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31 May 2009


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the laundry kills me.
I don't get it.
how can we never finish it?

The Coffee Lady

I would like being in a utility room too. I am all envy.


Original art in your laundry room - that really is classy! I could give you a run for your money on weekly wash loads. Even with only three boys still at home... those football kits really add up!


Man that donkey gets to hang out in all the best places! I assure the laundry room he left behind was nowhere near as classy as that.


hey we have the same sign!!

(I don't have a donkey though...)

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Wowwwweeeeee! Your laundry donkey is a real looker! Aren't you lucky?! And you have a utility room? I'm GREEN with envy! Lucy xx

Simply H

The fact you have a utility room is classy, let alone original artwork in there!!! I am very jealous!
Thanks for your comments by the way, the fair went really, really well. Hope your mum made it along for a look around x


In another life I'll have a utility room. In this one I just have to shut the kitchen door :-)

Love the donkey.

Alice C

My laundry donkey eats chocolate and sighs mournfully late at night.


That's just too cute...he looks like he is dancing a little jig while hanging out the laundry. He's quite jaunty! Wish I had 15 cents for every load of laundry I've done in the past 37 years. I would be a very rich old lady, and could buy all the expensive yarn and fabric I wanted!!


One of my greatest dreams in life is to have a utility room. My other is to have a pantry. As you can see, I dream big! K x


ohhh, your laundry room is so nice.
ours is outside, out the backdoor and behind the garage. if i do laundry late at night i have to go outside. ugh.

The Antidote

I dream of a utility room, let alone lovely artwork to adorn it!


Love the picture! I enjoy pegging out washing, too, and actually search around the house to find things to wash...(sad, I know.) But then, of course, comes the ironing...


Lurv your donkey. My ironing basket is threatening to take over, we have to look for clothes in there not wardrobes or drawers


We are going to be redoing our laundry room at some point....I need to keep the original art idea in my head. It would make laundry a bit more bearable.


Thank you! You put a smile into my day. I actually don't mind doing laundry ~ I go into a kind of trance and often come up with strangely creative ideas, especially during the "folding" cycle. But having a donkey along for the ride would be even better!


Hahaha -- very cute! Apparently I need a laundry donkey, 'cause my laundry room looks like a tornado hit it!


Love your picture & sign.
The sign over my laundry basket (I don't even have a room :( ) is 'drop your pants here' classy...eh?!


Very classy to have art in the laundry! I've often thought that I work like a house elf but never considered a donkey!


I just discovered your blog, and have so enjoyed my visit and your lovely posts


I never mind the constant washing loads ... not really - it's the constant ironing I can't cope with then, I do feel like a house donkey!


Very cute. Hope he keeps you company in there!


Oh wow - you have Trashart in your laundry room?!! I'd want to be in there too.

Maybe I'll ask her to do me an ironing donkey to see if that'll inspire me. On second thoughts - forget it.....nothing would inspire me that much!


Commercial Laundry Equipment

laundry really is a never ending job. I hate it, my wife hates it even more..lol

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