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16 June 2009


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You need to mass produce those, I think you may find there is a market for sleep inducing bed linen ;)


It is an amazing and wonderful thing when your children begin sleeping in. When the phone woke up my boys at eight this morning, I was livid! How long and how patiently have I waited for these mornings? Nothing must interrupt them!

Love the duvet!



Oh I absolultely love that duvet cover. I wouldn't want to get out of bed either. K x


My first thought when I saw your photo was, "Now why can't I find great fabric like that here? They have all the good stuff over there!" I guess maybe I need to pay better attention to my local shops, don't I? I think I'll do that this afternoon, in fact. These up-with-the-sun days are best left for the birds!


Ah! Just wait until they won't get up until lunch time (or later)
Beautiful bedlinen!


A beautiful snuggly photo.
Lucky boy to have such a lovely new duvet made by a very clever mum.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a clever duvet cover to encourage sleep like that! Unless the real reason Johnny had only had 5 minutes sleep is because he was busy counting all the different vehicles all night!

Lucy x


What a cute picture! Love the linen print and what you created...great idea.

The Coffee Lady

That does look very cosy. Do you make ones that make them go to sleep earlier in the evening too?

French Knots

You could make your fortune with magic bedding!My soon-to-be-six year old could do with sleep inducing bedding, he's prone to getting up at 6am, bringing his Power Rangers to our bedroom ready to start playing - oh joy!

janet clare

mine were up at 5.40am on Sunday and 7.50am this morning- which was of course, a school day...

but, I have a friend with a teenage son and SHE is complaining because he won't get up!! Can't imagine that at all!


Lovely duvet cover. I find good ones hard to come by in Canada...mostly they're horrid polyester things. My mum sends mine out to me from the Next directory of all places! Perhaps I should be shopping closer to home...

UK lass in US

I can't remember the last time my kids slept past 6am. I might need to take a trip to New York.

I've always thought that the bed linen is cheaper in England, though - I've even had my mum bring some over.


how lovely!

gorgeous duvet cover... and really really cheeky face peeking from under it!!

(and I still haven't got over the years of waking up before the milkman came round... shudder shudder)


I wonder if it works the other way and I could imbue a waking up potion of some sort into my boy's duvet cover! x


That duvet cover is fantastic. I once made one for my eldest son (Union Jack on one side, st George's cross on the other) and it's still a favourite. Must get round to making another one day!


Very cute duvet cover!


Do you have a pattern for the duvet cover? I have been looking for one of these... It is adorable!


Do you have any duvet patterns that make them go to sleep in the first place? My two were awake at an outrageous time last night, quietly in bed making 'alien pizza menus'. Give me strength.

suzie sews

WOW thats lovely, I am in the middle of doing my boys bedroom and thinking about making duvets as I can not find one I like, however plenty of fabric I like. Feel inspired thank you


Oh wow -- is that ever cute! What a lucky little guy to be able to wake up to that lovely sight every morning!!!


what a gorgeous downie cover. The question is, did its magical sleeping powers work a second day in a row, and if so, do you take orders?


You've done a fab job with the gorgeous duvet cover and Johnny looks very snuggly in there - hope it's magical powers last til saturday morning!


We are finding it very hard to get up in the mornings - cold and misty as they are - Johnny's duvet would make it even harder!



fab, i just thought to myself whilst looking at it cor they would be easy to make. Well done. It is just the thought of cutting and sewing and dealing with all that fabric that puts me off. But as we will be decorating olivers bedroom finally this year, maybe just maybe i can give it a go. Well done it looks great. although if they are sleep inducing it could be Martha's that gets made first. Apparently she is allergic to sleep!!!!!!

Alice C

Such a cheeky smile - it looks to me as though a good nights sleep means mischief ahead!


that's a gorgeous duvet set - what a lucky young man. Result all round if it's sleep inducing properties remain strong!


What a gorgeous duvet cover! I know just how you feel about waking them - Minx was a 5 o'clock waker for her first three years. Nowadays she has a lie-in until 6.30!!

I may need to make a magic duvet cover too :-)



Sleep inducing bed linen is something I would pay big bucks for. Where do I sign up?


i know that expression. What a clever girl you are adapting the sheet set into a doona/duvet. why do we call them doona's here in AUS?


Gorgeous bedding!


That's lovely - he must be thrilled with it. Fingers crossed it leads to many more lie ins with the Summer holidays approaching!


Do you think I could borrow that duvet cover or that you could bottle the soporific effect as pints of warm milk and a bath and fresh pyjamas and blackout blinds and supposedly sleep inducing music are not doing it for us in the evening or early hours of the morning and our specimen also thinks everyone else should join in the fun at 5am as well. I think he has my share of energy as well!

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