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22 June 2009


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Karen J

I only survive BECAUSE I get better than I deserve!!!! Don't knock it - just enjoy!!!!
I think amaryllis at Christmas is just boring!


Fantastic! And you deserve each and every one of those lovely comments... K x


Ha you are funny :) that amaryllis is awesome.


Hmmmm, I think perhaps I should just plant the last dahlia bulb I bought in the sale - maybe I'll get lucky too!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I agree with Kristina!

As for the amaryllis, if it was me and my garage then it would never have been discovered again!

Lucy xx


You totally deserve all the nice comments you get and your amaryllis is gorgeous

April xx


Amaryllis store up so much energy and nourishment deep inside their bulb that it often sees them through to better times. We could probably take a lesson from that ourselves. Yours is lovely and I'm glad it got the opportunity for a better time. It will give you years of enjoyment with a little care.

I love that blogging lets us edit our lives (and our houses and gardens) to show what we choose to. And visiting other blogs gives us so much inspiration and encouragement. Your blog certainly does that.


Happy accidents - I consider them a way of life!

French Knots

wow what a show!
I've just found some allium bulbs and was going to chuck them out - perhaps I'll plant them after all.


Sometimes we get worse than we deserve too, so I try to enjoy the happy accidents as much as possible!


Oh, so funny Ali! So is there hope for my veggie, herb and various other seeds/bulbs that I purchased last summer but can't find now? Good to know I'm not the only person who goes through the many stages of good intentions, forgetfulness, loss, despair and guilt...


how fab!

"Amaryllis serendipitus", what a lovely happy surprise.

I found mice in my garage.... mmmhhh, not fair.


I just noticed that my Christmas ones that I'd dumped in my greenhouse are about to do their thing again!


the bulbs turned out fabulously! So much more summery than wintery, I'd say.


Funny. I have the same thing with a daffodil bulb, which I ended up shoving in the same pot as a weeping fig tree. Everyone admires this bloody daffy when it flowers, such a fluke.


Years ago, during my grandmother's funeral, the siblings handed tulip bulbs to everyone that arrived. We were to plant it in our grandmother's memory. I lost mine, and have felt guilt over that for years.

I'm glad you found the bulb, and something beautiful grew :).



great mistake!

i like your blog as you are real, though i am sure your house is tidier than mine!
...'doing it all' ... an impossibility for any of us.


No comment..!


It's beautiful!! I like how you placed it under the watering can!


Oh my goodness.....my illusions have been well and truly shattered!!

I may be tempted to hold back on my amaryllis next year, as they seem to bloom with gusto in summer - quite gorgeous.

..and well worth the wait ;-)


Alice C

Mmmm...a moral tale...I think I like the comment about reserves stored up to see it through to better times...so TRUE (as MissM would say)


I don't know if it's a better bloom than you deserve...but what goes around comes around. You must have done something a little bit lovely in between losing and finding your flower!


Isn't it wonderful when we can somehow redeem ourselves? Yay for happy accidents!


I can hear those gorgeous trumpets tooting! 4 weeks? Speedy work there Mr amaryllis. Hope you're enjoying it x


Unintentional wonderfulness is the best kind. And yes, totally deserved.


Hooray for frantic disorganization! (Must go and plant my runner beans...)


Don't worry about coming clean. It's a lovely flower, it makes people happy so it doesn't really matter that it's too late or early. Great photo as always.

PS: I have the very same watering can print (by Zoe) in blue. X


It's gorgeous! Enjoy it... whenever you planted it, or meant to plant it!

UK lass in US

Aye, but just think, if I had planted it, I would probably have managed to kill it, like I do pretty much every plant that comes home with my kids from school. You played a part in your luck.

eli day

LOL about this. I either care plants to death or totally neglet them. A gardner I aint! But I got thinking that in my house, the only way an amyrillis could survive would be to hide in the garage! It is beautiful! This is my first visit, but I will be back............


This is really interesting. I am glad I found this place. I guess it is true, We really do learn something new everyday!


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