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11 May 2009


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I've looked everywhere for this book in Bristol - desperately want to make the shirt too - your colour combos are fab!
Want one now!!!!!!!


ah- i love your top!! such great fabrics you chose.
i hope it's not too wierd a thing to write- but i will do it anyway. you have a really beautiful neck. :)


Because it is so pretty (and your combination of materials lovely) I suspect you should make more (lash out and do one in a Liberty lawn??)

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It's beautiful! That's the one item I most want to make from the book. Bet mine won't be as nice as yours though - although it will be one heck of a lot bigger!!! ;o) Lucy x


I do like this design but alas I'm crap at sewing clothes so I shall just admire the impressive fruits of your labour from afar instead!


Cute fabric! I really like the inner fabric you picked. I just got my hands..finally on the book too. I'm going to give something in it a try. But I'm not going to mention in on my blog until it's done..if I can finish it and learn a lesson. :) (fingers crossed)


It makes me tired just thinking of all the things involved in sewing one top. My mojo will come back. One day.

Very sweet, Miss A.


It's SO pretty! I can't remember the last time I did any dressmaking. I should really, shouldn't I? But I'm not sure I have the courage. Well done you - your summer top is lovely. x


I am still so scared of sewing clothes.Don't know why but they are in the same category as zips!


So beautiful. Looks absolutely perfect!

And big congratulations on the sleeves! Sleeves are my nemesis...

K x


hey look at you!

that is brilliant... I'm absolutely petrified to try sewing clothes.

I've got 'clothes-block'. Severely.


It looks fantastic! Well done!


Lovely fabric Ali. How did you find arm sewing/setting? I haven't braved arms yet - keep putting it off!!

The Coffee Lady

I think a week is pretty good going to be honest. I still have things I gave up on in 1998


Such pretty fabric.
Well done you for being so talented.


Your fabric combination looks so pretty Ali. It's gorgeous!

two hippos

great top!


Hi! I love your top! The fabric are so pretty. Thanks for sharing the links to sewing tips.



Love the top. Love the fabric. WANT the book! Thank you for sharing that. :)


nice work! i'd already planned to go get that book now this morning and you just gave me the push i needed.


I so wish I had the time to sew clothing. It's really lovely Ali and I so agree with Melissa - you do have a gorgeous neck!

Simply H

Your summer blouse is lovely Ali, and a beautiful choice of fabrics. I loved all the tips, my pyjama one is still sitting in my drawer, but I will make another and agree re lengthening it and probably a size smaller (plus I will use a much nicer less pj fabric!)

Ps I agree with Melissa - you do have a lovely neck!!


Very pretty! Your fabrics go beautifully together.


Oh it looks so good. You are faster than me at making my dress. That Amy Butler fabric on the placket is the one I am using for my dress. I might have to get this book

UK lass in US

Those are really cute fabrics that you've picked. I've just bought that book. That top was one of the patterns that caught my eye, but now you've scared me off a little. Although I could do with some new pjs...


well done - it looks fab. By the way what's wrong with gardening in your PJs?


Really very pretty. I've been making mega simple peasant tops & dress for me and the girls, also in cheap cottons - it's very rewarding, isn't it?


Gorgeous Ali, Such delicious, sweetie-like colours x


Oh that's very nice. Love the Amy B on the inside collar.


very lovely and with one of my favourite amy butler fabrics. I'm keen to make this one but I think i'll have to have a first go with an old sheet given my sewing abilities!


The colors you've chosen are simply lovely. I'm sure I would stay in that beautiful shirt my entire day. Thanks for sharing this with us.


I love your top, the fabrics look great.


Very, very nice, I love the fabrics you've chosen.


The top looks great, and always a bonus to be able to move your arms. I like the collar facing fabric. I have my eye on that book too, but feel I should make something from some of the other sewing books I own first.


well done, ali! it looks great.


so very pretty!


Oh, and I walk my dog in my pyjamas. What...I go back to bed after!

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