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04 June 2009


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Red #3 made me laugh so much I nearly wee'd, could be me talking!!
Brilliant, nice to know it's not just me :-)


I love this!

April xx


This is so cool....I love it. The photos are great, especially the chocolate cupcakes with the ghost on top.


Whoa! I'm glad that you didn't have a lot to blog about! I would never have gotten the kids to school on time! LOL! I loved it. Thanks for going to all that trouble it made my day!


Ok, I'm supposed to be in bed, but you had me hooked. I read every single word and loved it. What a HARD meme! Great job!


That was a fun meme! And we're born on the same day!


lovely meme!

And gorgeous photos too.


I loved reading this! And such beautiful photographs too.


Great answers :D Ditto with the cotton bud thing with me too.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and the absolutely lovely photo's you chose for each colour. Have a great weekend, enjoy the cubs and the chilli:)


Love the photo of your son on the beach!


Best meme replies ever and such gorgeous pictures too! K x


in bed ill today and this cheered me up no end... love your answers and your pictures. have a lovely weekend x


Red - question one - we have a few Mums like that in our playground too. I'm might have to answer yes to red number 3 the next time one of them does that.


i like your "anger" part. i'm the "yeller" with a bad bad bad temper in our family.
once i threw the breast pump at husband. he made me so mad when i was actually pumping...said something stupid like it was "his" pump because he bought it. yeah, right. so i yelled, "here, take it" and threw it at him with milk flying all over.
that sounds really bad when i just reread it :( but, we laugh about it now :)


I didn't picture you with a death stare but I love that you throw things at people.

I groaned in sympathy over the helping at Cubs, that drives me to pints of wine.


Grr at that mother from me too, don't you just hate when they do that, why do they have to be so obvious?

Lucy Locket-Pocket

What a brilliant Meme! I think that's the most interesting one I've seen - and I love all your answers! I had to help at Beavers this week too on a trip to the local air museum and I was frozen!

Lucy xxx

The Coffee Lady

We have the same Fridays, exactly. Eerie.


You are just way too cute!!!!!!


Great meme!
Did you make those pink frosted cupcakes? They look delicious!


Ali - that was a fab meme!! I love your answers - I'm with Daisie on the answer to red #3 (did a bit of that this weekend)....although I felt less inclined to wee ;-)

So much of that struck a chord with me!


I love reading your answers ~ you are so funny and forthright! It is a joy to find out what you have on your mind. Thank you!


That's such a great meme Ali - made even more so by your gorgeous images.


OMG Such a cute survey =D


I laughed when I read about you throwing things....When I was in college and dating my 'someday' dh (didn't know it at the time), we got in an arguement about something and I took off a shoe and threw it at him across the parking lot.

I ruined a perfectly good shoe and my favorite pair.

He's never let me forget it. lol

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