea! It looks great.


I love it. Make loads in lots of different colours! :-)

janet clare

I may be copying you yet again...

UK lass in US

That looks really cute.

I don't think we have any seamless t-shirts, mind. And I don't think that I have the style to pull it off. I'll put it on the list for when I finally start dressing like a grown up, though. When that day comes I should have plenty of t-shirts, though, as that's all I wear...

Lucy Locket-Pocket

That's such a brilliant idea! But I'm going to echo UK lass in US and say that I KNOW I don't have the style and panache to pull it off! Where most people will look amazingly classy I'd just look like I'd got a cut up t-shirt round my neck! How I long to grow up - do you think it will ever happen?

Hmmmm, thought not!

Lucy x


Oh gosh! What a cool idea! I love it. Very trendy and environmentally friendly too.


Ooh that is so incredibly cool! Now I wish I had a rotary cutter. K x


you wear it well, ali.


wow just dicovered your site and am loving this look will be upstairs with the scalpel before you can say Jack robinson


gorgeous! it really suits you.


i imagine you wearing a t necklace with hints of skulls/motobikes/racing cars/bob the builder/transformers showing through after your cull!...and you'd still be able to wear it with style!


I love it!! I have a brand new blade in my rotary cutter - now all I need is to have a rootle through the children's clothes :-)


Simply H

You always find amazing tutorials for things! What could you call them...T-necks? scarf-T's! They look fab!
Sorry your mum forgot about the fair! Maybe the next one on dec 12th............... x


Quite fabulous! I think my neck is too short to pull it off, but you look marvelous.

By the way, I got the Alabama Stitch Book for my birthday and am having so much fun looking at it and deciding what project to try first.



Great idea, it looks fab! And thanks for the link.

The Coffee Lady

It looks great on you! You have the knack. I'd look as if I had wrapped myself in bandages.


love it! i imagine it's like making continuous bias tape? although, no, that would be hard with the rotary cutter...


This is what blogging is all about. Going away excited by an inspirational idea and not being able to make one for myself quickly enough. Thanks so much for the link.


Love it! And I just made one, too. It was the first crafty thing I've done in months, so thank you for the nudge back to things I enjoy!


Wow, that is so cool! Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

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